Top 5 Best Chainsaw in NZ  

Many people put off buying the best chainsaws because they think of them as tools for professionals only, but advancements in electric motor technology have created an affordable compact version. If you’ve got one of these oversized trees or need to cut firewood in winter or if you need the extra power during winter months when your tree falls on top of its own weight then it is perfect to buy a chainsaw. 

Pruning is necessary for any gardener. It’s not just about making sure you don’t cut off your plants’ heads, but also removing dead or damaged branches so they won’t spread unwanted spores all over the place.

To help make pruning as painless and straightforward as possible and avoid cutting too much, we’ve put together the best chainsaw which makes your job easy and quick. 

Best Circular Saw in NZ

What should you know before buying the Best Chainsaw? 


What type of chainsaw should you buy?

An electric chainsaw is a great choice for home use. They’re not as powerful, but it means they are lighter and easier to wield precisely which makes them safer. These are quieter when cutting and don’t make much noise like petrol engine saws. They are safer and easy to use for anyone.


What should you buy, a battery or a mains-powered chainsaw?

A battery-powered chainsaw won’t be as powerful, so if you have a larger tree to fall than what your corded model can handle then consider getting one of those. A high-powered corded saw will usually offer better cutting for large logs. Some high-power battery models are a bit expensive.


What about bar length?

A longer bar can make the saw heavier and a bit harder to hold and use; however, you can cut more wood in one go. If all you need is pruning or light trimming for smaller projects then a smaller bar will be enough for household purposes.

What type of safety features should you look out for?

A chain brake immediately stops the saw if it gets pushed forwards. It is an effective safety feature your chainsaw should have. Not all electric chainsaws have this capability but it may not be a deal-breaker depending on what you plan to take on with your tool as long as there are potential dangers ahead like tackling big gnarly trees where wards might want them better than sorry too.

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The Best Chainsaw to buy


1. Craftmaster 18″ Chainsaw

Best Chainsaw


The Greenworks 40V G-Max Chainsaw provides a powerful, efficient alternative to gas saws. The ergonomic design of the chainsaw makes it comfortable and easy to use while reducing user fatigue. This chainsaw is powered by a 40V Li-Ion battery which delivers up to 100 cuts per charge.  It has a 16 inch Oregon Bar chain that cuts up to 30” logs depending on type of wood. 


2. Hyundai Chainsaw 45ccHyundai Chainsaw

The Hyundai Chainsaw 45cc is a powerful, full-crank 2-stroke petrol engine with an 18-inch Oregon bar and chain. This chainsaw features anti-vibration handles for comfort whilst working. With a fuel capacity of 550ml, the chainsaw is easy to carry around the garden or yard.


3. Flash Chainsaw 49cc Flash Chainsaw

The Flash Chainsaw 49cc with 20” bar is the perfect chainsaw for your home or garden. It features a soft-grip handle, vibration dampening and a fuel capacity of 550mL. This powerful chainsaw will cut all types of wood, making it ideal for cutting firewood, tree branches and clearing scrub. It has a max cutting length of 50.55cm.


4. GreenWorks Chainsaw G-MAX GreenWorks

GreenWorks chainsaw is an innovative chainsaw that has been designed to be used by both professional and DIY users. It offers a powerful motor that delivers high-performance cutting power with less vibration. This Chainsaw G-Max features an ergonomic design, which provides comfortable handling for all-day use. This chain saw also comes with a transparent oil tank for easy monitoring of the oil level. With its 12″ bar and chain, this chainsaw cuts through wood faster than other models in its class.


5. ROK 18v Cordless Chainsaw Kit 

Cordless Chainsaw

ROK 18v Cordless best Chainsaw is a great quality tool that will provide you with the best performance. It has a powerful motor and it is easy to use. You can take it anywhere because it is lightweight and compact. It has been designed for anyone who needs the best tools when working outside. The chainsaw comes equipped with a battery.