Top 5 Best Bedroom Furniture in NZ

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. This is where you rest, relax and recharge for the day ahead. When it comes to designing your room, there are many options that can meet your specific needs. You don’t have to settle on what you think you should get; instead, pick out pieces that suit who you are and how you live your life.

The benefit of buying a bedroom suite is that you can get all the matching furniture at the same time which makes your room more organised and makes the addition to your bedroom interior look.

There are many things to consider when looking for bedroom furniture. You need to know what size you want if it needs to be made of wood or metal, and the style that best suits your taste. You may also want to consider including headboards, beds, bedside tables, dressers, nightstands or chests for your room.

This blog post will provide you with some helpful tips on how to choose the right furniture for your personal space while letting you know what is available in the best bedroom furniture suite.

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How to Choose the Best Bedroom Furniture

There are a few key elements you need to consider when designing your bedroom. But a bed with bedside tables is the main piece of furniture in your bedroom. You may also need the chest drawer, which comes in different sizes and a dressing table. If you have a big enough room you can consider placing a Sofa in your room as well. 


Types of Bed

It’s important to consider your bed size when picking out a new one. There are two standard-size beds available in the NZ market – Queen and king size which is ideal for any couple, you can pick the right size according to your need.

Divan beds are a flexible option for those looking to get away from the stiff, uncomfortable feeling of traditional beds. They combine mattresses and bed frames in one package. Divan Beds come in many different styles depending on what best suits your needs. hardtop bases that provide durability if that’s what matters most; soft sprung foundations offer better support against motion-related spells at night.

A bedstead is a frame and headboard, with the base being slatted for comfort. A-frame that supports the mattress and box spring of a bed. Bedsteads are what make your bed what it is, as they provide the structure for your mattress to rest on.

Upholstery beds have always been an important part of the furniture industry. whether divans or bedsteads come in many different fabrics such as velvet, cotton linen and wool to name just some options available for your consideration. 

For those seeking that luxurious look without taking up too much space then metal frames are perfect while if the wood is what you’re after then nothing beats its timeless quality which will last far into foreseeable future generations.


Bedside Tables

Bedside tables offer a place for storing things and can provide extra storage in your bedroom. If you have the space, consider installing them on either side of the bed to make it easier with all those necessities.

In addition to a place for books and glasses, bedside tables can also provide storage in the form of drawers or shelves. Side tables give a more traditional look with or without a drawer. 

Bedside tables provide a place for all your clutter. The type you choose depends on how much storage space is needed and what items will live there. Cabinet-style designs have deeper drawers while those with open shelves are better suited if only small things need hiding away from sight.

Mini-wardrobes can be a great way to maximize space in your bedroom. Chests of drawers offer useful additional storage, as well as being handy when the floor area is limited. You could even use them instead of bedside tables if you’re short on the room. 

It’s important to think about the types and sizes of drawers you want when designing your bedside storage. The bedside drawer combination is an important part of ensuring your items are organized and maintained. You can have one wide, top-level or two smaller drawers for small storage needs in the bottom section alone.


Dressing Table

A dressing table is an essential furniture item in any bedroom. It can be a perfect size and will make your room feel complete with its functionality.

With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the perfect dressing table for your home. The type of storage you want will depend on how much furniture space is left in your room and what style fits best with other pieces already there, whether classic designs offer multiple drawer consoles extending from the tabletop all the way down below or if slim legs are more appealing instead. 

When it comes to dressing tables, more is better. A classic design offers multiple drawer consoles extending from the tabletop all of the ways down below and can often be found in a small space as well because they’re slim enough not to take up too much room with their storage capacity.

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The Best Bedroom Furniture NZ


1. Mammoth Bedroom SuiteBedroom Furniture

The Mammoth Bedroom Suite is made from NZ pine and consists of 5 pieces. The bed frame is made up of solid wood with a stylish design. It has a strong build to withstand any pressure applied to it. The high headboard gives that classic style to the bedroom suite. Sturdy legs provide extra support to the frame for stability. 

This classic-looking set comes with a strong build and 5 pieces that will be sure to last you for years of comfort and relaxation. With its 3 drawer bedside tables, bed frame and 1 dresser, this suite gives you plenty of room to store all of your belongings. 


2. Amanda Bedroom Suite

Bedroom Suite

Amanda Bedroom Suite is a 5 piece bedroom suite. Its modern design makes it an ideal addition to any home. It has a whitewash finish which gives it a modern look. The bed comes with solid timber Slats, which provide extra strength and support for your mattress.  This five-piece bedroom set consists of a bed frame, 2 bedside tables, a tallboy and a dresser with a mirror.


3. Kendall Bedroom Suite 4 PieceJory Henley

This Partin bedroom furniture is a classic and elegant design. This bedroom suite is made of Messmate veneer that features a timber look. The timber look creates the natural warmth and beauty of solid wood with durability and stability.  The tallboy has six drawers and a bedside table has two drawers. The bed frame is made up of Messmate Veneer to ensure durability and long-lasting use.


4. Asbel 5 Pcs Bedroom Furniture 


5 Pcs Bedroom Suite

Asbel 5 Pcs Bedroom Suite is made of solid New Zealand Pine that is durable and sturdy. The Queen Bed Frame has a white paint finish, the bedside tables have two drawers each. The dressing table comes with six drawers and one mirror. The tallboy has 12 half drawers.

This Solid pine construction set ensures durability and beauty for years to come. The sleek white finish on all pieces is highly matched with most of the rooms’ interiors.


5. Marina 6Pcs Bedroom Suite w/ Storage Drawers

Marina 6Pcs Bedroom Suite

The quality of this bedroom furniture is very good because it features solid pine wood construction which makes it sturdy and durable. All the pieces have metal handles for easy opening/closing of drawers. 

This Suite has a 6-piece set that comes with one super king, king or queen-size bed, two bedsides, a tallboy, a mirror and a dressing table. It has a classic design featuring NZ Radiata Pinewood. There are two built-in drawers under the bed. All drawers have a metal durable handle.