The 5 Best Cat Scratching Post For Your Cat

Cats are wonderful creatures and deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. This includes giving them scratching posts to play with. Scratching posts for cats is a way to give them certain places to scratch on that are safe for them. 

Investing in a cat scratching post is something that can save your furniture and save your cat’s nails. Cats love to scratch their nails down the post, creating a scratching surface similar to the vertical pole of a bird. Many outdoor cats will use tree trunks to sharpen their claws and spread their scent. 

They can be placed in a variety of locations in your home, such as near where your cat spends most of its time, like near your bed or couch. This article will walk you through the top 5 best cat scratching posts on the market, so you can find the one that will be perfect for your needs.

Best Cat Beds For Your Cat

How to choose the Best Cat Scratching Post

The best cat scratching post is the one that is right for you and your cat, but there are a few things to consider. 

Construct: The first thing to consider is the construction and shape of the post. The most important aspect of your cat’s scratching post is how sturdy it is and how much your cat will enjoy it, but there are some other features that you should look at as well. 

Material: Cat scratching posts may come in different materials, such as wood, plastic, or artificial. Wood is by far the most popular material that people purchase a cat scratching post from because it is natural and allows your cat to have a natural place to scratch. 

Size: The size of the cat scratching post will depend on the size of your cat. We recommend that you chose a post in the 12″ size for most cats. However, if your cat is smaller or larger than this, then you can find the one that fits best for him or her.

Layout: The layout of the cat scratching post will depend on your cat’s preferences and how they wish to scratch. Some cats like to use one entire side of the post while others like to use all 4 sides. You should make sure that when you buy your cat scratching post, it is one that allows your cat to have a safe place to scratch on all four sides at once.

Shape: The shape of the post will depend on your cat’s layout. The most common shape of a cat scratching post is a rectangle or a square, but some people do prefer to purchase circular or triangular scratching posts.


The Best Cat Scratching Posts NZ


1. Leo Wave Cat Scratcher

Cat Scratching Post

The Leo Wave Cat Scratcher is a new and improved cat scratching post that has been designed for today’s active, demanding cats. The ‘mini wave’ shape gives your cat the opportunity to copy its natural instinct to run up and down outside. Covered in plush fabric, the posts are wrapped in sisal rope for extra durability so you can rest assured that it will last.


2. Zoomies Cat Scratching Post Tree

Scratching Post Tree

The Zoomies Cat Scratching Post Tree is a multi-functional cat tree that can be used for scratching, perching, and climbing. It has three plush cushioned seats for relaxing and two-bed cubes for laying down. The scratching surface is made from sisal to promote positive scratching behaviour. The post includes a durable frame with quality fabric upholstery and comes in five tiers.


3. Zoomies Cat Scratching Post Tree


This Cat Scratching Post Tree is a fantastic cat scratcher because it features an exclusive high-density construction. The premium particle wood that is used in the structure is strong and durable, ensuring that your cats will have plenty of ways to scratch their claws and keep them healthy.  This scratching post tree includes natural sisal rope, giving your furry friend with all of their scratching instincts someplace appropriate to feel their best.


4. Multi-Level Cat Tree & Climbing Tower

Climbing Tower

Multi-Level Cat Tree & Climbing Tower is great for your cat because it provides a versatile area for them to play and keep them active. It is made of safe, sturdy materials that are also toxin-free. The 3-layer design also features an attached cradle, high and low perches as well as multiple scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope that are great for longer periods of time without needing to be replaced. It has 5 poles of sisal rope which are long enough to induce nibbling behaviour.


5. Cat Scratching Perch Post Tree

Furniture Scratcher

The cat scratching post is an excellent choice for anyone with a cat that likes to scratch things. The post is made of high-quality sisal poles that are sturdy and strong, which means they’ll hold up to the scratching of even the biggest cats. It’s not only safe for your cat, but it’s also safe for children and other family members because there are no sharp edges or anything else that could cause injury. Plus, it looks great in any home and because they’re easy to assemble you can put them anywhere.




Are cat scratchers good for cats?

Cat scratchers are certainly beneficial for your cat. Cats need to scratch various surfaces in order to wear away the outer layer of their claws and get a fresh layer of sharp, healthy nails. The act of scratching strengthens the muscles that underlie the claws.


Is jute or sisal better for cat scratching posts?

Jute and sisal have been used for years in the manufacturing of cat scratching posts. Both are fairly similar materials, as jute is simply a form of sisal. Sisal is slightly more coarse than jute, but both materials work well for cat scratching posts.  Sisal is a bit better for cats because it does not stretch out easily and is more resistant to scratching.  Jute is often cheaper than sisal though, so it’s definitely a viable alternative if you’re looking to reduce your costs.


Is wood good for cats to scratch?

Wooden posts are ideal for cats because of how soft the wood is. This means that it will do less damage to their claws during a scratch and will also be easier to repair if any damage does occur. Cats are naturally drawn to wooden scratching posts because of their texture. As cats claw down the post, they create a horizontal surface for them to lie or sleep on top of.


What type of scratching post is best for cats?

The best cat scratching posts are the ones that have certain features. They should be tall enough for your cat to stand upon with ease and have sisal rope covering their surface. Sisal rope is something that cats naturally like to scratch against.  It’s essentially a natural fabric that cats love to dig down in, creating a nice spot for them to stretch. They will use it as a place to sharpen their claws, and as a safe place from predators.