Top 7 Best Car Phone Holder in NZ

Car Phone holders are one of the important accessories that you absolutely need to have if you want to make your car travel experience better. Phone holders are now designed to make it easier for you to use your phone when you are driving.

Securing your smartphone in a car mount is also one of the best ways to avoid distraction when driving. However, finding the right phone holder can be tricky. Actually, there are so many options available in the market that it’s hard to figure out which one is good for you. To make sure that you do the right purchase, this article will tell you all about the best available options in the market.

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How to choose the Best Car Phone Holder for you

When purchasing a car phone holder, it is necessary to consider two things. First, will this holder fit your model of smartphone? And second, will it hold your smartphone securely? 

Attaching a phone holder to your dashboard or windshield can be troublesome. but there are various ways to attach a phone holder to your dash or windshield and some ways may suit certain cars better than others.

A handy place to keep a car mount is on your dashboard. Using the windscreen dash mounts is one convenient option that again comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A poor-quality mount will quickly lose grip and fall off, but some designs come with suction cups attached to a metal support base or armrest.

You may even get suction holders which fit the dashboard. These will not work mechanically in case your car’s dashboard has a textured surface. 

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Attaching your phone to the mount

These days phone mounts can be installed within a car without any hassle. These phone mounts are mountable via suction cups allowing for hands-free use of your mobile device while driving. That way the phone is right in front of you and you don’t have to put it anywhere else.

Other holders can stick to your device magnetically, which is totally awesome. They usually have metal strips that you glue onto the back of your phone or slide into a case. the magnet attaches to a spot in between all of the other stuff in your pocket instead.

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Other features to look out for

There are plenty of other factors to think about when investing in a car accessories product such as this one, you should definitely make sure your purchase allows you access to the USB on the side of your phone. This way you can charge your phone while driving – making your commute better and safer by allowing you to play music or use apps for texting or calling without worrying about running out of battery.

Certain phone mounts integrate their own wireless charging devices which means you’re able to charge your phone without plugging it in. Of course, there will be a cable between the car USB port or 12V socket and the charger but make sure it doesn’t dangle anywhere it might obstruct your driving.

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The Best Car Phone Holders NZ


1. Advanced Wireless Charging Car Mount 

Car Phone Holder

The Wireless Car Mount Charger is the perfect travel companion to keep your phone charged while navigating your day. Its fast wireless Charger stand offers the quickest, easiest and most advanced wireless charging experience. It’s meticulously engineered to allow your phone to be charged in the most optimal charging position. Its smart charging technology enables your phone to be charged wirelessly faster than other Qi-certified chargers. It automatically closes and holds your phone securely. It detects and automatically aligns your phone to the best charging spot. One tap to release the phone. No more fumbling around with your phone while driving.


2. Windshield / Dashboard Magnetic Phone HolderMagnetic Phone Holder

With the Car Mount, you don’t have to worry about your phone sliding off your car dashboard or windshield with its strong magnetic grip. The 360-degree rotating mount offers versatile viewing. The extendable arm offers quick adjustment for easy reach. The holder attaches firmly to your windshield or dashboard with a strong suction cup, giving you the capability to mount it wherever you want.


3. Dashboard Magnetic Phone HolderMagnetic Phone Holder

It is a strong & sturdy magnetic car mount that stands alone with the adhesive magnet. It is a new car mount design & specially made for Dashboard. The single small legs on it help to hold the mount on the dashboard. It has a solid magnetic base with a sticky gel pad. It is very small and compact in size. The magnetic will not damage your phone and is easy to remove. This car mount is available to view your mobile in a landscape as well as in a portrait position. Its strong grip will hold your mobile in place.


4. IOttie Easy One Touch 4 Air Vent Universal Car Phone Holder

Car Mount Phone Holder

iOttie’s One Touch 4 is the latest in our One Touch series of phone mounts. It helps you mount your phone on any air vent with a simple one-touch locking mechanism. It has a rotating ball joint that offers 360 degrees of rotation, giving you a wide range of motion for landscape and portrait modes. The mount is designed to fit any phone or case from 2.5 to 3.5 inches in width.


5. IOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder Universal IOttie Car Mount Holder

This easy one-touch holder works well for all smartphones. Simply place your phone into its cradle, press down firmly until fully seated, then release. With just 1 quick push this mount secures itself onto almost anything. Perfectly sized for those who want more screen real estate while still having their devices close by at hand.


6. Wireless Car Phone Holder and ChargerWireless Car Phone Holder

This car phone holder is designed as a car phone holder and charger in one piece. It’s very convenient to use, it’s easy to install into the vehicle dashboard, and it’s easy to charge cell phones while driving. This phone holder is made of high-quality ABS material, which is durable and safe. The function of this car phone holder is just like an ordinary car mount, but its design looks more attractive than normal car mounts.


7. TechMatte Car Phone Mount Magnetic-Dashboard TechMatte Car Phone Mount Holder

This car holder offers an easy way to attach your mobile device in order not only to provide better visibility but also to make sure no scratches occur. Just put this holder onto your dashboard then use its suction cup base to hold your cell phone firmly while providing extra safety.