Top 10 Best Bassinet in New Zealand

The Best bassinet is a convenient way to keep your baby close to you in your room, especially for newborns. It is always good for a baby until one year of life. The baby should sleep in the same room as the parents so the baby bassinet is a comfortable and easy method for parents to have the baby sleep in their room

This can be helpful in the early days of your baby’s life, especially until your baby is 3 to 4 months old. There are many advantages to a baby bassinet for parents. If you have to feed your baby late- at night or for bedtime bonding it is very helpful for mothers. 

Best Bassinet can be handy for new parents who want to have their baby nearby. So if you are one of those kinds of parents, here we have a list of the best baby bassinets in New Zealand for you. Bassinets take a very little space in your room. 

So if you are unable to decide which bassinet can be suitable for you and your baby, or you are a new parent and never purchased them before,  check out our list of the best baby bassinets. It can be a great help for you. 

Important things before you buy the best bassinet. There are a few other types that are good for baby sleep and it can be a little tricky for the new parents which one you should buy. The answer can be different for different families.

Baby bassinets, Mini cribs, and Playards can be helpful for new parents who want to have their baby close by. 

Baby bassinet –  Bassinets are very lightweight and great for newborns. It has foldable bases so you can easily store them. 

Mini Crib – If you have a master bedroom so mini cribs are suitable 

Playard – you can easily fold them and are good for travelling and you can carry them with you if you are driving. These come with extra features like a diaper case, whistles, a music system, and a flashlight. 

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Best bassinet for your baby : 

Baby bassinets are available in different sizes and different styles but make sure when you buy a new one it should be according to the baby’s safe sleeping standards. As babies need to sleep in their own sleeping space with safety from all sides. 

Things to be considered by parents when purchasing the best bassinets are:

  • Locking system 
  • A flat and firm mattress with a tight adjustable sheet 
  • Adjustable height so you can raise and lower the sides according to your comfort
  • Storage space at the bottom
  • Folding system 
  • Music system
  • Lock-on wheels 
  • Extra side pockets so you can keep diapers and changing supplies 
  • Base slides under the bed will save your space at home 
  • Lightweight
  • Safety and comfort
  • Consider weight, durability, and convenience
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble so it can be easy for you to set up. 

For new parents select the type which fits you and your baby. Here we have a list of the best bassinet available in New Zealand.

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The Best Bassinet NZ


1. Tutti Bambini Cozee Bedside Bassinet

Tutti Bambini bassinetThis  Tutti Bambini Cozee Bedside Bassinet is specially designed to make a special bond between you and your baby.  It has a 30-second open and folds mechanism so you can move it easily around the house and you can easily travel also you can use it as a standalone bassinet. It also includes a handy travel bag. 

This has a handy storage shelf to keep your baby’s clothes and stuff near to you.  Its lining is washable and removable and also has a comfortable foam mattress and breathable mesh window. 

Pros : Create a special bond between you and your baby and you can breastfeed your baby more easily. It is great to give you peace of mind as your little one is safe and close to you. 

Cons :  it needs to assemble 


2. Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet

Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet

This Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet is simply the best quality and beautifully designed. It can be easily placed close to your bed and allows you to reach your baby easily during the night time especially. This furniture is very stylish and made from European birch wood. 

This is great for babies’ sleep and comfort, so they can enjoy sleeping safely and silently and close to their parents. 

Pros:  It is affordable, Available in super stylish design Make it easy to feed baby at night so you don’t need to get out of bed  

Cons:  Little expensive 


3. Aria Bedside Bassinet


Aria Bedside Bassinet

This Aria Bedside Bassinet has a better night’s sleep with the help of Aria bedside bassinet. This comes with 2-in-1 functions and different modes. This has two main functions: The co-sleeper mode and the basic bassinet mode. 

This bassinet is good for you when you need your baby sleeping by your side just place the bassinet close to your bed. You can adjust the bassinet height according to your bed height. This bassinet provides a safe sleeping atmosphere and also ventilation for the baby.

This bassinet comes with wheels and 2 breaks, so you can move your baby quietly between rooms. This is suitable  for babies from birth to 9kg, 

Pros: Adjustable height setting according to bed height. These bassinets are safe and it has wheels to transfer the baby around the house. Encourage the  mother and baby bonding 360 degrees mesh slides, easy to open and fold

Cons: Not Many Colour Options available


4. Luna Bassinet

Luna Bassinet The Luna Bassinet is beautifully designed for parents who want to place their baby close to the bed. This is very comfortable for your baby. This bassinet is very compact and stylish.  You can fold it and place it anywhere around your house.  This bassinet is very quick to handle. You can easily store it and can take it for travel.

Pros: Adjustable height Comfortable and easy to store.

Cons:  Only Color available.



5. Complete Bassinet


Complete Bassinet

This beautiful  Complete Bassinet provides a comfortable and cosy atmosphere for your baby. This bassinet is great for parents who want their baby sleeping by their side. 

This baby bassinet is very simple, easy to handle and available in different colours. You can simply store them anywhere in your house. This bassinet 

This baby bassinet is comfortable for newborn to 4 months old babies. You can use it as a convenient crib by transforming the carrycot. This comfortable complete bassinet comes with a  gorgeous quilt set, very soft mattress and mattress protectors and pillow covers. 

Pros: You can use this bassinet as a crib by changing the carrycot. Safe and comfortable for your baby.  Comes with a baby mattress and quilt set. This has wheels so easy to move and has a little self to keep baby things, on the bottom of the bassinet. 

Cons: Suitable only 0-4 Months baby.



6. Cosmos 3-in-1 – Rocker/Bassinet/Playard

Cosmos 3 In 1 Crib This Cosmos 3-in-1 – Rocker/Bassinet/Playard is amazing to keep baby sleeping. This is cosy and comfortable. This Crib can be used as a bassinet, rocker or as a player.  

The Crib can be used as a playard by opening the zipper.  This crib has rotating legs with wheels so easy to move and store and you can adjust the height according to bed height. This can be stationary and rock. While you use it as a bassinet, the bottom can be used as storage. 

Pros: This bassinet is very  Simple to assemble and use. This has 2 Height Positions.  Suitable for  Newborns or until your baby starts to sit up unassisted.

Cons: Only one colour is available.


7. Infant Sonno Bassinet Bedding

Infant Sonno Bassinet Bedding

The infant  Sonno baby bassinet is perfectly designed and super lightweight. This is easy and simple to use. It has a fully covered hood and also has a central zip to open the hood and you can use it in any environment. 

This bassinet is foldable and easy to carry while travelling.  It has net made breathable mesh. There is a fabric storage basket under the cot where you can keep baby clothes or other things. It has a removable fitted sheet and has a grey-silver colour body. 

Pros:  This baby bassinet is very stylish and lightweight. It comes with a storage basket. Foldable and easy to carry.

Cons: No wheels so it can be a little tricky to move and store. 


8. Tutto CoZee Air Co-Sleeper with Rocker Legs

Tutto CoZee

The Tutto CoZee Air Co-sleeper with Rocker Legs baby bassinet comes with some great features to increase the comfort and breathability of your baby.

CoZee Air is great to develop that special bond with your baby. You can use it as a standalone crib. This bassinet is foldable. CoZee Air Co-Sleeper has a mesh window and has a comfortable mattress that is made from a spacer fabric. 

This bassinet is designed to control heat and moisture so your baby can sleep comfortably. It has a double-layered brushed twill fabric that is great during winter nights. 

In this, you have the option of a one or two-sided opening that has a detachable bar and this is suitable for all seasons.

This bassinet has breathable Mesh Windows and a Roll-down curtain. Co-sleeper has a feature to adjust the height and has a handy storage bag to keep baby things. 

Pros:  this bassinet has a fabric lining that is washable.  It has a Breathable mattress and adjustable height. This bassinet has removable and washable lining and bars.

Cons: Expensive 


9. Guardian 2.0 Sleeper

Guardian 2.0 Sleeper

The Guardian sleeper is a very lightweight and compact Bassinet that is perfect for travelling and easy to carry. This bassinet has a comfortable baby mattress and has a fully covered hood and protect your baby from flying insects. The net provides full ventilation and air circulation. 

It is simple to assemble and use and comes with a  large storage basket and a padded mattress. Suitable for newborn babies

Pros:  Easy to store in the home, easy to transport and Comfortable mattress

Cons:  Size is quite bigger than other bassinets


10. Qool Bassinet

Qool Bassinet

This Qool Bassinet is designed to provide a comfortable sleep for your baby. This bassinet is ultra-soft so your baby can sleep soundly. This baby bassinet is very easy to use and store anywhere in the house. You can also attach this bassinet with the stroller. 

This bassinet has an extendable UPF 50+ canopy and a zippable cover which is great to provide warmth and safety to your baby. This is suitable for 6 to 9 months old babies. 

Pros: This bassinet is easy to install. It has an extendable canopy and can be used as a carrier 

Cons: This bassinet needs to assemble


These are the best bassinet for your newborn. We have explained to you above how to choose the best one for your baby. Let me know if you have any questions


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