Top 10 Best Baby Carriers in NZ

A great baby carrier is one that makes your child feel safe and helps you carry them in a way that feels natural. There are benefits for both the parent, who has their hands free to get things done while carrying their little one close by, as well as comfortability for your baby. You can carry your child in a way that feels natural and practical for both yourself as well as your infant.

There are various types of carriers, ranging from front slings to backpacks. However, all these items share the same basic objective – carrying your baby close to your torso. Here’s our advice on how you can choose the best carrier for yourself based on different factors like structure and length. We then list out some popular choices that people may want to consider buying as well.

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How to choose the Best Baby Carrier for you

Baby carriers come in two main types – structured and wrapped. Structured carriers are generally made of hard plastic and soft fabrics. Wraps are large pieces of cloth that you can tie to create a baby carrier for your child.


Structured Baby Carriers:

These types of carriers are made from canvas materials and are like backpacks. They’re fixed with straps and buckles to fit you perfectly. Even though they often come with newborn inserts for extra cushioning or additional clips to keep your baby’s legs in the correct position. 

Structured carriers actually are better suited for babies who can support their own heads and are older than 3 months of age.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of structured carriers. They can be adjusted easily and make it easy to take your baby on outings. It is comfortable enough for you to wear all day long. They offer lots of positions so that your growing child has a place to rest his head while he’s out with you.

On the other hand, it is not suitable for a newborn baby. It comes in different designs that can make it confusing to select. 


Stretchy Wraps: 

As parents realise how perfect stretchy baby carriers are for newborns and babies who can’t yet support their own head, The downside is that these types of carriers don’t feel as secure, but after a little use this problem often gets resolved.

The benefit of stretchy wrap is that you can hold your baby in a cradle position and snuggle up close to enjoy the warmth of both bodies. The front-carrying positions allow you to bond with your child while also keeping them safe from cold weather.

However, it can get a few knots in the wrap easily, but it takes some practice before you master tying it up.


Some other important features you should consider:

  • A front-facing baby carrier will allow you to kiss your infant’s head without leaning down very far. It’s important to make sure that no fabric is blocking your baby’s airways or buckles rubbing against your baby’s skin. You should check frequently that their mouth and nose aren’t blocked by fabric or anything else, ensuring proper airflow.
  • You should look for sturdy, padded straps and strong buckles in a soft structured carrier or backpack to ensure you have proper support when using it.
  • Look for a supportive and wide enough seat for your baby. Make sure that your baby’s legs are appropriately separated with a wide and supportive seat. This will prevent hip dysplasia which happens when their hips aren’t formed correctly due to a lack of space in between them.
  • When you’re looking for a backpack carrier, look out for one with padded metal frames so that if they bump against it when seated inside, their legs will still be protected from injury.
  • A comfortable base strap takes the pressure off your back and equally distributes weight evenly around your hips as you carry your baby. 
  • Make sure the carrier should have a Washable fabric like cotton and polyester and is washing machine friendly. So if your baby makes any kind of big mess elsewhere then you do not need to worry. 

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The Best Baby Carriers NZ


1. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier OneBjorn Baby Carrier

The Baby Bjorn baby carrier One is the perfect way to carry your growing child. The Silver Mesh fabric offers a comfortable fit for you and your child, while the sturdy waist belt and padded, form-fitting shoulder straps ensure that you’ll both be happy during your strolls. Baby carrier One is designed for carrying children from newborn up to three years old. 


2. Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier Ergobaby Omni

This easy use carrier offers all carry positions, including front facing out for when they are ready to explore the world on their own. The Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier is designed to make carrying your baby as comfortable as possible. It features a padded waistband with an adjustable belt, padded shoulder straps with an adjustable chest strap and ergonomic lumbar support. 


3. Baby Bjorn Carrier Move 3D MeshBjorn Carrier

The Baby Bjorn Carrier Move 3D Mesh is the best carrier for newborn babies. It is soft and comfy, and easy to lift out while your baby is sleeping. It has a soft, breathable mesh fabric that keeps you both cool and comfortable as you move together. The wider waistband offers extra comfort when carrying heavier babies.


4. Diva The One Baby Carrier – Essenza


Baby Carrier


The Diva The One baby carrier provides soft, breathable fabric for both the front and back carrying positions, making it perfect for newborns through toddlers. Its ergonomic design distributes your child’s weight evenly on your hips and shoulders while providing excellent leg support. 


5. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier WE Baby Carrier

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier is a soft baby carrier with an ergonomic design. The wide, padded shoulder straps and the waist belt are adjustable to ensure that your baby carrier fits you perfectly. 

The front of the carrier can be swivelled around so that you can easily place your baby on your back for carrying him/her in a natural upright position. This makes it easier to carry heavier babies. Your child will feel safe and secure with his/her head resting against your chest at all times. 


6. Diva The One Baby Carrier


Diva Carrier


This Diva One is the carrier that can be used as a front, back and wrap conversion carrier. This makes it the most versatile carrier on the market today. It can be worn by mom with ease, no different than your favourite pair of jeans. With its soft fabric and adjustable features, this baby wrap will keep you comfortable while keeping your little one close to you at all times. 


7. Harmony Mesh Baby CarrierHarmony Mesh

Harmony Mesh Baby Carrier is made with high-tech fabric that provides comfort and breathability. The wide seat area allows you to carry your baby in a natural upright position, which is recommended by paediatricians. 

It has adjustable head support for babies up to 6 months, padded back support, and padded shoulder straps so you can carry your baby comfortably. This baby carrier is designed for both mom and dad with its waist belt that offers equal weight distribution. 


8. Beco 8 Baby CarrierBeco 8 Baby Carrier

The Beco 8 is the best baby carrier for all seasons, all positions and ages. The Beco 8 gives you the ultimate in versatility with its unique ability to be worn on your front, back and hip.

 It’s a wrap-style carrier that offers superior ergonomic support for both you and your child. This carrier is perfect for newborns up to toddlers weighing about 20 kg. With its all-season design, this versatile carrier can be worn year-round in any climate or weather condition.


9. Hamax Zenith Relax Baby Seat


Baby Seat


The Hamax Zenith Relax Baby Seat is a great way to get around with your child in a safe and comfortable way. The seat has a soft padded seat, and footrests.

The seat has a safety belt that keeps the baby securely in place. A pair of straps allow you to attach the seat to your bike, so you can ride around town with your little one strapped safely into their chair.


10. Hipsta Baby CarrierHipsta Baby Carrier

Hipsta Baby Carrier Lets You Carry Your Baby the Natural Way. This baby carrier is a multi-functional, ergonomic, and comfortable baby carrier that can be used for front-facing inwards carrying to back-facing outwards carrying. 

It has 6 carry positions; newborn, infant, toddler hip seat, back position, and back hip seat. Each position features an easy-to-use adjustment system.