Top 10 Best Bathroom Scales in NZ

Weighing scales are one must-have item in your bathroom, but they can be pretty tricky to buy too. Bathroom Scales are a great way to keep yourself accountable. There are some people who need more regular health check-ups and require daily weighing during or after any long-term illness management. 

On the other hand, some people like to buy bathroom scales because of their modern features such as bone density and body water percentage measuring features which give you more accurate measurements. 

Here we have the buying guide for the best bathroom scales and the list of scales available in the NZ market. 

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How to buy the best bathroom scales for you

There are three main types: traditional mechanical scales, digital scales and body-fat analysers.


Mechanical scales

Scales that only provide the user’s weight in kilograms are easy to use because there is no need for conversion. The scale will be able to give a precise reading as long as you regularly reset it back to zero after each usage. 

These scales are affordable, battery-free alternatives to their digital counterparts. They often cost less and come in a variety of styles. However, In this scale, you have to zero the scale manually for accuracy but they might not give you accurate weight measurements. The scale models which are not very expensive provide you with the measurement readings in both imperial and metric units. ( pounds and in kilograms)

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Digital scales

Digital scales are inexpensive and they show high levels of accuracy. It has an electronic screen which will show the weight readings in decimal points of pounds or kilograms and you can track your weight longer. You need to change the battery every time it runs out.

Body-fat analyser scales

This digital scale is the most advanced type of body composition measuring device that provides information about your weight and more importantly, fat percentage. This helps you determine whether or not you are losing actual fat as opposed to just water weight which will fluctuate with hydration and also helps distinguish between fat loss and general weight loss.

These scales transfer a little invisible electric current via your bare feet to measure your body fat. Hence, only the resistance of fatty tissue is measured, it’s recommended you don’t use these if pregnant or with a pacemaker.

Some of the expensive body fat measurement machines go beyond measuring just your body weight. Such as, Some of the scales can record your BMI, muscle mass, bone density, and water percentage. It can track your changes over time through the WI-FI and send it to an app or website for records. 

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The Best bathroom scales to buy


1. Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Garmin Bathroom Scale

Garmin Index Smart Scale provides you with a complete picture of your health. You can track your weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and even BMI over time. It also measures how much water is in your body to assess hydration levels. 

This smart body analysis scale in noble design offers a high resolution 2.8 inches (7.1 cm) LCD colour display, integrated WLAN for auto-sync and up-to-date weather forecasts, recognition and processing of up to 16 individual users. 


2. S3 PICOOC WIFI & Bluetooth Body Analysis ScalesAnalysis Scales

S3 PICOOC Body Analysis Scales is a smart bathroom scale that measures 11x Metrics. This bathroom scale uses Wifi to send your data to your Smartphone, allowing you to view the measurement records on APP. It can help you track your weight and body fat progress. So You will get a healthy lifestyle.


3. Weight Watchers Bluetooth Connected Bathroom Scale

Bathroom Scale

The Weight Watchers bathroom scale is an ITO glass design. This technology gives the user a clear view of what is on the scale and also helps with accuracy. 

The multiple load cell technology allows for accurate weight measurement regardless of whether it’s standing on tile or carpet. The scale syncs data when your phone is in range, so you can track your progress throughout the day.


4. SOGA 2X Wireless Bluetooth Digital Body Fat Scale SOGA 2X

SOGA 2X Wireless Digital Body Fat Scale is a stylish addition to your bathroom. It features an auto-switch for weighing, storing gender, height and age data for up to 8 people.

It is a high precision measuring instrument that can measure your weight, body fat and muscle mass. It is easy to operate with the large LCD display which shows all the information clearly. The high-quality ABS material makes it durable and sturdy for long time use. 


5. SOGA 2X 180kg Electronic Talking ScaleBathroom Scale

The SOGA 2X Talking Scale is a stylish addition to any bathroom. Its clear LCD display with red light and talking function make it easy to see and hear. The scale also displays the temperature of the room you’re in for added convenience.  It has an auto-switch on/off feature that turns off your scale after a few seconds of no activity, saving battery life.


6. SOGA 3X  Glass LCD Digital Fitness Weight ScalesSOGA 3X

SOGA 3X is a digital bathroom scale with a modern design and clear LCD. The scale has a red light and an easy to clean tempered glass platform. It has a clear LCD with a red light which can help you read the weights clearly in the dark. The scale is waterproof and non-slip design, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.


7. SOGA 2X  Digital LCD Fitness Electronic Scale

Electronic Scale SOGA 2X is specially designed for girls. It is a digital LCD fitness electronic bathroom body weighing scale that can measure weight, height and BMI(Body Mass Index). 

It has red lights in the LCD that will make it easy to look at night time. This scale is waterproof, so you do not need to worry about the water splashing on it. Also, its non-slip design ensures safety when using it.


8. SOGA Digital Electronic Bathroom Body Fat ScaleSOGA Digital Scale

The SOGA Digital Bathroom Body Fat Scale is a great option for anyone who wants to keep track of their weight and body fat. It has a large LCD screen that displays your weight, body fat percentage, BMI (Body Mass Index), and muscle mass.

The scale also comes with eight different user settings so you can keep track of each family member’s progress. This bathroom scale will automatically calculate the data based on the height and age inputted by the user.


9. Style Sense Safe 300 Digital Personal ScaleStyle Sense

Style Sense Safe 300 Digital Scale is a versatile and reliable scale that will help you keep track of your weight and the progress of your fitness program. 

This digital scale features a thin design with stainless steel surface, large lit LCD display, precise to 100 g increments and up to 180 kg. It has an elegant look which makes it great for home or office use.


10. Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Digital Body Weight & BMI Smart Scale

Fitbit Aria

Aria Air is a smart scale that easily syncs with your Fitbit device to track BMI and basic health metrics in bright graphs. One of the best features about this scale, however, is how it integrates seamlessly into all Fitbit devices and apps. so you can view every metric related to weight management: calorie intake vs. burn rate, length/quality of sleep patterns compared against physical activity levels throughout the day; heart rate, etc.