Top 10 Best Bedside Tables in New Zealand

Are you looking for the best bedside table to buy for your bedroom? You might want to choose a wooden bedside table with a wood finish, it will definitely add some old-world charm to your bedroom. 

If you have a big bedroom, you might want to choose from a bigger size and this means that you need to measure your space first before buying the table. On the other hand, if your bedroom is really small, you should go with a compact one. No matter what size you choose, just make sure that it will be able to complement your bedroom.

There are many different things to consider when you’re shopping for the best one for your home. Size and shape are obvious considerations, but style is also important.

If you have a modern home with clean lines and minimal furnishings, a contemporary bedside table may be more suited to your design than a traditional one. If you have a traditional home with lots of wood and elaborate furniture, a wooden table may fit better.

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How to choose the Best Bedside Table for you

If you are planning to makeover your bedroom, choosing the right kind of bedside table will be one of the most important things that you have to take care of. There are different kinds of tables that are available in the market today. The designs and styles are also varied, so you might want to know how to choose the best bedside table.



If you will be using the table as a centre table in your room, then you need to choose one that has an elegant and stylish design. It is important that the table will match the rest of the furniture in the room so you need to be extra careful when buying a table. 


Storage or Spacious:

Do you want your bedside table to fit a lamp, Jewellery, books, glass of water,  glasses, a picture frame, a plant, cream and a cup of tea? So if you need a drawer on your bedside table. A bedside table with one drawer seems to suit most of your bedside. 

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Material of Table:

Other options for you might be an aluminium table, a porcelain or marble table. Of course, you have to choose the material depending on your preference as well as what style you are looking for.



Aside from style, you should also consider your home’s size to determine which table will work best. This is important especially if you are living in a small apartment. A big table might not fit in your space and instead, you might want to opt for a smaller one.



Design is another important aspect when it comes to purchasing furniture. You need to think about how you will be using your new table and what kind of design would work best for you. While you may be tempted to purchase a very fancy bedside table because you like the way it looks, you may want to consider that a more basic style will be just as beautiful. 

When you are looking at how to choose the best bedside table for you, think about these aspects as well as the appearance of the table before making your final decision. 

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The Best Bedside Tables NZ


1. Bedside Table Oak

Bedside Table oak

This bedside table is inspired by scandinavian design. It is made with composite materials MDF and Particle Board. Both materials balance each other very well and make this table strong and beautiful.

This table has 2 Smooth metal drawer sliders for storage. It has an Aesthetic Metal Handle to open those drawers. The dimension of this table is W-40 x D-40 x H-58 cm

Pros: It has a PVC base to protect the floor and two smooth slider drawers.

Cons: The white colour of the drawer can quickly become dirty.


2. Susan Bedside Susan Bedside Table

This classy susan bedside table is made with solid pine wood. It has three drawers for storage which can carry plenty of stuff in it. All drawers have metal runners for smooth opening.

The dimensions of this table are W-440 x D-400 x H-650. This table will absolutely look perfect with any colour background. 

Pros: There is no need to assemble it. It has plenty of space for storage. 

Cons: You have to pick it up for cleaning under the table.


3. Industrial Bedside

Industrial Bedside Table

The Online8 Industrial Bedside cabinet is an antique style table that looks simple and elegant. This table is made with solid NZ pine timber and the natural wood texture enhances its beauty. 

It has three Metal Glide Runners drawers for smooth opening. The handles of the drawers are black in colour and metal coating. Dimensions of the table are L-570 x W-450 x H-650mm

Pros: It’s Rustic and the Rough Sawn finish never goes out of fashion. It is easy to clean under the table.

Cons: Common Lumber often has Defects


4. Jory Henley Orlando

Jory Henley Orlando Bedside Table

This is a classy bedside table by Jory Henley would look perfect in a minimalist style bedroom. It is available at a very convenient  price. 

The material used in this table is Tasmanian Oak and provided with two drawers. The dimensions are D-40 x W-55 x H-55.

Pros: It is durable and sustainable.

Cons: Appropriate mainly for minimalist style room. 


5. Jory Henley Kendall

Jory Henley Kendall Bedside Table

New Zealand’s best valued furniture company offers this modern style bedside table, provided with two drawers to enhance the aesthetics of the bedroom.

It has a beautiful white oak veneer finishing. It has a sleek look with dimension : D-40  x W-58 x H-53.6 cm.  

Pros: It has a timeless design 

Cons: You have to pick it up for cleaning under the table.


6. Jory Henley Armadale

Jory Henley Armadale Bedside Table

Jory Henley is providing this beautiful modern style table with two drawers. The material used in this furniture is Grey oak veneer. This table will look good with white background.

The dimensions of this table are D-50.5 x W-55 x H-40. 

Pros: It is sustainable.

Cons: It is a little difficult to clean under the table.


7. TSB Living Bedside Table

TSB Living Bedside Table

This is a Mexican Solid Pine wood Bedside table which has 1 Drawer 1 Door Nightstand to store any type of personal treasures. This table has the ability to last long, it is Constructed from solid timbers.

This Furniture has natural finishing of wooden grains, this makes it look attractive. The dimensions of this product are 53 x 39 x 67 cm Approx.   

Pros: It is environmentally friendly and strong.

Cons: You have to pick it up for cleaning under the table. Wipe it With a dry cloth.


8. TSB Living Kira

TSB Living Kira Bedside Table

Kira is a modern designed bedside table in white and walnut melamine finishing which enhances the beauty of the bed room. It has two slider drawers which have ample space to store any type of your stuff.

This table is constructed with particle boards. It’s dimensions are 55 x 40 x 52 cm. 

Pros: It is easy to clean 

Cons: Assembly required in this product.


9. TSB Living Night Stand

TSB Living Night Stand

Brooklyn Night stand is a contemporary style table, it is absolutely perfect for any type of bed room. This is beautifully designed with white and oak color which will help in soothing the environment of the room.

This product is made with Particle board, Laminate, engineered wood and finishing is done with wood grain melamine. There are two drawers: Dark oak on front and a remaining body constructed with matte white colour. Sizes of the table are W-48 x D-39 x H-46 cm.

Pros: It is easy to clean under the table. Used aluminium which is rust free. 

Cons: Assembly required in this product.


10. TSB Living Milano Bedside

TSB Living Milano Bedside

This is a classy bedside table in complete cream colour, It’s high gloss finish is simple and looks more elegant. It has two drawers for storage with metal runners for smooth opening.

Sizes of the product are L-400 x D-400 x H-550 mm. This will look good with any colour background.

Pros: This is an affordable and trendy looks.

Cons: You have to pick it up for cleaning under the table. Assembly required in this product.


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