Top 5 Best Artificial Christmas Trees in NZ

The holiday season is here and that means you’re probably still looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees are an ideal choice if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on decoration or just want to keep it simple. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite artificial Christmas trees that are sure to be beautiful this year.

Artificial Christmas trees are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to their natural counterparts. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be found at any budget level. 

One of the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree is that they are cheaper than a real one on average. They also make cleanup easier because there are no pine needles to sweep up or water spills to mop up. Many trees also come with lights built-in, which means you won’t have to worry about forgetting them at home like some people do every year. 

The artificial Christmas Tree is a popular alternative to the natural tree, but it can be difficult to find one that looks realistic. There are many factors you should consider when purchasing artificial Christmas Trees, including height and width. 

There are many different types of trees out there but we want to help you find the perfect one. In this blog post, we will explore some different options for people who would like an artificial tree as well as those who prefer live ones. We hope this helps.

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What Tree Size and Shape Should You buy?

The minimum size needed will vary depending on where it’s going but generally speaking, artificial Christmas Trees should be at least six feet tall because this gives people room when they’re decorating around them while also allowing more lights visible from far away – making your home look fantastic during times of celebration all year long.

The way a tree’s shape accents its surroundings can give you an idea of what kind of room it takes up. If your space is wide and open, go with one that has lots of branches for plenty to hang from or sit upon. if not enough floor area is available then choose something narrow so as not to crowd out all other items in the home decorating scheme.  

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What about the lights?

With just 80 lights per foot (depending on bulb size), you can create the perfect Christmas tree. No matter if it’s white or coloured light that floats through your home during this time of year. If not up for stringing them yourself though there are plenty of options available in the market and some trees come with Led lights.

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The Best Artificial Christmas Trees NZ


1. Jingle Jollys Snowy Christmas Tree Artificial Christmas Tree

This LED Christmas tree is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of holiday magic to their home. The realistic appearance and soft glow of this 2.1m tall artificial Christmas tree will fill your home with the warm, cosy feeling of the holidays. With 500 warm white LEDs lighting up 1,189 snow-sprayed tips, you can enjoy sparkling lights that dance across every branch throughout your home. This Christmas tree stands on a sturdy metal stand that makes it easy to display anywhere in your home.


2. Jingle Jollys 2.4m Christmas Tree  Christmas Tree

Jingle Jollys 2.4m Christmas Tree is the perfect choice for any home this festive season, with its eye-catching design and stunning LED lights. This tree has 1436 tips, 3190 LED bulbs to create a dazzling display of colour that will be sure to impress your family and friends. The tree’s stand is sturdy and made from powder-coated metal to ensure stability when it comes time to decorate the tree. It also requires no tools for assembly, making it easy for you to enjoy your Christmas decorations right away.


3. Jingle Jollys Christmas TreeDecorations Snow

This Christmas tree is a decoration for your home. This tree has 1500 snow-sprayed tips that look very realistic. It is an eco-friendly and non-toxic product that you can use to decorate your house during the holidays. The sturdy metal stand makes it easy to place on any surface in your home. It comes with a sturdy metal stand that ensures that the tree remains stable on any flat surface. It’s easy to assemble.


4. Jingle Jollys 2.1m Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is a great choice for any home. It has 1134 tips and 1134 LED bulbs, which will give you an amazing light display.The LED life expectancy of up to 20000 hours makes it long-lasting and energy-efficient. With its sturdy powder-coated stand, this tree can hold heavy ornaments without falling over. No tools are required for assembly, making it easy to set up in your home.


5. Jingle Xmas Tree Fiber Multi Colour LightsMulti Colour Lights

This is a 4M optic fibre tree with 500 tips, like a natural tree. The LED lights are evenly distributed on the branches and trunk of the tree. It looks very realistic. It is ideal to decorate your home, garden or yard for Christmas and other holidays. The metal stand is sturdy and easy to assemble.


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