Top 7 Best BBQs in New Zealand

BBQ is an important part of the Kiwi culture, and the best BBQs are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Best BBQs can be used in many different ways, from BBQ cooking or BBQing meat on a BBQ grill. 

With one of these best BBQs, you can cook sausages, steaks, chicken thighs and fish.  Besides cooking the meats themselves on sticks or flatbreads over an open flame grill for a tasty meal that tastes like summertime there are tons of other things you could do with it. 

You could use your barbecue as a smoker by covering charcoal in foil before igniting them, this will give the meat a smoky flavour without having to light up wood chips yourself. 

Best Smokers in NZ

Best Portable Gas BBQs in NZ

What are the best BBQs? We’ll tell you what to look for in a great grill and how size matters. The right amount of space is important. There are some things that should be considered by those who love savouring their food outdoors or cooking large amounts at once. 

You need to consider things like size and dimensions, whether or not it is appropriate for entertaining guests, and how much space you will require in order to store this object so that it does not clutter up your yard.

Having the best BBQ also means enjoying food that has been cooked over an open flame. There are many different types of BBQs available for purchase, which can make it difficult to choose one that will suit your needs best. 

This blog post includes the  Best BBQ in NZ so you don’t have to go through the trouble of trying them all out yourself. 

Best Charcoal BBQ in NZ

Best Portable BBQs in NZ


The Best BBQs in New Zealand


1. PRIME Plus Jim Bowie Pellet Grill


A high-performance Pellet grill with stainless steel top and black bottom body, the Jim Bowie Pellet Grill is a revolutionary outdoor best BBQ grill.

The highly efficient pellet grills are made from stainless steel for superior durability.  With its unique design, the Jim Bowie Pellet Grill offers you a large cooking area of 658 sq. inches and comes with heavy-duty construction that can withstand the harshest weather conditions without compromising on performance or quality. The temperature range of this smoker reaches up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit (290 degrees Celsius).

It features a 12V direct power design that provides better temperature control and a variable-speed fan that maintains more consistent grill temps. 

It has a revolutionary new way to grill with built-in smart technology that allows you to control your grill from your phone or tablet. The app makes it easy to monitor and control your cooking process, whether you’re at home or across town.


2. Longhorn BBQ Signature 8 BurnerLonghorn BBQ

This Longhorn Signature BBQ  is made from all stainless steel and features a halogen under-hood lighting system. This barbecue is the perfect addition to any backyard or patio. It has 8 burners ( 6 main burners and 1 cast iron and brass side burner), providing you with enough space to cook a variety of dishes at once.

It has inbuilt drawers for your utensils, and you can chop your chops on the side tables. It has a gas bottle rack where you can keep your Gas bottle and blue LEDs illuminate on the knobs helps you to operate it at night. 

It has a total cooking area of 96 x 45cm. It is made of 430-grade stainless steel in almost every component, from the sides, back and bottom, to the hood, door and shelves. The grill also features a temperature gauge on the front left burner for monitoring heat levels. With its four main burners that each have 12K BTU output.

It has a rotisserie set that makes it easy to slow roast your favourite meats and vegetables, while the infrared side burner lets you prepare sauces or keep food warm without heating up the entire grill. A great choice for grilling enthusiasts.


3. Longhorn BBQ Stainless 5 BurnerLONGHORN

The Longhorn Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas BBQ is a unique, stylish and modern design that will add a touch of class to any backyard. This barbecue features four main burners which are all controlled via the easy-to-use knob. The stainless steel construction makes this barbecue highly durable. 

It is made with 430-grade stainless steel, it can protect against corrosion and high temperatures without warping or discoloration after many years of use. 

It has been designed to provide you with the best possible experience when barbecuing your food. It has 5 Burners and is a great grill for the price. It has a side burner and 4 main burners. The temperature display lets you know what the temperature of your grill is at all times. 

This five-burner gas barbecue features a cooking area of 3195cm² and temperatures up to 205°C. Its stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean. It also has enough side space for placing food trays or cutlery during use and is easy to assemble.

Available in 6 Burners and 8 Burners as well


4. Trek PRIME WiFi Pellet GrillTrek PRIME

If you love to grill but are limited by space or want to cook for a large group, then this is the perfect grilling appliance. The compact size makes it easy and convenient for any occasion whether in your backyard with friends, or at campgrounds away from home.

This TREK model is a portable grill. Its digital WiFi controller, meat probe and peaked lid for rib racks make it perfect to take on any camping trip or tailgate party. The convenience tray with utensil hooks makes cleanup easy.

It features a Sense-Mate and a thermal sensor that control the grill temperature prevents your food from burning and can do outdoor cooking. This grill will make your cooking experience so much better. The pellets automatically ignite to create a clean burn every time, and the food is cooked evenly. 


5. Cookmaster LPG Twin Grill BBQ

Cookmaster Portable LPG Twin Grill BBQ

The Cookmaster LPG Twin Grill BBQ is the perfect BBQ for all of your grilling needs. You can use it at home, camping, or even at a tailgate party. It provides you with instant and matchless cooking. The Instastart button is easy to use and gives you perfect grilling starts in seconds. The two foldable side tables provide a space for cooking utensils, buns, sauces and condiments so that everything is within reach. With its large 1142 square centimetre grilling surface which has interchangeable cooktops, you will have plenty of room to grill the perfect meal just for you or your family with friends


6. Kamado BBQ Premium Ceramic

Kamado BBQ

This traditional oval-shaped Charcoal Grill is the highest quality charcoal grill on the market today.  It ensures good heat circulation for even cooking and a wide range of grilling temperatures. 

The Premium Ceramic Grill features a ceramic body with double wall insulation that retains heat and reduces smoke from escaping into your backyard. This means you can cook with indirect heat without having to wait forever for your food to be done, so you can spend more time eating and less time cooking.

It is designed to provide consistently and even heating, regardless of the weather conditions outside. The top and bottom vents allow for airflow, bringing charcoal flavour into your food. With adjustable temperature control, you can cook at any temperature.


7. Weber Original Kettle Charcoal 47cm

Weber Original

The Weber Original Kettle 47cm Charcoal Barbecue is a true classic. The kettle barbecues are the most popular in the world and this one is perfect for any occasion or event. Its compact size makes it ideal for taking on picnics, camping trips or just having a BBQ at home with friends and family.

This model is made from high-quality materials that make it durable and long-lasting, whilst also being easy to clean. It has a black porcelain-enamelled bowl that distributes heat evenly across the barbecue surface, making sure you get a perfectly cooked meal. 


These are the best BBQs, you can buy for this summer party or get-together. You can cook delicious food for your family and friends with these best BBQs. Let us know what you think about this post and write your comments below.


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