Top 10 Best Bed Frames in NZ

When you buy a new mattress, consider getting the best bed frame to go along with it. Your mattress is only as good as its foundation. When you spend a lot of money on your new bed, it’s important to have the right frame for support and comfort. Investing in an equally comfortable platform can prevent back pain or other injuries that could arise from sleeping on the floor.

Your best bed frame is a crucial part of your bedroom since it contributes to both aesthetics and function. It must support your mattress, allow for airflow underneath it, prevent mould from building up along with providing handy storage space. 

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the best bed frames from materials, style and storage options. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide as well as the best ones you can buy right now for your bedroom.

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Buying guide for the Best Bed Frame for you


What things should you look for in a bed frame?

There are many different kinds of bed frames to choose from. Most will be made out of wood or metal and some may have upholstery on them, while others require a mattress only. 

The two most common types would be the divan: boxy-looking base with no extra padding and slat bases which support the whole frame by its individual sections through wooden planks underneath it. so that there is space for air flow beneath your sleeping spot allowing you cool nights throughout the summertime.


Headboards are important because they provide a comfortable backrest and feel good aesthetically as well. They are a unique feature of the bed frame that will help you sit up in bed to read or watch movies. 

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These are the brackets that will support your mattress, and will either be solid or sprung. Solid slats are rigid and made from pine or metal for firm support. while sprung ones (made with plywood) curve upwards to give a little support when you lie on them.

If you buy an adjustable bed frame make sure there is not more than 7cm between each one of these supports as most manufacturers recommend this amount of space in order to provide maximum comfort during sleep times.

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Storage capacity 

Some raised bed frames come with built-in drawers for storage. If you want to prioritize storage, these types of beds would be a great option. Even better is when the frame also includes ottoman trays that open up to reveal tons more space for storing things like blankets and pillows.

Other things need to consider.

When choosing your bed frame, it’s important to consider not only the size of the mattress but whether you might want a more cushioned support. As well as think about what kind of mattress you have. Some beds are better suited for mattresses that need more support while others will be most comfortable when used on a solid foundation. 

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The best bed frames to buy


1. Berlin Bed Frame

Berlin Bed Frame

The Berlin bed frame is a simple, yet elegant design that will add a touch of class to any bedroom. The solid acacia wood is finished with an all-natural stain for a beautiful and rustic look. 

This best bed frame comes in queen and king size, so you can get the most out of your bedroom space. With this bed frame, you’ll have the perfect place to rest your head at night. 


2. Jory Henley Erica Bed Frame

Erica Bed

The Jory Henley Erica bed frame is a beautiful timber tone bed frame, made from messmate. The drawers under the bed are wide enough to store your clothes and other items. This high-quality timber will age beautifully over time, giving your bedroom the timeless look you’re after. It comes in queen, king and super king size.


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3. Helen Queen Bed FrameHelen Queen

The Helen queen bed frame is a simple yet stylish design that will fit in with any bedroom. It has been designed to be strong and sturdy, as well as easy for you to build.  It is made from NZ pine timber and finished in an attractive white color. You need to assemble this bed.


4. Jory Henley Metropolis Bed FrameMetropolis Bed Frame

The Jory Henley Metropolis Bed Frame makes having an organized bedroom a reality since it includes all the storage you need and does so in stylish fashion. This gorgeous, high gloss white bed frame comes with a gas lift posture slat base as well as under-bed storage and built-in headboard compartments for even more organization options.


5. Jory Henley Wentworth Bed FrameJory Henley

This bed frame is made of ash wood. It has similar density and grain to oak, which makes it durable. Another cool feature on this super strong piece of furniture are the gas lift you can use for added storage space, an LED light with USB charger port ,and a thick headboard design per side.


6. Marina Bed Frame with Storage Marina Bed

The Marina Queen Bed Frame with Storage is made from NZ Radiata Pine, which is a strong and durable timber for your bed frame. The solid slats are carefully placed to ensure that the mattress has good support. It has storage drawers underneath to keep all of your belongings organised and tidy.


7. French Country Bed FrameFrench Country

This French Country Bed Frame is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. This bed frame is a beautifully designed piece of furniture. It is made from solid pine and has a white finish. The headboard has a fabric front with a textured design which gives the bed frame an antique look.


8. Jory Henley Brighter Bed FrameJory Henley Brighter

The Brighter Bed Frame is an elegant, simple bed frame that comes with 3 drawers. It is designed to be a modern yet classic addition to any bedroom. With its sleek design and beautiful finish. The Brighter Bed Frame will give your bedroom a fresh new look. It also has the LED light and USB charger port. It is  dark color ideal for bright bedrooms.


9. Industrial Bed Frame with BookcaseIndustrial Bed

This bed frame is made of high quality NZ pine, which makes it sturdy and durable. It has a rustic design that will fit any home décor. The bookcase headboard offers extra storage space for books or other items.


10. Queen Bed Frame

Queen Bed

Queen Bed Frame is a simple and elegant bed frame. It has a solid pine construction. It is perfect for any bedroom and will look great with any decor. The Queen Bed Frame features two storage drawers that provide excellent storage space for your clothes, blankets, pillows or anything else you need to store under the bed. 


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