Top 5 Best Cheap Smart TV in NZ

The best cheap smart TV is a fantastic investment in your home. You can have access to an endless supply of entertainment, movies, and games with just the click of a button. There are so many options on the market that it’s hard to pick which one would be best for you and also in your budget.  Don’t worry we’ve found some affordable 4K smart TVs that will be worth it. 

You may not be sure what to buy when you are looking for a new smart TV. They may be tempted to go with the cheapest one, but this is not always the best option. The quality of the screen and features will vary greatly depending on how much you spend. 

Here, We’ll cover what features are important in a cheap smart TV, how much they cost and review them. Hopefully, by the end of this blog post you will know exactly which one is right for you. check out our top picks below for the best cheap smart TV. 

Best Smart TV in New Zealand

How to choose a Best Cheap smart TV

Cheap smart televisions are better than ever but sometimes we overlook some features compared to other brands because of their price point – like the lack of some smart functionality. Even if it seems like the old standby model would always work just fine for you. 


LED, FHD or 4K  

The two terms “4K” and “Full HD” are commonly used to refer to both TVs with a resolution in pixels.  An LED TV can be Full HD (1080p) or 4K UHD, with the latter being capable of displaying nearly 8 million more pixels than its predecessor – also known as 2160 vs 3840 x2160 resolutions. 

The 4K is the new standard for high definition. It has five times as many pixels and offers a much more immersive experience than regular HDTVs.

Many budget TVs don’t offer lower dimming, so they can never produce the same dark blacks that higher-end models do. Additionally, these types of sets usually have lower brightness measurements than their top-performing counterparts.

One of the major advantages of HDR is its brightness and colour range. To get a brighter image or show more colours in your video, you need an excellent backlight which can be expensive for small screens.

HDR is the future. Dolby Vision and HDR10+, two standards for high dynamic range (HDR) content delivery on streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video make it easier than ever before to enjoy your favourite movies in all their glory with an immersive, lifelike experience like never before.

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Operating Systems and apps

These TVs give you access to the internet via Wi-Fi and operating system (OS)  and a variety of apps, including those that stream content from Neon, Lightbox, iPlayer or Netflix.

Though most of the new televisions are coming with Android TV, which allows you to download the most popular streaming. You can also download google or other browser and social media apps.

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The Best Cheap Smart TV you can buy

1. Kogan 32″ Smart LED Android TV

Cheap Smart TV

This  Koga Smart LED Android TV is the perfect addition to your home. With a built-in Chromecast, you can stream all of your favourite shows and movies from the internet straight to your TV. With a resolution of 1024×576@60Hz, this TV will provide excellent picture quality for any viewing experience. The Android operating system allows you to access thousands of apps, games and movies at the touch of a button.  It also comes with a built-in Google Assistant so you can control the device using just your voice.


2. Gorilla 32″ Smart LED TVGorilla 32

The Gorilla Smart LED TV is the ultimate addition to your home entertainment system. With a 1366×768 resolution, you will experience crisp and clear images while watching your favourite shows or movies. This television features built-in Netflix and YouTube/Amazon Prime apps so you can easily access your favourite content whenever you want. You can connect this TV to an Android smartphone or Windows 10 device via Wi-Fi. It also has an instant PVR function to record up to 1TB of content.

Also available in 42 inch


3. Philips 43″ 4K Smart TV 43PUT6504Philips 43

This Philips Smart TV is a great product. It has the ability to stream videos from online video stores and Youtube. The resolution of this television is 4K UHD 3840×2160 with a 60Hz refresh rate. It also features Micro Dimming which provides you with better contrast, clarity and colour detail in every scene. This television has an open internet browser and Youtube for your viewing pleasure.


4. Kogan 42″ Full HD LED Smart Android TV Full HD LED

This Kogan TV is a smart full HD TV featuring the latest Android operating system, bringing you access to thousands of apps and games. Connect your smartphone or tablet via Chromecast for big-screen entertainment on this TV. The built-in Google Cast feature allows you to cast your favourite apps from your mobile device directly onto the screen of this TV via using your existing WiFi network. It also features an integrated HDMI port that supports 1080p resolution.


5. Kogan 55″ 4K UHD HDR LED Smart Android TVKogan 55

This 4K UHD HDR LED Smart Android TV from Kogan is perfect for watching movies, playing games and more. It has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 to let you view your favourite content in high definition. The TV comes with a built-in Chromecast so you can easily stream your favourite shows, music and videos to the big screen. This Kogan  Smart Android TV also has pre-installed Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube, but no Freeview Play.

Also available in  50 inch |  58 inch |  65 inch