The 5 Best Cat Collar For Your Cat

Cats are the ultimate companions. They are independent, loyal, and provide tons of affection. But these beautiful creatures aren’t perfect. They’re prone to misbehaving and scratching furniture, which results in an expensive vet bill or ruined home decoration. This is why you need the right cat collar. 

Choosing the best cat collar for your cat is not as easy as you may think. There are so many different types of collars and so many different sizes of cats. That is why we have created this blog to help you choose the best cat collar for your pet. We will cover some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a collar and leash. We will also share with you a list of five of our favourite cat collar brands so you can choose the perfect one for your cat.

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How to choose the best Cat Collar

There are four important factors to consider when choosing the best collar for your pet: material, design, fit and comfort. 

Material: It is important that you choose a collar that is made from adjustable nylon. Nylon is non-toxic and strong, which allows it to withstand the weight of your cat. It can be adjusted to fit your cat comfortably.

Design: As far as design goes, there are a few different options. The most popular design is the breakaway cat collar. This type of collar will allow your cat to slip out of it if she gets stuck on something or if it gets caught on something.

Comfort: You want your pet to be comfortable. So, make sure that you choose a collar that is adjustable and has a soft material on the inside. You can do this by buying a collar with a buckle or velcro.

Fit: It is important to choose a collar that fits comfortably around your pet’s neck. The size of the cat determines the size of the collar needed so be sure to measure your pet’s neck before purchasing one.

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Are collars important for outdoor cats?

Indoor cats are less likely to get lost because they’re always in the house or yard. For outdoor kitties, collars can be very important if they want to stay out of trouble. An outdoor collar with identification information can help you recover your pet or prevent them from being lost in the first place.


What to consider when choosing the best cat leash for your cat?

The leash you choose for your cat will depend on its purpose of it. If you are taking your cat outside, it is important that you choose a sturdy leash. You will need a lead that is 9 feet long and made of nylon. This will allow your pet to have room to breathe and explore.

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The Best Cat Collars NZ


1. Nebula Cat CollarCat Collar

Nebula cat collars are made with vibrant fabrics and lined with a soft velveteen. The collars are adjustable for kittens or large cats and are fitted with a small bell that has the ability to hang an i-D tag. Nebula cat collars can fit any size of cat.


2. Marine Kikoy Cat Bow TieCat Bow Tie

Marine Kikoy Cat Bow Tie is a great cat collar because it comes in a unique design that’s sure to be fashionable and make your pet stand out. It has a multi-coloured design and one size to fit comfortably around the cat’s neck.


3. Diva Shimmer Cat Collar

Shimmer Cat Collar

The Trix Diva Shimmer Cat Collar has great designs to match any cat’s personality. The collar is also made of a flexible material so that it can be easily adjusted to fit the cat’s neck size. The detachable clip allows you to remove or add bells to the collar as needed, making it easy for your cat to hear you.


4. Red Dingo Reflective Fish Cat Collar

Fish Cat Collar

The Red Dingo Collar is a reflective collar made with premium nylon webbing fitted with a safety alert bell and a safety breakaway snag free fish clip. It is fully adjustable from 20cm-32cm neck size. It includes a bell. The cat collars are available in bright and fun colours.


5. Flea and Tick Collar for CatsCollar for Cats

The Flea and Tick Collar for Cats is a cat collar made up of 100% natural extracts that are safe for use on our pet’s bodies. Furthermore, the collar is made to be waterproof and solid, certainly firmly attached to the cat’s neck. The best part about this collar is that it has a lasting effect on your pet as it lasts for an entire year! Furthermore, their sizes offer multiple nodes to fit around any breed of cat or size from kittens at least 10 weeks old all the way up to large cats.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to choose the best cat collar for your feline friend. We know that cats can be very picky and there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” when it comes to cat collars. We highlight some key points to consider when shopping for cat collars that are sure to make your loved one happy! Let us know if there are any questions and if you would like to learn more about the best cat collar for your feline friend we would love to hear from you!