5 Best Portable Projectors in NZ

As we move into a more digital and screen-based world, the need for quality projection only becomes more important. Whether you’re giving a presentation to a large group or just want to watch a movie with friends, having a good portable projector on hand is key.

They can also be connected to your laptop, TV, or another device. They are very useful in many ways but are mostly used for presentations and movies. A portable projector can be good for camping because you have a screen that is easy to transport with you. You can also connect it to anything with an HDMI slot like a laptop or computer.

If you’re looking for a projector that you can easily take with you on the go, a portable projector is a way to go. In this blog, we provide you with an overview of different types of portable projectors, what to look for in one and how to choose the best model.

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How to Choose the Best Portable Projector for you

When considering a purchase for yourself, it can be difficult to think about what features are most important to you. With so many options available, it can be almost overwhelming and confusing to decide which one is the best for you. To break down the process of choosing the best projector for yourself, we’ll go through some general factors that will make your decision easier.

Visual Quality: This factor will change depending on what content you plan to use it for. If you plan on using it for movies, then you’re going to want a very high resolution. This is much more important in projectors with (4K) higher resolutions. If you plan on using it for presentations, then the visual quality isn’t such an important factor. 

Brightness: This factor can be almost as important as visual quality depending what kind of content you’ll be viewing. Projectors that are brighter can project a clearer image in more areas than the standard projectors. An ANSI lumen is the measurement of how much light a projector is capable of producing. The brightest projectors are usually around 800 lumens, but this can vary depending on the model and additional features.

Connectivity: This is an extremely important consideration when it comes to choosing a projector. If you plan on connecting your projector to some external device such as a computer or gaming console, then you’ll need to have the cables you need to make these connections. You also have to think about whether or not your projector has any wireless capabilities if that’s what you’ll prefer using. 

Inbuilt Speakers: Some models come with built-in speakers that are capable of producing very loud sound. Consider buying a built speaker Projector if you plan to take it with you on camping or any outdoor activities. 

Built-in battery: Some models have a built-in battery power source. If you’re planning to use your projector away from the power source for a period of time, then you may want to consider buying a device with a built-in battery.

Inputs: Projectors come with a certain number of ports and inputs, depending on the model you want to purchase. You have to think about what features are most important to you and make sure that your projector has enough connections for these features.


What’s a throw ratio? 

Throw ratio is a standard measurement that denotes how “long” the projector can make an image. The higher the throw ratio, the further out you can project your image. This is extremely important if you’re always projecting in large spaces, as you may have to move the projector around more to get the image where you want it.

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The Best Portable Projector to buy


1. BenQ GS2 Wireless Portable LED Projector

Portable Projector

The BenQ GS2 is an ultra-compact and lightweight wireless LED projector that can be carried anywhere in a bag. Simply plug in the power adapter, connect to your tablet, laptop or smartphone and you have instant HD projection. With Lumi Expert technology that automatically adjusts the brightness based on ambient light levels, the Eye-Protection Sensor will also turn off the screen when children get near. Splash-proof with seamless buttons in a water-resistant enclosure, this projector is perfect for home cinema enthusiasts.


2. BenQ GV1 Portable Projector w/ Speaker

Mini Portable Projector

The BenQ GV1 Mini Portable Projector has a 3-hour battery life so you can binge-watch your favourite series without having to worry about charging it. The Bluetooth speaker mode is loud and clear, the Pure LED brightness is bright and long-lasting, and the smart TV app makes it easy to stream from your phone. The resolution is 480p (854 × 480 pixels) so you can project on any surface up to 120 inches for presentations without quality loss, with auto Keystone correction automatically adjusting for straight images. The portable design enables you to take the projector anywhere and features portability with wire-free connectivity that gives you freedom at home or in a business setting.


3. Anker Nebula Capsule Portable Projector Anker Nebula

The Anker Nebula Capsule is one of the best projectors you can get for your money thanks to its amazing specs, lightweight, and powerful features. The capsule is capable of up to 1080p resolution and LED backlight, 100 lumens brightness with an advanced IntelliBright which delivers amazingly bright picture quality. Plus it’s not just great for movies and TV shows but it has a powerful 360-degree speaker with enhanced bass and treble so you can enjoy your music in every direction.


4. Smart Ape 1080p Portable Miracast ProjectorPortable Miracast Projector

The Smart Ape 1080p Portable Miracast Projector is a portable projector that features 1920x1080P resolution, a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and 60 ANSI lumens of brightness. It can project an image up to 150″ on any wall with HDMI and an AV cable. The projector supports video and audio inputs via HDMI, AV cable, VGA adapter and USB and it will keep going for 30000 hours. To top it off the Smart Ape is equipped with WiFi so you can stream your favourite media from your mobile device via Android systems easily.


5. Newest Portable Mini ProjectorMini Projector

This projector is perfect for people who are looking for a compact and affordable option. It has a light life of 50000 hours, and it uses LED technology. The standard resolution is 480×360, and the projection area ranges from 16″ to 100″ inches. The throw ratio is 1.6:1, and the throw distance is 50-400mm. It also has a manual focus mode.



Are mini portable projectors good?

Yes, they are a great option for those who are looking to get a portable projector for a home movie night with the kids. Mini portable projectors offer the same crisp and clear image as bigger ones, but most of them can be easily carried around.


Is a projector better than a TV?

A projector is just an additional option for those who are looking for a different experience. If you are looking for something to entertain your guests, or even just something that you can use on top of a table in your garage or backyard, then a projector may be exactly what you need. You can also connect your TV to a projector if it has a VGA and HDMI connector and displays the image on the screen of the projector. In general, they are almost the same thing with different options, prices and quality depending on what you’re after.


What is the difference between LCD and DLP projectors?

LCD projectors use a light-emitting diode (LED) backlight to create an image, while DLP projectors use a micromirror chip. The other key difference is that LCDs can show more colours than DLP projectors because they have three colour wheels (red, green and blue) while DLPs have only one. The result is that LCD images often look more natural, while DLP images can have a “rainbow” effect.

The major advantage of DLP projectors is that they are typically smaller and lighter than LCD projectors, making them more portable.