The 7 Best Cat Beds For Your Cat

Cats are incredible creatures and are the most popular pet in NZ. Cats are the most popular pet for a reason: they are intelligent, social, and have a range of personalities. But, like children, cats need a lot of attention. This is why your cat deserves the best cat bed on the market.

The best Cat beds are essential for a kitty’s well-being. They need to sleep, eat, and lounge comfortably. A comfy bed is just as important to a cat as a comfy couch is to you. In fact, cats are so popular because of their role as pets. They are companions, and they need a lot of attention from people.

A cat bed is just one way that you can show your love to your cat. The best cat beds are not only stylish but functional, too. There are many ways to choose a cat bed, and if you’re looking for something stylish and soft, we’ve got you covered.

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What to Look for in the Best Cat Bed

There are a lot of cat beds on the market, but not every bed has great quality. Look for a cat bed that will be compatible with your cat and its needs. There are several different things to consider when looking for a quality cat bed

Materials: You want to make sure that a cat bed is made of quality materials. These materials make the bed soft, comfortable, and cosy for your pet. The best options are microfiber and fleece fabrics. These fabrics keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s important for you to choose a bed with good fabric because not all fabrics are good for your pet. Look for fabrics that won’t mistreat your cat.

Size: One of the most important things to look for in a cat bed is size. Just because a bed is called a “small” or “Large” bed, doesn’t mean it will be large enough for your cat to sleep in comfortably. As you’re looking at different beds, take notice of the dimensions and how much room your pet will have inside them.

Shape: The best Cat beds come in different shapes, so you need to choose one that is best for your cat. The most common shape is a doughnut or round, but cat beds also come in rectangular shapes. You want to pick the shape that best fits your pet’s personality and needs.

Elevation: You need to be sure that the cat bed is elevated from the ground. This will prevent things from getting into your cat’s bed and will give your pet more space to lounge in their comfy bed. There are different kinds of elevation: some beds come with a solid base while others have legs that are perfect for elevating the bed.

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What are the Types of Cat Beds?

There are many different kinds of cat beds. Some cats may not like certain types and textures, so it’s important for you to know what your cat wants. These are the most common types of best cat beds:

Doughnut: This is the most common type of cat bed. These beds resemble a doughnut, and most cats love these kinds of beds because they are soft and comfortable.

Cat caves: If you’re looking for a bed that is a little more than a doughnut, the cat caves are the best option. The best cat beds are bigger, and your cat can hide inside them. These types of beds can help your pet feel safe, secure, and protected.

Cat towers: If you’re looking for something that is a little different from the norm, you can consider getting your cat a cat tower. These beds look like little tower houses for cats to hang out in and sleep on top of.

Perches with beds: If you’re looking for something a little more cuddly, you can find perches that have sheets or faux fur on them. These perches have different shapes and sizes, so there’s one designed for every cat.

Cat houses: These beds are similar to a cat tower, but they’re designed for your pet to sleep in. These are great cat bed options because they can make your cat feel safe and comfortable.

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The Best Cat Beds NZ


1. Miacara Capello Cat BedCat Bed

This is a cat bed that will make your cats feel cosy and relaxed. The bed is made of faux fur, so your cats will enjoy the luxurious feeling. Your cats will also love sleeping in their own separate spot, as the bed has a raised edge to give them safety. This cat bed can be washed in the washing machine to keep it clean and fresh


2. Yours Droolly Snuggle BedSnuggle Bed

The Droolly Snuggle Bed provides a secure and warm space for your cat. The removable cushion is easy to wash and will never lose its softness, ensuring the best quality for your pet. The non-slip base ensures that the bed won’t move around on carpets or hard flooring, while the stylish leaf pattern makes it an attractive addition to any room.


3. Trixie Cuddly Cave FerrisCuddly Cave Ferris

The Trixie Cuddly Cave Ferris cat bed features a cute and cuddly cave shape with a short-haired plush cover and foam padding for ultimate comfort. The reversible cushion has two design versions that are reversible, comfortable and fun.


4. Foldable Multi-Purpose Pet House

Pet House

The Foldable Multi-Purpose Pet House is an excellent cat bed because it has a cooling mat material which makes the cats feel cool when they come in contact with it. It also has good breathability and your cat will be able to rest comfortably on the mat on warm days. In winter, you can place a cushion on top of the mat to keep it warm and cosy for your cat. This Pet House is also easy to assemble.


5. 2 in1 Shark-Shaped House Pet Bed

Warm Pet Bed

This Shark-Shaped House is an ideal solution for cat owners. With a new design made with comfortable materials, this house is lightweight and easy to carry. Its unique shark-shaped design creates a safe space for your furry friend. You can place it inside or outside, and the portable lightweight design ensures that your pet will enjoy a comfy stay too.


6. Pawever Pets Deluxe Pet SofaPet Sofa

If you want an attractive cat bed that is also practical, consider purchasing the Pawever Pets Deluxe Pet Sofa. This sofa is made of durable fabric with foam cushioning for maximum comfort. The removable and washable cover looks great in any room and can be easily cleaned. Its simple design provides a modern look that can fit into any home.


7. Fetch Stackable Wicker Cat Condo

Fetch Stackable Wicker Cat Condo

The Fetch Stackable Wicker Cat Condo is great because it has a wide opening which offers ample access for both top and side entry. This cat bed is lightweight and stackable, saving space for multiple cats in small apartments. The machine-washable bed is a removable cushion pad that provides comfort and a soft place to rest his head. The sturdy metal frame allows the cat to enjoy the durable wicker material as well as the textured surface which encourages him to play with it.