Top 7 Best Bike Lights in NZ

Whether you’re biking for fun, to get around town, or just to stay fit, it’s important that you have the right bike lights. Bike lights are small but powerful devices that attach to your bike and shine bright beams of light in front of you. These lights make it much easier for other people on bikes, cars, and even pedestrians to see where you are so they can avoid an accident with you. If your bike doesn’t come with built-in bike lights or if they aren’t enough for what you need them for (when biking at night), then buying a set is the best option. 

Bike Headlights come in many shapes and sizes, but most have at least one LED light with three settings: high beam, medium beam, and low beam (or flash). Some headlamps even include daytime running lights that automatically turn on when there’s insufficient ambient light.

We have done all the research for you and narrowed down our top picks. Whether you need something bright enough to light your way in complete darkness or just want a simple set-up that will make sure drivers see you at night- no matter what time of day- we have found a perfect option for everyone.  Keep reading for tips on which type will suit you best.

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How to choose the Best Bike Light for you


How bright light do you need?

The bulb brightness has been measured in lumen. The most powerful lights can go up to 10-lumens which would be very bright at night.  LEDs lights are a perfect fit for your bike light because they consume less energy and emit more lumens, meaning you can get the same amount of power with fewer watts.

Make sure you buy a light that is bright enough at night so that other road users can see you. You should look for 750 lumen+ rated lights as they provide ample light and visibility on the road on rainy or cloudy days.

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What about Battery Life?

Make sure you consider the battery backup of the bike light if you’re getting the brightest option. It is also important to know how many settings your light has and what its battery life will be on a single charge or one set of batteries before making an investment. If possible we recommend using rechargeable power sources as they last much longer than traditional alkaline ones.


What do you need to look at in Mounts?

The last consideration when buying an attached light is mounting style and size; smaller lights may be strapped or mounted using silicone straps while larger ones require brackets on the frame of one’s own bicycle. For really powerful headlights there may even exist external battery packs that need special accommodation too.

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The Best Bike Lights NZ


1. Magic Shine Monteer  Bike Front Light

Bike Light

This Magic Shine Monteer Bike Front Light is a top-ranking bike light that can offer you the best performance. It has a super bright and compact design, which makes it suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Its high-power LED with 3500 lumens max actual output can provide you with an ultra-bright and clear vision in the dark. It features several beam patterns to meet your different needs: spot, flood and sidelights. This bike light is also water-resistant and easy to install and remove. 


2. X-CELL High Power Bike LightX-CELL BL3000U

This X-CELL High Power Bike Light with a massive 3000 lumen gives you a brighter beam. The light has alloy 35mm and 31.8mm bar mounts, which is perfect for your bike. It provides a wide, high-power beam that will keep you safe on the road or trail. This water-resistant light can be used in any kind of weather condition. It comes with a USB charging cable and allows up to 10 hours of runtime on one charge.


3. Bontrager Ion Comp Bike Light SetLight Set

The Ion comp front light and rear light are designed to keep you seen, no matter how long the ride. The compact Ion boasts a powerful 700-lumen beam that reaches up to 1,000 feet ahead of you. And when it’s time for an early morning or late evening ride, both lights have dedicated Daytime Running Light modes so you’ll be visible to motorists from every angle. These lights are USB-rechargeable so they’re easy to power up.


4. Bicycle Light Bluetooth Speaker Bell Phone Holder Bicycle Light

Bicycle Light & Phone Holder, it’s multifunctional. You can easily install it on your bike handlebar. It has a mobile phone holder, you can put your mobile phone there and listen to music with the Bluetooth speaker. The bicycle bell is very loud so that you can hear it from far away when riding at night or early morning. This multi-functional light also comes with two double led lights for the front light.


5. Fenix BTR20 Bike LightFenix BTR20

The Fenix BTR20 Bike Light is a great addition to any cyclist’s gear. With up to 800 lumens of brightness, this bike light has four modes including flashing. The Fenix bike light uses an advanced reflector system that provides a dual-beam distance of up to 300 meters and features multi-lighting levels so you can customize your illumination depending on the environment around you. The rechargeable battery pack allows you to charge up your light using any USB port so it’s easy to use anywhere you go.


6. Serfas True 750L Road Front Light

Serfas True

The Serfas True 750L Road bike Front Light is a great light for your nighttime ride. With its crystal clear bright light, you can see everything in front of you. The True 750L has 5 different modes to choose from so you can pick the right amount of brightness for your ride. The magnetic battery removal makes it easy to change out batteries when they are running low.


7. LED Bike Headlight and Back Light Set

LED Bike Headlight and Back Light Set 2400


This LED bike headlight and taillight are set for night riding. You can see up to 500 meters away in the dark with this headlight, which is bright enough to light up the road ahead of you. The rechargeable taillight is a red flash that will alert oncoming traffic at night, and the Front light has a battery life of more than 10 hours. This light comes with a quick-release bar mount that fits 20-33mm bars, making it easy to attach and remove from your bike as needed.