The Best hoverboards in New Zealand

best hoverboards

If you are looking for the best hoverboards and want some suggestions on the best hoverboard brands in New Zealand then you are in the right place. Here we have selected the best powerful collection of hoverboards available in New Zealand. Hoverboards are wheeled platforms. They have powerful motors which you can control with your … Read more

The 20 Best Hairdressers In Auckland

Best Hairdressers Auckland

Are you looking for a great haircut and balayage treatment or simply a reviving trim – finding your go-to salon  and the best hairdresser in Auckland?  There are endless alternatives available in the city which can be confusing no doubt. Here we can make it much simpler for you to look for which is the … Read more

Top Best 5 Juicers in New Zealand

best Juicers

If you’re looking for a simple and fast way to create a large step toward a healthier lifestyle, you absolutely must begin using a juicing machine. here, we’re focusing specifically on identifying juicers that will fit your needs.  There are a wide array of different juicers available to choose from, and various features, functions, and … Read more

The 5 Best Dash Cams in New Zealand

Dash Cam

Dash Cams can be used both indoors and outdoors, and with the Best Dash Cams, users are able to capture their surveillance anywhere in a matter of seconds. With the Best Dash, Cam users are able to record the activities of their home or office, or anywhere else, and can share the video quality with … Read more

7 Best Mattresses in New Zealand

Alice Mattress set Queen

Are you looking for mattresses for your bedroom? There are many brands and different types of mattresses out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some tips for you to consider before you buy your next mattress. A buying quality mattress is a long term investment for your … Read more

The 9 Best Fridge Freezers in NZ

Best Fridge NZ

Are you looking for new fridge freezers and have you come across a fridge freeze, that looks like it would be perfect for you. But wait… what do you actually need to consider before buying a fridge freezer? There are several models, sizes, designs and types are available in the New Zealand Market. But here … Read more

4 Best Waffle Makers for your delicious Breakfasts


Waffles are absolutely delicious and have many different uses in many different cultures. In New Zealand, we usually eat as a breakfast meal or on some special occasions. Some people enjoy having waffles as a dessert after dinner. You will prefer the best waffle maker to enjoy the rich taste of waffles. Here we discuss which is the … Read more

The 10 Best Rice Cookers in New Zealand

Best Rice Cooker

If you have a busy life and do not have much time to keep an eye on while cooking rice on the stove or in Microwave then a rice cooker is an ideal option for cooking rice.  Rice cookers are inexpensive, very easy to use and clean. You just need the right amount of rice … Read more