Top 10 Best Air Coolers in NZ

We all know that summer is coming and with it comes the sweltering heat. We also know that air conditioners are expensive to run, especially if you’re trying to cool down an entire house. Luckily there’s a solution! best air cooler can be used in place of an air conditioner to provide cooling relief for your home. 

The best Air coolers are an increasingly popular way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without the cost and hassles of installing an expensive air conditioning system. They typically cost less upfront too which saves you money on energy bills in the long run. The best air cooler uses a combination of airflow and evaporation to lower the temperature of the air before it’s sent out through a fan. 

If you are searching for the best air cooler, then this blog is for you. We’ll take a look at some of the top models as well. You can also get tips on how to purchase one that will suit your needs.

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How to find the Best Air Cooler for you

Different types of air coolers are available to suit any need. You can find one that is right for you by considering the key features below:

What is your Room size?

The best way to know if an air cooler is the right size for your room or any other space in which it will likely be installed and used is by calculating its airflow. CFM  (cubic feet of air moved per minute) refers not just to how fast you want cool air blowing out of your system but also takes into account factors like height so that no fan speeds are too high or low while still providing enough breeze with relative ease.

Tank capacity of Air cooler

In order to get the best cooling efficiency, it is important that you choose a cooler with enough water capacity.  A large water tank will provide cooling for many hours, while smaller ones can last only a few at most before running out of water. So pick the right cooler with water tank capacity according to the room and how long you want to run it.

Ice chamber or Ice Pack

A cooling system with an ice chamber is the best option for those who want to cool their air quickly and efficiently. You can put cubes of frozen water in there, which will then rapidly give you cool air. Some models with a come Ice pack which you can freeze in your freezer and put into the water tank for quick cooling.

What is Air throw distance?

The blade profile of the fan is one way that makes all the difference in an air cooler. With good-looking coolers, it’s important for them to be able to throw some pretty cool air too. That’s where distance becomes important because longer throws are achieved by highly angled blades which means they can deliver more cooling power over a larger area compared with lower-angle or straight-bladed fans.

What other thing do you need to look out for?

The best Air coolers are an essential part of any home, but they also have many options that can make it more comfortable like an oscillation function to move the airflow in both directions. Some models include built-in humidification for added moisture which makes you feel at ease while drying out your room.

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The Best Air Coolers NZ


1. Hyundai Evaporative Cooler

Hyundai Evaporative Cooler

Hyundai Evaporative Cooler is a unique and compact cooling solution. This cooler is powered by a 65W fan which allows it to deliver cool air while capturing dust particles and cleaning the air. The 3-speed settings and left-to-right oscillation offer a variety of cooling options to suit your needs. This cooler comes with a timer for up to 8 hours, a removable 7L water tank, and is easily transportable from room to room.


2. Dimplex Evaporative Cooler Tower

Dimplex Evaporative Cooler Tower

The Dimplex Evaporative Cooler Tower is a stylish and elegant addition to your home. This unique tower has a sleek, modern design with a large-capacity water tank and is ideal for use on balconies, terraces, halls, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. The cooler offers 7 hours timer so you can adjust the temperature for the perfect hour, day or night. The water tank is detachable making it easy to fill and clean. The water level indicator ensures that you never run out of water and the unit features hidden castors for easy mobility.


3. Dace Evaporative Air Cooler

Dace Evaporative Air Cooler

The Dace Evaporative Air Cooler is a portable air cooler that you can use anywhere. It is designed with a full-angle swing, 3-speed settings and a touch control panel with remote control to keep you cool and comfortable for hours. It features honeycomb cooling media with a carbon dust filter and oscillating louvres to add that extra touch of style. This is a 6L easy-to-clean water tank and features two ice boxes to keep you cool.


4. Maxxkon Evaporative Air Cooler

Air Cooler

Maxkon 7L Evaporative Air Cooler is an evaporative air cooler that can cool the temperature of the room. It is very suitable for the hot weather and it will be a good choice for you if you want to enjoy fresh and cool air at home, the office and other places. It has a simple design with white colour which makes it look elegant and beautiful. It has wheels on its base so that you can move it around easily. It comes with a remote and two ice crystals.


5. Evaporative Air Cooler 80L


This evaporative air cooler is a great appliance for keeping your home cool in the summer. It has 3 speeds, low, medium and high speed to meet your different cooling needs. The 24-hour timing function lets you set the time when it should turn on automatically. The louvres swing horizontally so you can direct the airflow where you need it most. There is also an indicator light to let you know when it’s time to refill with water or if there’s a problem with the unit.


6. Sheffield Evaporative Air Cooler

Evaporative Air Cooler

The Sheffield evaporative air cooler is a great way to stay cool and refreshed this summer. The 3-speed setting gives you the option of a light breeze or a heavy blast of air. The double air filter ensures that there is no dust or pollen in your home, keeping it clean and healthy. And with an 80-degree oscillation, the cooler can be directed straight at you for maximum cooling effect. Also included is a 9hr timer so that you can set it up before bed and have fresh cool air when you wake up.


7. TSB Living Midea Air Cooler Midea Air Cooler

This best air cooler is a good choice for you to get a cool and comfortable feeling in summer. It has a temperature setting, timer function, 3-speed levels, humidifying function and left-right internal oscillation. All these functions will bring you the best comfort at home or the office.


8. Evaporative Air Cooler 10L

Evaporative Air Cooler

This evaporative best-air cooler is the perfect way to cool down on hot days. With its 3 speeds and ionizer button, you’ll be able to find just what your needs are- whether that’s soothing air or moisturizing skin. The portable design means it takes into any room wherever you need some relief from heat waves; plus two ice-crystal boxes keep things refreshingly cold all day.


9. Evaporative Air Cooler 50L

Air Conditioner

The Air Cooler is a perfect cooling system for your home. With three speeds and adjustable airflow, this unit will provide you with the right level of comfort at all times.  With a range of features to customize your air conditioning needs, the cooler offers optimal cooling with proper humidity for all-around comfort. There are 3-speed adjustments including low, medium and high as well as a 24-hour timing function that can fulfil different requirements at once without having to refill water often.


10. Sunair 15L Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative Cooler

Sunair 15L Evaporative best Air Cooler is the perfect addition to your home this Summer. With 3-speed settings, you can control the amount of cooling you need. You can also use the swing set for directional cooling or set it to timer mode and let it run throughout the day. It can deliver airflow at  500-600 meters cubed per hour air volume and will keep your home feeling nice and cool.