The 7 Best Baby Monitors in New Zealand

Baby monitors were not that popular a generation ago and some parents used only audio and walkie talkie type devices to check on their babies. 

But now the generation has changed and now we have a smart version of baby monitors available in the New Zealand market. Now baby monitors come with temperature sensors,  motion sensors and infrared night vision features. If you want to use them for multi-purpose then you can connect them with a Wi-Fi network.

If you are looking for a baby monitor choose it as per your needs such as looking for the best quality and important features such as video quality, battery life and receiving range. 

Here we have selected the best models of baby monitors available in New Zealand. This list will help you to find out the best features in baby monitors so you can decide which most suits your situation. 

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How you can choose the Best Baby Monitor

It is important to know about the necessary things when you buy a baby monitor. 

A motion sensor – There are some monitors available which have movement sensors that you can place under your baby’s mattress. These movement sensor baby monitors can be a little more expensive than the others but you can detect every single movement of your baby and also detect the baby’s breathing. 

It has an alarm system so if no movement is detected after a given period of time the alarm will start sounding. This is a great device, especially for newborns. 

location –  Select a place where you can fit the device for a perfect view of the baby cot and surroundings. When you are looking for a camera choose a model which has screw mounts on it so if you do not have high-level furniture nearby to place the device’s camera so you can wall-mount it or hang it on the wall. 

Room temperature –  Some of the baby monitors offer this feature that can tell you the temperature of your baby’s room so you will know how hot and cold the room is. This can be economical as you do not need to buy a baby thermometer individually as this type of baby monitor can be a great help for parents.

Two-way or one-way sound – when you buy a baby monitor consider this feature if you want to hear your baby or want to speak through a two-way voice system. It will save your time and energy going here and there or up and down the stairs for hours. 

Range or area – if you have multiple floors or a big house, you might need a baby monitor with a wide range that covers across the whole house. Some of the houses have thicker walls that can often obstruct the signal and make poor quality signals. It can be difficult to monitor your baby through a baby monitor. 

If you are looking for a cheaper baby monitor model they might have less range than the expensive ones. 

Music and light – There are many baby monitor models that come with this great feature which is specially created to soothe or ease your baby to sleep. You just need to press the music or light button. The light in the device has the ability to project a display on the wall. It has in-built cradle songs or music. 

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Video monitors 

How does it work? 

Once you place a baby monitor or video baby monitor into your baby’s room it will send signals from the camera to your room whether digital signals or from your wi-fi network. Just make sure two devices should be connected to the same network. 

Wi-fi video baby monitors work the same as your other devices connected with your wi-fi network. 

The wi-fi based baby monitors and the digital baby monitors have the only difference is the digital-based cameras send signals with FHSS ( Frequency-hopping spread spectrum) so the signal is secure and direct from the transmitter into the camera to the parents’ room.  The wi-fi video baby monitors work in a similar way as the other gadgets connected to wi-fi. 

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The Best Baby Monitors You Can Buy Online


1. Baby Sense 7 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor

Baby Sense 7 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor

This new Baby Sense 7 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor is the first non-touch original baby monitor which is designed to continuously detect the breathing movements of your sleeping baby.  It captures all the micro-movements of the baby without touching the skin.

You need to place the two highly sensitive sensor pads under the baby’s mattress. This little monitor will give an alert if your baby’s activities slow down or no movement for 20 seconds. 

This sensor monitor will give you both auditory and visual alarms by flashing red lights.  You can easily activate this baby monitor with a single power on and off button.

This highly sensitive device can monitor less than 10 micro-movements per minute. It does 24-hour surveillance and helps you to easily find the dangers for infants in hospitals and at home. This passive sensor is not harmful to your baby and you can use it from the day your baby is born. 


  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Quick reaction highly sensitive pads 
  • Safe to use  



2. BM5200 Safe & Sound Video & Audio Baby Monitor

BM5200 Safe & Sound Video & Audio Baby Monitor

The Vtech BM5200 is a baby monitor which you would love to take care of your baby. The VGA CMOS camera gives a good quality image. It has an adjustable camera lens and range up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors can be viewed on split-screen. You can also pair view and control up to 4 cameras. 

This monitor has soothing sounds that can be entertaining for a baby. It has a 9 level sound indicator that will alert you by sensing any type of risk around your baby with its vibrating sound. This baby monitor comes with Speaker/microphone to do 2-way communication with the baby.

It has auto night vision so you can see your baby in the dark and it also has a night light that can be used at night time. It also features 2.4GHz FHSS technology for a secure connection, 5 high-resolution LCD colours and a room temperature LCD monitor.

It has battery backup for up to  5 hours. sound indicator to give you alerts, temperature sensor to make sure your baby is warm and comfortable.

Pros :

  •  You can check your baby from any area of your home
  •  Baby-friendly 
  • Good battery backup


  • Can’t connect with a smartphone 


3. Smart Baby Monitor Camera With Amazon Alexa Unit – PNMSA2

Smart Baby Monitor Camera With Amazon Alexa Unit - PNMSA2

The Smart Baby Monitor Camera With Amazon Alexa Unit- PNMSA2 is an amazing baby monitor to take care of your baby. Make your and baby’s life easy by using this Project Nursery Alexa monitor at any time.

It can easily control the camera and speakers from your smartphone or tablet with the help of WiFi and installing a project Nursery apps. With the help of these apps you can talk, listen and see your baby from anywhere. 

It has a built-in Alexa Voice Service. You can control its functions by giving voice commands, playing a lullaby so that your baby falls asleep. You can use Alexa to create lists and also can receive reminders and alerts, and more. 

Record audio, videos and photos with its 720p HD camera if you don’t want to miss any moment of your baby. This device can also monitor your baby in the dark, with the help of auto night vision.  

You can keep your eyes on your baby from every corner of the room with its camera movement. By using the quad view screen on the app you can view up to four cameras simultaneously. 

It also features Wi-Fi remote pan/tilt/zoom camera movements and 360-degree omnidirectional audio. This baby monitor includes Two Power Adapters, Two Power Cables and a Quick Start Guide in its box.


  • Two-way communication 
  • You can give Voice command
  • HD camera


  • Not compatible with other Project Nursery Monitor Systems


4.BM3400 Safe & Sound Tilt & Pan Video & Audio Baby Monitor

BM3400 Safe & Sound Tilt & Pan Video & Audio Baby Monitor

This VTech BM3400 is a video and audio baby monitor with 2.5 hours of battery life. The VGA CMOS camera motorized pan movement up to 260 degrees and tilted up to 23 degrees from the parent unit. It has a high-resolution 2.8-inch coloured LCD screen with a digital zoom camera to keep a close eye on your little one.

You can control and View up to 4 Vtech (BM3410) cameras from the parent unit by placing them in different places and talking to your baby anywhere from your home. Its camera ranges up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors.

This device has Automatic infra-red night vision to check your baby in the dark and 5 lullabies and 4 natural sounds with 5 level volume adjustments to help your baby to sleep. If your baby feels irritated, then with the help of 4 natural soothing sounds you can entertain your baby.

It can detect any harmful noise around your baby and alert you with sound activation mode. When it senses any hazard around your babies, such as low battery alert or the parent unit is out of range it will alert you with a 6 level sound indicator.

It features 2.4GHz FHSS technology for a secure connection and an LCD for room temperature monitoring. 


  • 2-way communication
  • Clear sound quality
  • Use multi-camera 


  • Can’t connect  your smartphone


5. Secure895 Video Baby Monitor 5″ Screen

Secure895 Video Baby Monitor 5 inch Screen

Now oricom presents a Secure895 baby monitor that comes with a 5 inch coloured display so that you can see your baby clearly. It includes a motorized pan-tilt camera to see every movement of your baby and can control it from the parent unit. and a zoom camera to keep an eye on your baby.

It has a motion-detecting auto-tracking camera to track every movement of the baby and give an alarm if it senses any around the child. This feature becomes very important once a toddler starts moving around.

It has the multi-camera capability and you can add up to 4 CU895 cameras which can be controlled from the parent unit. You can talk to your little one anywhere from your home through the parent unit.

With the help of a baby-friendly version, you can see your baby in a dark room also. It has 3 soothing lullabies and 2 white noises of the womb sound and a vacuum cleaner sound to put the baby to sleep. It gives an indicator of the temperature in the room to ensure that your baby is comfortable. 


  • Rechargeable lithium battery ( 8 hours of battery life)
  • Two-way communication
  • Handy parent unit
  • doesn’t require Wifi to operate unlike other cameras


  • Just 3 lullabies


6. Vtech -1080p LCD Video/Audio Baby Safety Monitor
Vtech Wi-Fi 1080p LCD Audio Baby Safety Monitor

This VTech RM5752 is your third eye as you can keep an eye on your child with its 5 colour LCD display and 1080p Full HD camera. It has a 2x local digital zoom and 10x remote digital zoom for closer viewing of the baby. You can control its functions with the help of a Parent unit or Wifi connecting a smartphone.

Capture every memory of your child by recording videos and images on your smartphone and tablets by installing the VTech app. You can control and View up to 4 Vtech (RM5722) cameras from the parent unit by placing them in different places and talking to your baby anywhere from your phone.

Night vision to take care of your little one in the dark also. This device has 5 soothing lullabies for sleeping your child and 4 natural sounds to stimulate the senses of your baby. It can sense danger around your baby whether it is any sound, motion or uncomfortable temperature it will alert you.

To provide proper security, it has secure and encrypted local and remote video transmissions so that no one can hack your device. It has 5 hours of battery life.


  • Good battery backup
  • Full secured device
  • Good quality image


  • Expensive 


7. Vtech Full Colour Video & 2 Way Audio Baby Monitor

Vtech Full Colour Video & 2 Way Audio Baby Monitor

Every parent wants to give proper care to their baby which can also happen with the help of this Vtech full-colour video & 2-way audio baby monitor. It has a parent unit with a 5-inch colour display so that you can control the functions of this device. 

The VGA CMOS camera with adjustable up camera angles and digital zoom to keep a closer eye on your child.  Its camera has a comfortable warm night light and infra-red night vision to see your baby in the dark. You can connect to 4 (BM5210) cameras by placing them in different places and viewing your little one anywhere from home. 

It has 5 lullabies and 4 natural sounds to give peace of mind to your baby. 5 levels for volume up and down. For any type of alert, it has 9 sound levels to indicate with Vibrating sound weather is battery low, parent unit out of range and negative sound.

It features Temperature Sensor and monitoring,2.4GHz FHSS technology for secure connection and Digital transmission for superior security


  • Safe for child
  • no annoying white noise
  • Easy to use


  •  No connection with smartphone.


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