The 7 Best Cat Food Brands For Your Feline Friend

Cats are one of the most popular pet animals in the world. If you are the proud owner of a feline friend, then you should know that they need an appropriate diet to stay healthy and live a long life. The best cat food brand is one which you can trust to keep your kitty healthy.

It is a known fact that cats require specific nutrients for the correct development of their immune system and energy production. Otherwise, they are prone to health problems such as infections, parasites, diabetes and food allergies.

The quality of your cat’s diet is the key to its health and happiness. Cats are carnivores, and they have high nutritional needs. So if you want to keep your feline friend healthy, it’s time to get more informed about the type of food you feed them. 

Cat food has developed a lot in the past years. There are a lot of brands and varieties to choose from and every one of them comes with different benefits. In this blog, we will cover the best cat food for your cat and how to figure out what your cat needs.

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How to buy the Best Cat Food for your Cat

The best cat food and the best pet food, in general, will always be determined by your pet’s needs and lifestyle. You should take into account the following factors before you make a purchase: 

Ingredient: You should pay attention to the ingredients when buying cat food. It’s crucial to know how your cat reacts to certain ingredients. Some cats can’t digest certain grains and legumes and might suffer from tummy problems if you feed them that type of food too often. 

Protein: Cats need protein in order to stay healthy. It’s one of the essential nutrients they require. Adult cats should eat between 19 and 33 per cent animal protein in their diet. You should choose cat food with at least 26% of animal protein. 

Carbohydrates: Cats need carbohydrates but you should avoid filler ingredients such as corn, wheat or soybean, which can irritate your cat’s stomach.

Fats: Fats are crucial for your cat’s health. Cats need to consume at least 8 per cent of their calories from fats. Fat is a primary source of energy for cats and it also helps them absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Calories: Cats need fewer calories than adult dogs, but they should get enough food to stay healthy and active. Adult cats require around 300 Kcal per day on average, but the number can vary depending on the weight and lifestyle of your cat.

Dry vs Wet Food: A lot of people prefer dry cat food because it’s easier to store and lasts longer. However, your cat needs a bit more water when they eat dry food so they have to drink more frequently. On the other hand, wet food gets digested faster and it’s better in certain cases. For example, if your cat has a sensitive stomach or suffers from diarrhoea, then you should feed them wet food.


Why should cats need meat?

Cats are carnivores so if you want to keep them healthy, it’s essential for them to eat meat. Cats need animal protein and essential vitamins, which are provided in meat. Some meats are also easier for cats to digest than others. The main protein sources include chicken and fish, but the meat provided in your cat’s diet shouldn’t be too much fat or too high in fibre.

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The Best Cat food Brand NZ


1. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Dry Cat Food

Cat Food Brand

Hill’s adult best cat food has specially-balanced nutrition for weight control. It helps your cat maintain their ideal weight. It provides support for lean muscle and long-lasting feline weight support. Made with natural ingredients, this dry food has proven to help cats lose over 70% of their weight within 10 weeks when fed and the best part is that they don’t have to change their lifestyle.


2. Black Hawk Original Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food

Cat Food

Black Hawk Original Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food is a food that has many key components that will help to keep your cat’s skin, coat, joints and mobility healthy. It also provides Omega fatty acids from emu oil which helps to reduce stool odour. It contains a high-quality chicken meal which provides a taste that your cat will love and it contains real meat proteins from Australian chickens, vegetables and grains.


3. Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin

Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Best Cat Food is great for a cat because it provides nutrients that promote healthy intestinal transit. It does this by having a specific blend of dietary fibre, including psyllium; which is rich in mucilage and insoluble fibres. The fibres help stimulate the digestive tract and help eliminate hair when it gets stuck in the intestines.


4. Acana Wild Prairie Dry Cat Food


This cat food has high-quality protein, fibre, and probiotics that support your cat’s digestive health. Healthy Heart & Eyes with Taurine, EPA & DHA help to maintain a healthy heart and eyesight. Healthy Skin & Coat with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are essential for cats to maintain healthy skin and coats. The food is delicious since it’s infused with freeze-dried liver.


5. Whiskas Seafood Selections Dry Cat Food


Whiskas Seafood Selections Dry Cat Food is a complete and balanced food that is made of high-quality protein. The food has real salmon and also contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. It has no artificial flavours or colours, which makes it great for your cat. The crunchy kibble mixed with the soft meaty centre of delicious pockets makes this a combo that your cat will love.


6. Orijen Six Fish Dry Cat FoodOrijen

Orijen Six Fish Dry Cat Food is a great food because it has the perfect balance of protein and fat. The proteins in Orijen are derived from fish and not rendered animal by-products, which gives it a high-quality content. The fat in this food is composed of animal sources, which makes eating this food very satisfying for cats that love meat.


7. Addiction Grain-Free Salmon Bleu Dry Cat FoodAddiction Grain-Free

The Addiction Grain-Free Salmon Bleu Dry Cat Food is a fantastic option for you and your pet. The food is made from sustainably sourced New Zealand King Salmon, which is the star ingredient. It’s enhanced with Omega-3 fatty acids from Salmon and Flaxseed to promote skin and coat health. It also contains an added boost of Chelated Minerals to help boost your cat’s nutrient absorption while being free from any GMOs or added growth hormones. This food also features Taurine to promote heart and eye health, making it the perfect food for your cats.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to pick the best cat food for your cat. Cats are such special pets to have in your life and choosing the best food is essential to keeping them healthy. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to consult with your vet to make sure you are giving them the right type of food.