Top 5 Best Circular Saw in NZ

The best Circular saw is a super versatile tool for cutting wood and other materials to size, which makes it the perfect addition to any toolbox. This key item for any toolbox, a handheld circular saw, is the most efficient way to cut most of the material. With one of these in your possession, you can quickly make cuts up close without having any tools that are too heavy or bulky on hand when working with thin pieces. 

With the best Circular chain, you can easily and precisely make curved-linear cuts by freehand. The blades are lightweight for anyone who is looking to get into their own home improvement projects or even professionals on a budget.

Not only do they provide greater versatility when cutting materials such as metals or wood but these tools also have faster charge times so even large projects won’t lag behind due to one missed moment while using them outdoors on site.

If you’re looking for the best cordless circular saw to buy, we’ve put together this guide on how and where power matters.

What things to consider in your best Circular saw? 

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Corded or Cordless  

Corded circular saws are the best choice for people who need to cut through large amounts of wood. They’re great because you can work non-stop without having to worry about recharging batteries, but there’s one disadvantage: trip hazards and limited freedom when working around your workshop!

Cordless circular saws are a must-have for any workshop. They give you the freedom to move around and make cuts without having to worry about tripping over your extension cord, plus there’s no risk of cable damage thanks to their rechargeable batteries.


The right circular blade for your specific saw can make cutting through different materials much easier. Multi-material blades have special teeth that work well with both hardwood and softwoods like pine or oak, but they are also perfect if you need to cut things such as aluminium foil in half – just make sure the measurements of each side match up so there isn’t any extra material left over.

Cutting Capacity and Depth

A circular saw with a large blade will cut through materials more efficiently than one that has smaller blades. The larger diameter of these tools allows it to make deep cuts, so if you need something cut very precisely and deeply consider getting one.

Adjustable Guides

Laser guides are perfect for cutting circular shapes in any material. The LED light helps you to see where the blade needs to go and ensure that it is always moving at a constant angle, which means less collateral damage when trying out different orientations or angles on something like woodworking projects.


A circular saw with a higher RPM will allow for finer cuts and more control. This is because the blade spin creates 10 times as many revolutions per minute, which in turn equals better precision when cutting through different materials like wood or metal alike.

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Bevel capacity

When it comes to circular saws, there are a lot of different features that you can adjust. For example, the angle at which your cut will be made and the size or capacity for this tool vary from model to model depending on how they’re manufactured. Most circular saws only go up 45 degrees though so make sure this fits with what type of material or shape needs cutting before purchasing one.

Safety features

Some circular saws come equipped with features like adjustable depths for safer adjustments and guards on both sides which protect from accidents while wearing protective gear makes sure vision stays clear during use. Electric brakes can also reduce jerky motion so there won’t be any accidental crashes when working away from home.

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The Best Circular Saw NZ


1. Makita Circular Saw Brushless Circular Saw

Makita’s 18V best Circular Saw Brushless LXT is a high-performance, cordless circular saw with an innovative design that delivers more power and longer run time. With a slim body design and rubberized soft grip handle, this saw is comfortable to use in any application.  It has an automatic torque drive that provides smooth operation at any cutting depth, while its electric brake offers added safety. It can cut up to  57mm.


2. Madal Bal Cordless Circular Saw Cordless Circular Saw 

Madal Bal EXTOL Cordless Circular Saw is the perfect tool for cutting wood, plastic and metal. This saw is very powerful and can be used for heavy-duty work. It has an aluminium base which provides stability while working. The blade goes up to 45 degrees, making it easy to cut at different angles. The depth can also be adjusted easily with just one hand. This saw comes with a battery that takes only 55 minutes to charge.


3. Steelfort 1600W Circular Saw Steelfort WX445

The Steelfort Circular Saw with Laser Guidance is a powerful tool that can be used to cut most materials up to 66mm thick. With the laser guidance system, you’ll have greater accuracy when cutting long or short pieces of material.  With its high-performance motor and bevel capacity of 45 degrees, this circular saw precise and fast works on every job site.


4. Greenworks 24V Circular Saw Brushless Greenworks 24V

GreenWorks 24V best Circular Saw Brushless is the perfect tool for cutting branches and logs up to 63mm in diameter. The cordless circular saw has an adjustable bevel that allows you to make cuts at 0-45 degrees. With its lightweight design, this brushless circular saw is easy to use and manoeuvre around your yard. This Circular Saw comes with a steel cutting blade, which can be replaced when it becomes dull or damaged.


5. Greenlund 18V Cordless Circular Saw Cordless Circular Saw

This cordless best circular saw has a cast aluminium front guard and laser light cutting guide. It is very lightweight with an ergonomic grip. The 165mm blade diameter makes it easy to cut 4x4s and the saw depth of 38mm allows you to cut 2 inches into a piece of wood without worrying about damaging your blade or the material. The battery lasts for long periods of time and takes 3-5 hours to charge fully.