The Top Best Chest Freezers in NZ

A chest freezer can be a great way to store food, and for many people, they are the perfect home appliance. But which is the best one? There is a wide range of freezers available in the market.

The best chest freezers aren’t just a family necessity; they can also save your money as well.

If you want to buy the best chest freezer then it is important that you are aware of some of the features that will be present in these freezers. In this way, you will know that the food items that you wish to store in your freezer will be properly preserved and you will not encounter any problem with them getting spoiled.

They’re affordable and great for storing large items, such as big meat. You can store a large amount of food inside the freezer as they are spacious.

The chest freezer is a useful appliance to have in the home, and with it, you will discover many benefits and features.

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How should I buy a chest freezer 

Here are some points that need to consider before buying the Chest Freezer 

When you search online for the chest freezer, you will probably find that there are several different sizes available. They seem to come in all different shapes and sizes. Think about how much freezer space you have available in your home and how many food items you want to store in it and the size of your family.


100 to 200 litres chest freezers are ideal for 2 to 5 people families. But if you are looking for freezing food items and for batch cooking then a large freezer with 700 litres capacity will be the great pick for you.


It is important to look for chest freezer efficiency when you plan to buy one. Its efficiency is checked by the number of energy stars on the product. If it has a 1-star rating means it has the minimum efficiency and 5 stars means the maximum efficiency and it also saves your power energy.3.5 energy stars rating should be alright.


Less noisy chest freezers are the best and work silently. The last thing you need is a noisy chest freezer that despite its small size annoys everyone in your home or office.

Storage baskets

It is really useful to have a storage basket for keeping smaller items where you can find them easily. They are also great for storing your packets of vegetables and other food items.


What other feature need to look


Interior lights – the traditional interior light inside the freezer make it easy to see the food inside. Prefer the LED lights as they are power-saving.

Storage/sliding baskets – with the storage baskets you can easily organize your food items in the freezer. Rather than stack food items.

Wheels – Wheels ensure that you can move or relocate your freezer without doing any heavy lifting.

Alarms – This feature notifies you if the freezer door has not been closed properly or if the freezer temperature has changed.

Lock and key – This secures the chest freezer and its contents and prevents others from opening it without your permission.


The Best Chest Freezers you can buy in NZ


1. Fisher & Paykel 143 L Chest Freezer – RC143W1

Fisher & Paykel 143 Litre Chest Freezer

The Fisher & Paykel 143L Chest Freezer is the ideal appliance for those who love to entertain. With a generous storage capacity, this chest freezer can accommodate up to 20 standard frozen pizzas. 

The unique Fast Freeze function will help you get your food ready faster by lowering the temperature in few minutes. You’ll also appreciate the LED lid light that makes it easy to see what’s inside so you won’t have to waste time opening and closing the door repeatedly.

This is a compact chest freezer that’s ideal for storing your home’s extra frozen foods, especially if you like to buy in bulk when you go shopping. It has aluminium handles and a Digital control panel. 

On the side of the freezer, it has temperature control. This simple touch panel lets you select variable power settings, for whether you want your foods lightly chilled or deep-frozen. When you need to defrost your freezer you just switch the freezer off, place a container under the drain spout and open it up, so the icy buildup can neatly drain out, without mess or any hassle.

The freezer’s lid is nice and lightweight, so you won’t have to struggle whenever you open it. But it also offers a nice tight seal, locking in the cool air and keeping the warm air out. Inside the freezer, it has 164 litres of volume available. 

There’s a simple wire basket where you can store your everyday frozen items, and you can put the items below the basket that you want to put into deep freeze for the long term. 

Pros : 

  • It has a Fast freezing  feature 
  • The amazing Keylock function
  • 3.5 star energy rating

Cons :

  • Expensive


2. Haier 384 Lt Chest Freezer – HCF384

Haier 384 Lt Chest Freezer - HCF384Haier’s 384 Litre Chest Freezer is the perfect storage solution for your home. This freezer has a capacity of 384 litres, which can be used to store large amounts of food at once.

It has Super Freeze technology that quickly cools the inner chamber to -18 degrees Celsius within 30-45 minutes and keeps it at -15 degrees Celsius till you open the door. 

The Power on and Super Freeze indicator makes it easy to use. It is a high-quality freezer that comes with great Freeze technology. The quick response cooling system ensures food stays fresh for longer. It has an adjustable thermostat and a digital temperature display so you can adjust the settings according to your needs. 

There are two transparent glass shelves for storing various items in the freezer, and there’s also a door storage compartment for keeping ice cube trays etc and making this one of the most versatile freezers on the market. 

It allows you to adjust the temperature so that your food stays fresh and lasts longer. It also comes with an adjustable basket for small items like ice cubes or vegetables, and a drainage outlet in the front that makes it easy to empty excess water from the unit. 

Pros : 

  • Quick-cooling interior
  • Spacious Compartment

Cons :

  • Only 2.5 energy stars


3. Midea 418L Chest Freezer – JHCF418

Midea 418L Chest Freezer

This white colour Midea 418L Chest Freezer is a premium quality chest freezer that can be a great addition into your kitchen. 

It has a digital control menu to adjust the correct freezing temperature. This chest freezer features a fast freeze function to freeze your food items quickly. It has enough capacity to store your items in it. It features a recessed handle and has  mechanical control, so you can use the  fridge easily. 

It has a simple to clean interior and has 2 removable storage baskets so you can organise your food items nicely. This chest freezer  is ideal for a family home and has a Gross Volume / Capacity  of 145L. 

Pros :

  • Simple to use the controls
  • Easy to clean 


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to move


4. TSB Living Novello 145L Chest Freezer

TSB Living Novello 145L Chest Freezer

This TSB Living Novello chest freezer is ideal for your family, with a generous 145-litre capacity. It has an easy-to-operate control panel and mechanical control that allow you to operate the unit easily, even when wearing gloves. It has the capacity of storing upto 418L . 

The door opens wide and there is a detachable storage basket inside to help keep your items organised. TSB Living Novello 145L Chest Freezer is a high-quality product that comes with a chest freezer, storage basket and recessed handle. 

It features recessed handles and has a Counterbalanced hinge. It has a classic rotating and adjustable dial to set the freezing level. It has an easy to clean interior and has a 3-star energy rating.  It is also available in 200Liter Capacity

Pros :

  • Value of Money
  • Simple to use


  • Not well know the brand


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