Top 5 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in NZ

It’s a fact that you can’t avoid it – your car will get dirty. It doesn’t matter if you have a small sedan or an 18-wheeler truck, dirt and dust will somehow find their way into the interior of your vehicle. That’s why you need the best car vacuum Cleaner in your vehicle. It will make cleaning your seats and floors much easier and save your time and energy.

A car vacuum is the best tool for keeping your vehicle clean and tidy. They are designed to make cleaning out of hard-to-reach places easy, with most models able to fit into tight spaces like between seats or underneath dashboards. You can also use them on upholstery, carpets, and even carpeted areas in the trunk. Car vacuums often come with attachments that allow you to remove dirt from vents and other small nooks too.

Now You want the best car vacuum cleaner that’s going to get your vehicle as clean and dust-free as possible. There are lots of great options out there, but we’ve narrowed them down for you here with our top 7 picks. 

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How to choose the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless or corded?

A cordless car vacuum is the best choice for moving around and cleaning efficiently. Corded vacuums typically have more powerful suction, but it depends on how many times you need to clean your vehicle and how big your car is. Corded Car Vacuum can be plugged into a 12V plug to run it. 

Run-time in a single charge

A good vacuum cleaner should be able to clean your entire car on a single charge, considering the run-time of each depending upon how big or small your vehicle is.


Do not forget about your pet’s fur and dander when transporting them in the car. Check out models with rotating brush heads, which will help you to get rid of pet hair. A crevice tool is always essential for narrow spaces between seats or under seat belts. just make sure it has one with your new car vacuum.

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The Best Car Vacuums NZ


1. Mini Handheld Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Handheld Wireless Charging High-Power Vacuum

Mini Handheld Wireless Charging the best Car Vacuum cleaner is the first handheld vacuum cleaner that can be charged wirelessly. It has a sleek gun design, and 8000pa suction power and easily cleans up all kinds of dirt in your car, such as sand, hair, dust, etc. With its charging time being only 3.5 hours and use time being about 30 minutes, it is very convenient to use at home or in the car. Just plug it into any USB port to charge it wirelessly.


2. Mini Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Wireless Charging Vacuum Cleaner for Home Car

This is a mini handheld wireless charging car vacuum cleaner. It has a stylish small cylindrical design, and it can be used to clean up the dust and small particles on the floor of your vehicle. Its suction power is 5300 Pa, and it can be charged for about 2.5 hours, and then use time will be about 20 minutes. The device uses USB-powered energy, so you can charge it at home or the office by using a computer or mobile phone charger etc., which makes it convenient to use anytime anywhere.


3. Car Vacuum Cleaner USB Cordless

2 X Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Handheld USB Cordless

The stylish small cylindrical design is portable and practical ideal for picking up dirt and debris. It is the best handheld vacuum cleaner, which can clean your car, office, a home without a wire connection. It has powerful suction (6000Pa) to pick up dust, sand, hair etc. This wireless vacuum cleaner is small but powerful. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge it and you can use it for 18 minutes continuously with its high-power battery. 


4. Multifunctional Cordless Portable Car Vacuum

Multifunctional Mini Handheld Cordless Portable Car Vacuum

This is a portable handheld vacuum cleaner with a cylindrical design for easy storage and lightweight, compact portability. The vacuum has a powerful 80W motor that generates 4500pa of suction power to remove dust from all surfaces. It comes with 3 different types of attachments, including a crevice nozzle, brush head and extension hose. You can use it for 20 mins after 1.5 hours of charging time.


5. Cordless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dual Use Cordless Portable Car Home Vacuum

The Cordless Portable Car Home Vacuum Cleaner is a slim cylindrical design vacuum cleaner at an affordable price. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around, and built-in pre-filter box. It comes with  3 interchangeable nozzles. And charged in only 2-3 hours with a working time of up to 20-25 minutes. 


6. Handheld Wireless Car Vacuum Wet/Dry 

Handheld Wireless Car Vacuum Wet/Dry 

The Handheld Wireless Vacuum Powerful Cyclone Suction is the best vacuum cleaner. This vacuum has a lot of power with its 100W ultra-high power motor, it can suck up to 8Kpa. It has a very large capacity of 600ml which is enough for cleaning your home or office. The Handheld Wireless Vacuum comes with two different nozzles that can be used wet or dry. With this vacuum, you will have 30 minutes of running time on a single charge.


7. FD – CMV (B – 1) Mini Vacuum Cleaner 

FD - CMV (B - 1) Mini Vacuum Cleaner

This Mini best car vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning your car, boat or RV. It has a 2Kpa suction power, so you can use it to clean your boat hull, truck bed or even your car interior. It comes with 2 attachments so you can clean both hard surfaces and soft ones. You can also use it wet or dry depending on the surface that needs cleaning.  It’s very compact and easy to carry around with you wherever you go.