Top 5 Best Artificial Plants in NZ

Many people keep plants in their homes to help them feel more connected to nature. However, plants need a lot of care and attention, which can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule. This is where artificial plants come in: they can help you get in touch with nature without the hassle. They are easy to maintain and look just like real plants, but without the mess, smell, and pests. 

They can also be used to help create a focal point and a sense of privacy, or to create a romantic mood. You might want to consider adding these plants to your home to make it more inviting. Artificial plants can also be used for decoration purposes and for practical purposes, such as in the bathroom.

In order to make your life easier, we have compiled a list of the best artificial plants for your home. If you are looking for a new plant for your home, or just want to give your old ones a makeover, this article will help you find the perfect fit for your space.

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How to choose the best Best Artificial Plants for your home

The following factors must be taken into consideration when choosing artificial plants. 

Size and Shape – Most artificial plants are available in different sizes and shapes. Size is often measured by the height, width, or diameter of the trunk. It is important to choose a pot that is big enough for the plant to look natural, but not too big since you will need room for the soil and roots. 

The shape is generally determined by the type of plant you are buying. Fruit trees should be round, coniferous plants such as firs and pines should be tall and skinny, etc.

Colours – The colour of artificial plants is often just as natural as real flora, so you should choose from a variety of hues. You might want to consider choosing plants with different colours and textures to give your home a more natural, vibrant feel. 

Design – You should choose artificial plants with designs that are appealing to the eye and help enhance your home’s aesthetics. For example, you can use artificial plants for the indoor vertical gardens and for indoor decorations as well. 

Environment – It is important to consider the environment in which you will place your fake plant. You should choose an artificial plant that is appropriate for the location, and that is environmentally friendly. There are plants available for indoor use, and there are also plants suitable for outdoor use.

Skill Level – There are many different skill levels and types of artificial plants available. Some are made with more realistic details and may require special care. Others are less intricate, but will still last for a long time if cared for properly. They require minimal maintenance since there isn’t anything growing in them, so you can forget about looking at them every day or watering them. 

Material – Many artificial plants are made with soft, realistic materials to make them feel more like real plants. Some are made of fibreglass, plastic, or a combination of both. They come in a variety of different textures and densities too. 

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The Best Artificial Plants NZ


1. Lavida Faux PalmFaux Palm

It looks like a real palm tree and it has interesting leaves, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room in your home. Its long life span can also be beneficial if you are worried about the upkeep of other plants that might need more care than this palm tree does. Furthermore, its durable design will ensure that it stays standing for years to come.


2. Lavida: Faux Agapanthus

Artificial Plants

Lavida Faux Agapanthus is a great option for those looking to add a little decorative touch to your home without stressing over real flowers or spending too much money. It’s made of plastic, and foam and has a height that makes it the perfect addition to your home.


3. Artificial Tree Hawaiian Palm 

Artificial Tree

The Artificial Tree Hawaiian Palm is perfect for creating exotic, airy green spaces at home or work. Its 26 large palm leaves and 1.8m tall making it ideal for larger gardens, while the ultra-realistic synthetic palm leaves and trunk makes maintenance-free care a breeze.


4. Artificial Tree Weeping Fig Ficus

Weeping Fig Ficus

An artificial weeping fig plant is a great way to add some greenery to your home. The plant is tall and will give any room a sense of serenity and calm. They are easy to maintain, and you don’t have to worry about them being killed or dying from neglect or lack of water. This can be particularly helpful if you live in a small apartment with limited space for plants where it is difficult for large plants like real trees.


5. Artificial Tree Bamboo

Artificial Tree Bamboo

This Bamboo tree is a great plant to have in your home. The leaves are larger than the average bamboo and they look extremely realistic. You can create an exotic, lush green space at home or work with this artificial bamboo tree. It is also extremely easy to care for and maintenance-free, which makes it perfect for indoor use.


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