Top 5 Best Baby Bouncers in NZ

Baby bouncers are an essential part of today’s modern nursery. They have evolved from the old-fashioned swing. These bouncers can now offer movement and a sensory experience for your child, as well as some different features. 

Bouncers are a universal form of entertainment for babies. They will keep your baby happy and comfortable while you go about completing tasks and routines around the house or swiftly getting errands done. 

Baby bouncers have a variety of benefits for babies, it helps to keep them relaxed and entertained. Bouncer seats can help babies to sit up and provide an excellent aid in developing the core muscles. Some bouncers also have vibration options that add additional comfort and stimulation for your baby.

With so many bouncers to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you and your little one.  In this post, We’ll be talking about some of the best baby bouncers on the market. We’ll explain what to look for when looking for a baby bouncer and provide some tips on how to make the most of your bouncer when you have it.

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How to choose the Best Baby Bouncer

When choosing the best baby bouncer there are a number of things to consider. These include:

Safety – It is important to pick a bouncer that is safe for your baby. Make sure to look for a bouncer with secure harness straps and sturdy padding. There should also be no pinch or scratch hazards on the chair, such as buttons or beads.

Seat recline position – The seat recline position is important as it allows your baby to comfortably lie back or sit up. This gives them the ideal position for when they are dozing off and you want to move them. The seat will either lay flat or be able to fold forward. This option allows you to change the chair from a fully reclined position to a more upright sitting position with just one easy move.

Material – Bouncers can be made from a host of different materials such as foam, plastic and even wood. You need to ensure that your chosen bouncer is made from the right kind of material and one that will not deteriorate quickly or easily become damaged in any way. Foam can be an excellent choice as it is very soft and won’t hurt your baby’s delicate skin.

Carry handle – The carry handle is important to the overall design of the bouncer. It allows you to easily transport the bouncer from room to room.

Locking mechanism – The locking mechanism should be easy to use and lock securely. Good locking mechanisms are usually marked as such a feature on the product.

Attachable toys – A good baby bouncer will have toys attached to it, but these need to be secure enough that they don’t fall out when the baby is in use.

Vibrating function –  Some bouncers have a vibrating function that accelerates the rate at which your baby is rocked. This can be used to help your baby calm down or drift off for a nap.

Swaying function –  Some bouncers have a swaying function that gives your baby more movement and stimulation than other models.

Light show –  Some models have more than the normal amount of lights and sounds, making them exciting for babies to look at and listen to.

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The Best Baby Bouncers NZ


1. Nuna Leaf Rocker

Baby Bounces

The Nuna Leaf Rocker is an elegant, serene design that is perfect for both playing and napping. The organic cotton insert is soft and light and easily locks stationary for feeding or playtime. The Leaf Rocker easily evolves with your baby. The Leaf Rocker’s unique design allows parents to sit comfortably on the floor and offers the perfect angle for both playing and napping. The mesh backing provides little breezes for your baby and keeps the baby cool.


2. BabyBjörn Balance Baby Bouncer Chair

Cotton Bouncer Chair

Designed with a perfect balance of comfort and durability, the BabyBjörn Balance Baby Bouncer is the perfect nursery companion. The soft, gentle jersey cotton fabric ensures the bouncer is gentle on your baby’s skin. The bouncer is also offered in three different height positions and one transport mode to ensure you can bounce your baby in the most comfortable position. This will allow your baby to enjoy hours of comfort and entertainment.


3. Ingenuity Baby Cradling Bouncer

Baby Cradling Bouncer

The Ingenuity Baby Cradling Bouncer offers an excellent alternative to traditional bouncers. The toy features a premium plush fabric, with a magical unicorn headrest that can be removed as your baby grows. The cradling seat is designed to calm and comfort your child with 8 delightful melodies and soothing motions. This lightweight and easy-to-move bouncer is also equipped with an automatic shut-off vibration feature and has a weight capacity of 9kg.


4. Ingenuity Smart Baby Bouncer

Automatic Baby Bouncer

The Ingenuity Smart Baby Bouncer is the perfect bouncer to soothe your little one while they are awake or asleep. It comes in a stylish design with multiple speed settings and its motion sensor mimics your natural motions. The bouncer also contains removable head support and bolster cushion and comes with dangling plush toys and two melodies, three nature sounds and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes.


5. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Bouncer

Baby's First Bouncer

The Fisher-Price Baby’s First Bouncer is a perfect place for the baby to play and learn how to sit up. The bouncer has a removable toy bar that can be used separately or with the attached toy. Its natural movements encourage babies to explore their environment, developing motor skills. The machine-washable seat pad is removable and can also be used as a changing mat. The 3-point harness is adjustable for newborns and grows with your baby. The bouncer is a calming and sensory place for your baby to feel secure, and the calming vibrations reduce crying.