Top 5 Best Android Tablets in NZ

The best Android tablets are perfect for any type of work you need to do on the go. They can be used in place of a laptop or computer for many tasks because people want something that’s lighter weight and easier to carry around. 

Tablets are also a great way to keep up with your favourite TV shows, read the latest books and magazines, or do some work on the go. They also have a large screen so you don’t have to squint at your phone all day long.  They come in many different shapes and sizes. These devices have everything you need to be productive in a pinch. They’re more affordable than ever before. The best Android tablets offer a wide range of features and benefits. 

The number of different tablet models can be awe-inspiring. There are Android tablets that come with styluses, and others that charge extra for them. Some are dedicated to working while others are perfect if you’re looking to game or stream your favourite show.

It all comes down to what price range, the higher the price, the higher-end the devices will be and have more features. The selection might depend upon how much money you are willing to spend.  This blog will give you information about what makes an Android Tablet great so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

 Best Tablets in New Zealand

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How to choose the Best Android Tablet for you

Android tablets are great because they offer more than just a way to consume content. But there’s also an array of features which will depend largely upon how much you’re looking forward to. The key to finding the perfect Android tablet is identifying your needs and wants before making a purchase decision. 

There are many factors that make up the best Android tablets on the market today; here are some of them: operating system, display, size, RAM memory capacity, camera quality and more.

Battery life: The battery backup on many brands mentioned on the basis of their own testing does not actually give you the same backup as mentioned because it depends on how you use the tablet. The battery backup is always less than what is mentioned by the manufacturer. So consider your purpose to use the device and go according to that.

Connectivity: Hotspots have become a great way to get online without having an expensive, internet-only plan. But if you want to always have an internet connection on your tablet then you can buy some model with a 4G connection in which you can insert the Sim card and have the internet on the tablet. 

Storage: Most Android tablets have built-in storage with the option to expand it via microSD. It is always tempting to go for a model that has the largest possible storage, but if you plan on using your tablet mostly as an entertainment device or working on projects online then having less physical space may not matter so much. 

Accessories: If you plan to use your tablet for work, then accessories like keyboards and styluses can come in handy. They’re also nice extras if they’re included with the purchase. If not, it might be worth investing some extra money on something more important such as an SD card or case. 

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What size tablet should you buy?

The 10-inch tablet is the perfect size to enjoy media and work alike. With a display that’s not too big, yet still has enough space for your needs as well as entertainment features like games or streaming services such as Netflix; you’ll be able to do everything like homework on break time with ease. The variable sizes vary on the market from 6 inches to up to 10 inches, it depends on your purpose to go for the right screen size.

The Screen size of the tablet you chose depends on how you plan to use it. If the device will only be used for work-related or creative tasks, buying a larger model may make sense because there is more space available per page in comparison with smaller tablets. However, if you want to use the tablet as an ebook, just want to use it for just some entertainment or Chromecast to your TV then a 7-inch size tablet may be enough for you.

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The Best Android Tablets NZ


1. Lenovo M10 10.1 inch HD Lenovo Android Tablet

This Tablet is the perfect combination of portability and performance. It has a 10.1-inch high-definition display that offers bright images for you to watch your favourite movies, and TV shows or play games on it. The 2MP front camera will help you take selfies with friends without having to use the rear camera. You can also make video calls with its 5MP rear camera. It has 32GB storage and 2GB Ram.


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 WIFI 


Samsung Tab

This Samsung Tab is a sleek tablet that features an elegant design, making it easy to carry around. The 7mm thickness makes the device lightweight and comfortable to hold in one hand. It also has a 10.4″ display that lets you enjoy videos, games or movies with your friends and family.  It has an 8MP camera that lets you capture every moment of your life in high definition. 


3. Alcatel 3T 10 4G Android Tablet

Alcatel 3T

The Alcatel 3T  is the best android tablet for the price. It has a 10-inch screen with 800 x 1280 pixels, which is very good for this price range. It has the ability to make phone calls. It features an HD+ display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The camera on this device is 5MP and it has a 5500mAh battery which can give you 9 hours of backup.


4. 4G Phone Call Tablet PC 10.1 inch 4G Tablet

The 4G Tablet is a new generation of mobile devices, which combines the functions of a smartphone and tablet. It has a large screen to enjoy videos, games and apps in a larger format. It has 32Gb internal memory that can be expanded up to 32GB with an SD card, so you can store all your favourite music, photos and videos on it. With its powerful 1.3GHz Octa-Core processor you will have no problem running any apps or playing games on it

It also has a rear camera of 8MP with LED flash and a front camera of 5MP that can be used for video chatting or taking selfies. The 2 x SIM Card Slots allow you to use two SIM cards at the same time to make calls or send messages via your mobile network operator (MNO) without any problems.


5. 4G Phone Call Tablet PC 10.1 inch Android 9.0 

This is the best Android tablet with a 4G/3G/2G phone call function. Its 10.1-inch IPS screen makes it easy to watch videos and read e-books. The MTK6739 Quad Core 1.6GHz CPU provides you with a smooth operation experience, while the 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM can accommodate thousands of applications and games. It is an excellent device for entertainment and business use.