The 5 Best Bread Makers in New Zealand

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make bread but thought it was too complicated? If so, you’re in luck! There are a lot of bread makers out there that make bread-making easy and convenient. But before you commit to buying one of these machines, you should know what to look for. 

There are bread machines for bread, bread machines for cakes, bread machines for pizza, bread machines for bagels, and so much more. So, in this blog, we’ll take a look at the options available and help you find the best bread maker for your personal needs.

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How to choose the Best Bread Maker for you

Bread makers come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and capabilities. There is also a wide range of prices. To help you choose the best bread maker for you, it is important that you first determine what type of bread-making functions or abilities you need from your bread maker.


Bread Maker Types

1. Basic bread maker

If you are a basic bread maker user who just wants to bake bread in the morning for breakfast or lunch to eat, then a compact or single loaf timer is probably all that you will need. However, if you are looking for a bread maker with more functions and a higher level of ability, then you will have to spend more money on your bread maker.

2. Crust option

You can choose a bread maker with or without a crust option. With a crust option, the bread comes out of the oven hot and ready to use. If you want fresh bread, then this would be the best choice for you. However, if you have a family and want to feed them bread that is not stale, then a crust option may not be what you want.

 3. Size of bread maker 

Another consideration when choosing your bread maker is size. How much space do you have available for your bread maker? If you only have a countertop, then you should choose a smaller bread maker.

However, if you want to have your bread maker on your kitchen counter, then you will need to get a larger one. Once you know how much space you have available, you can then start to look at other features that may be important to you when making bread.

Here we have made a list of the best bread makers available in the market. 


The Best Bread Makers NZ


1. Panasonic Automatic Breadmaker

Panasonic Automatic Breadmaker

The Panasonic Automatic Breadmaker is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an easy and convenient way to make delicious homemade bread. With this breadmaker, you get all the features you need to make fresh, fluffy loaves every time. This includes a 13-hour delay timer, three crust settings, and a variety of settings to customize your bread according to your preferences.

Additionally, it even has a gluten-free setting, so you can make bread without gluten. The breadmaker also has a large viewing window so you can check on the progress of your bread without opening the lid. This machine is also very user-friendly with its intuitive LCD display, making it easy to navigate. With all these features, the Panasonic Automatic Breadmaker is an ideal choice for those looking to make homemade bread with ease.


2. Kogan Premium Bread Maker

Kogan Premium Bread Maker

The Kogan Premium Stainless Steel Bread Maker is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality bread maker that is easy to use. This bread maker has a large 2.0L capacity, which makes it perfect for making multiple loaves of bread or larger batches of desserts and pastries. The stainless steel construction and modern design make it an attractive addition to any kitchen. It also comes with 12 pre-programmed settings, so you can easily choose the best setting for the type of bread you’re making. 

The LCD display and one-touch operation make it easy to use, and the three loaf size options give you the flexibility to make whatever size loaf you need. The Kogan Premium Stainless Steel Bread Maker also comes with a 15-hour delay timer, so you can set the timer for when you want your bread to be done. With its sleek design, large capacity, and easy-to-use settings, this bread maker is the perfect choice for any new baker. It is also available in small sizes.


3. Morphy Richards Bread Maker

Morphy Richards Bread Maker

The Morphy Richards Electric Bread Maker is the ultimate kitchen appliance for bakers who want to make their own delicious and fresh bread with the push of a button. This bread maker features a 15-hour programmable timer and a non-stick bread pan and kneading blades for effortless baking. 

It has a large viewing window that allows you to monitor the progress of your loaf and the double-kneading blades ensure a doughy, fluffy and soft crust on every loaf. The digital programs offer 16 different options from basic white bread to more elaborate sourdough.


4. Artisan Bread maker  


Bread MakerThis  Breadmaker Black comes with a stylish look and silver colour. It comes with special technology for baking bread with a crispy crust and gives you better quality and more authentically artisan results.

This bread maker makes it easy to bake artisan loaves in your own kitchen and you can create your own bakery at home. This bread maker comes with 18 auto programmes and recipes including Multiple crust levels, sizes and fillings. 

To make bread in this Artisan Bread Maker you just need to pour in your own ingredients and select the programme and adjust the settings and your bread will be ready at just the touch of a button. You can make your bread more crusty or soft.


5. Craig & Russell Bread Maker 

 Craig & Russell Bread Maker

This Bread Maker from Craig & Russell is the perfect kitchen appliance. The compact design makes this appliance easy to store. The non-stick coating is easy to clean, and the adjustable crust control adjusts the thickness of the crust. The 13-hour timer allows you to cook your bread at an ideal time and the easy-read digital display makes it easy to keep track of the bread maker. The bread maker has a keep warm function which keeps the bread warm.


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