Top 5 Best Gas BBQ in NZ – Buying Guide

When it comes to grilling, gas is the way to go. Gas BBQ grills are often much cheaper than charcoal and have a number of advantages over their charcoal counterparts. For one, they heat up quicker and can reach higher temperatures more quickly than charcoal which makes them perfect for cooking steaks, burgers, chicken breasts or really anything else that needs a quick sear before being moved off the grill. 

They also don’t need any lighter fluid so you won’t have an unpleasant smell lingering around your house all day long after using your grill. Unlike charcoal which requires constant attention to keep things from burning down, gas grills work on autopilot so you can cook while tending to other parts of your party without worrying about not paying enough attention while cooking.

There’s a huge range of gas BBQs to choose from, with prices varying depending on how big or small you want the grill. Small portable models that will make camping quick and easy, as well as large six-burner grills with impressive cooking options to choose from in an array of prices ranging all the way down into the $299 range.

You’ll need to invest in a good quality gas BBQ if you want your food cooked evenly and quickly. There are many models out there, but we’ve found the best for everyone, whether it’s an affordable yet durable grill that will last years or just something luxurious on wheels.

Best Portable BBQs in NZ

How to choose the best Gas BBQ for you

What is the advantage of a Gas BBQ?

A gas grill is a great alternative to traditional, solid-fuel grills. They’re easy and quick to light with an ignition switch that saves time in the middle of cooking; plus their easily adjustable temperature makes it possible for you can jump from a high heat for steak down to lower and steady temperatures like those used on salmon fillets without waiting around too long while your BBQ cools off between cooks.

The price difference between charcoal and gas grills is considerable. Charcoal burners are inefficient, and charcoal is expensive as compared to gas whereas with a gas-fueled grill you can enjoy all summer long without having to worry about running low on fuel.

The gas grill is the wiser choice if you are looking for an easy way to cook food. Charcoal grills require more work and time on maintenance, If you have a gas grill you do not need to clean the pile of ash and gas bbq easy to clean after use.

The only real downside to gas BBQs is that you miss out on the traditional, smokey taste. There are many people who love flavoured smoking woods and charcoal for their solid-fuel grills but they won’t work with every model causing some people not to get enough flavour from them.

Best Portable BBQs in NZ

What size can you buy?

If you’ve decided that a gas BBQ is right for your backyard, the next thing to consider is what size of the grill will work best. While they are generally much quicker than traditional solid fuel models there’s one more factor at play: storage space in relation to guests’ sizes and numbers if needed. A six-burner model can feed everyone quickly while keeping up with all their needs but smaller yards may only require something small like our foldable tabletop models which don’t take up too much room either.


What precautions should you take?

It’s a good idea to check your BBQ for safety before you use it. There are two things that can cause problems and they include leaks or strong smells from the gas lines, so make sure these checks happen every time. The first thing you should  inspect is all components such as pipes/connectors etc., 


The Best Gas BBQs NZ 


1. Cookmaster Portable LPG BBQ

Cookmaster Portable LPG Twin Grill BBQ

The Cookmaster Portable LPG Twin Grill BBQ is a fantastic choice for outdoor enthusiasts as it is perfect for camping, picnicking, and road trips. It is also an excellent option for home use. This BBQ is a compact design, which makes it easy to store and transport. The BBQ is collapsible, and with its compact size, it can easily fit into the trunk of your car or RV. The Cookmaster Portable LPG Twin Grill BBQ is also easy to clean. It features a drip pan with a removable water pan that reduces flare-ups and makes cleaning up after use a breeze.


2. Rovin Stainless Steel Portable Gas BBQGas BBQ

The Rovin Stainless Steel Portable Gas BBQ is a rectangular-shaped portable gas barbecue. It has a handle on the lid, stainless steel burner and 46 x 28 cm cooking grill. The large single gas temp control makes it easy to adjust the heat. It also features fat deflectors and a fat capture tray for a healthier grilling experience. This portable gas BBQ is ideal for camping, tailgating and other outdoor events.


2. Gascraft Portable Gas BBQPortable Gas

Gascraft Portable Gas BBQ is a rectangular-shaped portable gas grill. It can be used on the terrace, balcony and garden. It’s easy to transport and store because of its rectangular shape. The grill has an enamel wire-painted cooking grate that makes it easy to clean after use. The temperature control knob on the right side, the temperature gauge shows the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees which is very convenient when grilling different types of food.


3. Gascraft Odessa 6 Burner BBQBurner BBQ

Gascraft Odessa 6 Burner BBQ is the ideal choice for your next outdoor grilling event. With an impressive cooking area of 87cm W x 41cm D, this grill can easily accommodate large portions of food at once. The built-in temperature gauge allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your food with ease, while the single-layer hood allows air to circulate freely around your food.

The cast-iron cooking grate ensures that meats will be evenly cooked and grilled to perfection. This grill features a storage cabinet where you can store all your grilling accessories, making it easy to keep in the cabinet.


4. Longhorn BBQ Stainless 5 BurnerLonghorn BBQ

The Longhorn BBQ Stainless 5 Burner is the best product for grilling. It has a large rectangular shape which makes it ideal for large groups of people. It is stainless steel built and has a large cooking area with high temperatures which can reach up to 205C and blue LEDs illuminate the knobs and are a great reminder to turn the gas off. The caster wheels make it easy to move around your backyard or patio. 


5. Gascraft Eldorado BBQ 4 Burner BBQ

The GasCraft Eldorado is a sleek, modern-looking gas barbecue that comes in an enamelled body with 430 stainless steel double-layer hood control panels and cabinet doors. The grill plate and grilling rack are made of cast iron which gives them great heat retention. It has four burners, one on the right side of the grill plate for direct cooking. It also features a temperature gauge and a large storage compartment below the grill plate.