The 5 Best Cat Bowls For Your Cat

If you’ve got a feline friend in your life, you know how important it is to give them a healthy and happy living environment. That’s why it’s important to have the best cat bowls for them to eat and drink.

Essentially, cat bowls are used for both water and food bowls. These bowls are usually round, shallow, and made of plastic or ceramic. They can be placed inside the home and outdoors. In either case, the bowl is designed to let cats lick water from the sides or from the bottom to drink.

A good cat bowl should be durable, easy to clean and have a wide variety of features. If you are just starting out with your new cat and are looking for a good cat bowl, don’t worry. This article will help you get started and pick out the best cat bowl for your cat.

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How to choose the Best Cat Bowl

When choosing the best cat food bowl, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

Material: The material of the bowl will depend on your cat’s diet. If your cat eats kibble, use a plastic or ceramic bowl. If your cat eats raw food, then use metal or rubber bowls to help reduce bacteria and germs that may cause disease.

Shape and Size: The shape and size of the bowl also depend on your cat. If your cat keeps on knocking down water bowls, then you may need one that is more sturdy or has a bigger base to prevent tipping.

Depth: The depth of the bowl should allow for easy drinking and licking. This is because cats usually have to lick out any residue from the sides, which consists of food particles, or whiskers that cling to the sides.

Elevated bowl: The elevated cat bowl is an excellent feature because it can make cleaning easier by providing easier access to the surface of the bowl. This is ideal for cats that have difficulty reaching bowls and countertops.

Smart cat Feeder: The smart cat feeder is a special feature that can automatically dispense food when the bowl is already empty. These cat feeders are great because they can save you time from having to fill the bowl all the time.

Capacity: If you have two or more cats, you will want to make sure that your best cat bowls hold enough for everyone. Cat bowls are usually designed with one serving size in mind, but there are some brands that offer different sizes for more than one serving.

Cleaning: The bowl should be easy to clean, especially if you have more than one feline friend. This can be achieved by choosing a stainless steel cat bowl with a wide surface area for cleaning.

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The Best Cat Bowls NZ


1. Miacara fresco cat bowl Cat Bowl

The Piatto and Fresco cat bowls are made of durable, high-quality porcelain. These bowls are both beautiful on their own and have a sophisticated look that makes it perfect for your modern home. The porcelain is sturdy and stress-resistant, which makes them extremely suitable for cats to eat. Both of these bowl designs allow for wet or dry food, so if you’re looking for a mealtime solution that doesn’t sacrifice style when it comes to feeding your pet, you’ve found it.


2. Mason Cash Cat BowlCash Cat Bowl

This best Cat Bowl is a durable and heavy-duty bowl that is made from stoneware. It has enough weight to stay in place during feeding time, making it easy for your pet to eat. Mason Cash Cat Bowl also comes with a 13cm diameter and 400ml capacity, which makes it perfect for both food and water. Also, it is oven safe and dishwasher-safe. 


3. Petrageous Happy Kitty BowlKitty Bowl

The Petrageous Happy Kitty Bowl is a stylish dish with a capacity of 2 cups. This bowl has the ability to be microwaved as well as cleaned in the dishwasher. The design is cute and has the word “Happy” written on it, which makes us all happy.


4. Smart Pet Feeder with Infrared Sensor

Smart Pet Feeder

Smart Pet Feeder is a great cat feeder. The infrared sensor can keep your pet full when you are out or away for a period of time. This feeder has a lid to ensure that your pet’s food is protected from insect crawling and to extend its freshness. The smart bowl only opens the lid when the pet comes in range, which keeps the food fresh and protects it from insects.


5. Petscene Automatic Cat Feeder

Pet Cat Feeder

This automatic pet feeder comes with a 2-way splitter and double 3-cup stainless steel food bowls that can divide meals equally and feed your multiple pets at the same time. This 7L Large transparent removable food storage container can hold 29 cups of dry food, easy to clean with low food warnings. The dry food kibble size should be 0.5cm-2cm, ensuring that large food is dispensed smoothly without jamming.

The voice recorder allows you to set up the voice recording with each meal. This automatic pet food dispenser has a built-in voice recorder and a speaker to call your pets at their mealtime with a 10-seconds message. 



What kind of bowls are best for cats?

A stainless steel dish is a good balance between appearance, durability and cost. These are the most universal type of dog bowls because they work well with cats too. You don’t have to worry about the pet food tasting like metal either.


Is an elevated bowl better for cats?

An elevated bowl may be a good option for cats, but there are drawbacks. One argument is that the raised bowl will help to keep litter in the box by preventing the food from dropping down into it. However, some cats will position themselves to eat from their bowl so that litter is again thrown out of the box. Some cats may be less interested in eating or drinking if a bowl is placed higher.