Top 7 Best Desktop Chairs in NZ

Do you have a comfortable chair at your desk? If not, you may want to consider getting one. A good desktop chair can make your workday much more comfortable, and help you stay productive. 

The best thing about a desktop chair is that it helps you stay focused. When you’re sitting in a comfortable, upright chair with your desk in front of you, it’s easy to get lost in your work. You don’t have to worry about getting up to let someone else use the desk or about straining your neck looking down at your computer screen. A desktop chair lets you focus on your work and get things done.

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time at your desk. Whether you’re working, studying, or just browsing the internet, it’s important to make sure that you’re comfortable. A desktop chair is a key to keeping your body healthy and relaxed while you work on the desktop. So how do you choose the best one? Here are a few tips to help you out.

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How to choose the Best Desktop Chair for you


Size of the chair


Your new chair should be large enough to accommodate both your body and all your work tools. It should be deep enough but still, allow you to keep a straight back when working. If you are taller than average, make sure that your feet can rest flatly on the ground and that there is at least some clearance between the underside of your desk and the seat of your chair.



The adjustability of the chair: The most common adjustment for a chair is height, so make sure that it includes this option, but if you spend all day at your computer you’ll probably also want to look for other options such as back angle and armrests. A good idea is to find a chair with an adjustable back and adjustable armrests because this allows you to adjust them to your preference.


Lumbar Support

A good desktop chair should provide your lower back with adequate support. Look for chairs that have built-in lumbar support. Lumbar support not only ensures that the spine is kept straight but also helps to maintain proper blood flow. You will need support that can be adjusted or that at least contains the right type of support for your back. The importance of using chairs with lumbar support is, it will prevent back pains and backache. 


Fabric and upholstery

The material should be breathable, allowing air to circulate, because this allows you to stay cool throughout the day.  Mesh is a better option as it offers more airflow than leather. Leather will stick to your skin and doesn’t allow free flow of air. Badly upholstered chairs often lead to sweating and discomfort, which no one wants. You can look out for models which have mesh on their backs or on their seat cushions.

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The Best Desktop Chairs NZ


1. Ergonomic Premium Chair

Desktop Chair

The Ergonomic Premium Chair is a great office chair from PA engineering that incorporates ergonomic design and high performance cushioning. The backrest, armrests and seat support contours were specifically designed for comfort and allow for an easier workflow in your day-to-day business. The chair has a high degree of customization. The seat height, armrests and backrest can be moved in all directions to achieve optimal positions that are suitable for you. The mesh structure on the chair armrests provides a unique aesthetic that is created through an innovative design process that allows the mesh to be adjusted to create unique patterns on both sides of the chair.


2. GT X-Pace Gaming & Office Chair 

Gaming & Office Chair

The GT X-Pace Chair is a gaming & desktop chair that has been designed to offer support, have an aluminium frame, and have PU cushions with foam and water pillows. The chair is also ergonomic with an adjustable headrest that can be set to one of three height positions and includes a wire control mechanism. The backrest features double springs for optimum comfort. It also offers 350mm red paint, a baked aluminium alloy base, and 65mm PU casters.


3. Ergonomic Boardroom Chair

Ergonomic Boardroom

The Ergonomic Boardroom Office Chair is the best quality office chair for long hours of sitting. The chair has a strong backrest which provides necessary support to your back and also prevents fatigue by providing the comfort that every office needs.  It has been made from durable cast aluminium which is lightweight and sturdy. The base of the chair is the highest among other chairs available in the market and provides support for your back when you are sitting for hours on end.


4. HyperX Blast Gaming Chair

Blast Gaming Chair

HyperX Blast is a premium gaming chair that sets the benchmark for quality and comfort in the gaming chair industry. The handcrafted diamond stitching on the seat and backrest cushion emphasized with luxurious PU Leather upholstery, ensures a snug fit for extended gaming sessions. For more comfort, the chair features 3D armrests that are designed for maximum support and comfort for long hours.

The Blast is suited for any game room, office, or lounge that requires a stylish high-quality seat. It is stylish with nearly every colour that brings personality to any room. Aside from the premium features, HyperX Blast features a tilt mechanism for different sitting positions. And with the gas lift, you’re able to adjust the chair height easily to suit your needs.


5. Matt Blatt Replica Eames Office Chair

Office Chair

The Eames Replica Low Back Office Chair is a timelessly fashionable executive chair that will bring sophistication to your office. Its white leather upholstery is soft and durable, while the aluminium frame ensures that it’s made to last. The gas height lifting mechanism makes it easy to adjust the chair as needed, while the strong but lightweight build means you’ll never have any back pain from sitting upright for too long.

The perfect balance of style and comfort make this chair a great choice for any office or home desk space where you need an executive style look without sacrificing comfort.


6. Gorilla Office Chair 

Gorilla Office Chair

This executive chair is perfect for your home or office. The mesh backing will keep you cool and comfortable while reclining to the max. It’s height-adjustable, so you can find your perfect seat. It’s also got a nice adjustable arm-rest that’ll let you sit back in your chair to relax.


7. Ergolux Eames Replica Office Chair Padded Office Chair 

The Ergolux  is a premium office chair that provides superior comfort with an elegant and stylish design. This chair offers a high back for the ultimate in style, comfort and professionalism. It is fully adjustable and the base can be tilted to allow the sitter to find their most comfortable position. The base of the chair is also height adjustable for those who wish to use it standing.