Top 10 Best Coffee Grinders in NZ

Everyone loves coffee. For those who love coffee, there is no better way to enjoy it than by grinding it freshly on your own coffee grinder. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and the best way to enjoy it is to make it at home. 

The main component of coffee is the beans, which contain all the flavours and aromas that make you enjoy tasting it. A good coffee grinder will have various grinding options like coarse, medium-fine, or fine.

If you are in the market for a coffee grinder, then you have come to the right place. We have a top list of the best coffee grinders for every budget. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just want to enjoy the best coffee at home, this guide is for you.

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How to choose the Best Coffee Grinder for you

When it comes to choosing the best coffee grinder, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


What are the types of Coffee grinders?

There are two types of coffee grinders available, manual and electric. Manual coffee grinders come in two forms; hand operated and crank-operated. Electric grinders come in two types; burr and blade. 


Manual Grinders

Manual coffee grinders operate with the help of a lever or handle that has to be pushed up and down in order for the grinder to operate. These are operated by hand and are quite handy when travelling.


Conical Burr Grinder

These grinders have metal teeth known as burrs that rotate to grind the coffee beans. The shape of the burrs is usually conical or flat. Conical burr grinders are more expensive than flat burr grinders due to their accuracy, consistency and durability. However, flat burr grinders are less costly and it is more convenient to use.


Electric Blade Grinders

These types of grinders are operated by a motor that spins the blades, which in turn grinds the coffee beans. Since it operates with blades, it usually has a higher speed and lowers torque when grinding compared to burr grinders. 


What other features should you consider?

A good grinder will have a variety of different settings that allows you to properly grind your coffee beans to the desired consistency. Some of the usual features you can expect from a good grinder are; 

Fineness and Coarseness: The fineness and coarseness options determine the consistency of your coffee. A flat burr grinder ensures that all the beans will have the same size. On the other hand, conical burrs grind beans of different sizes, which results in a more consistent grind.

Burr Size: It is measured in millimetres. It has ranged from 40mm – 60mm which is ideal for domestic use. They are usually made of steel or ceramic but titanium coated which lasts a lifetime for home users. Steel burrs are the most common. They are tough and do a fine job if you grind a lot. Ceramic burr may stay sharper longer than steel brittle so more susceptible to damage from foreign objects.

Timer: This feature will help you set the time for the grind to take during your busy lifestyle. You can adjust when you want your coffee to be fresh and fresh by setting this feature accordingly.

Noise Leave: Blade grinders are far louder than burr grinders. If you do not want to wake up your loved ones in the early morning, then go for a burr grinder.

Auto Switch-off: This function is a built-in safety feature of grinders. This helps the grinder stop working automatically if the bean container is overfilled, or when it is used for an extended period of time.

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The Best Coffee Grinder NZ


1. Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder 

Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder

The Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder is a sleek design, which offers a quick and easy way to grind your coffee beans. The conical burrs ensure a uniform grind particle size and the detachable coffee bean container allows for the storage of your beans in a safe place. This coffee grinder has 12 grind settings for a variety of grinds and a capacity of 220g of coffee beans.


2. Kogan Multigrinder Pro

Kogan Multigrinder Pro

The Kogan Multigrinder Pro Coffee Grinder is a premium coffee grinder that has been designed to offer a superior grinding experience. Its powerful DC motor gives it powerful grinding power, 15 Grind size settings from fine to coarse, Adjustable grinding time and a 350g hopper capacity and a 150g Ground capacity in a jar. The hopper is detachable to enable easy cleaning and the top grinding gear allows for easy adjustments.


3. Electric Portable Coffee Bean Grinder 

Electric Portable Coffee Bean Grinder

The Electric Portable Coffee Bean Grinder is the perfect travelling companion for those who enjoy their coffee on the go. The grinder has a built-in rechargeable battery that guarantees takes  3–4 hours to charge. The grinder has a ceramic grinding core to assure the freshness of your beans. The grinder comes with a USB cable with a built-in recharging port that allows you to charge the grinder without having to carry the charger around.


4.  Sunbeam Cafe Coffee Grinder EM0700 

Sunbeam Cafe Coffee Grinder EM0700

The Sunbeam Cafe Coffee Grinder combines an Italian hardened steel conical burr design with a powerful motor and a powerful belt-driven motor. This grinder has 30 grind settings, which ensures consistency and easy use. The stainless steel body and the powerful electric coffee grinder make this grinder a must-have while you brew your fresh coffee at home. The powerful motor allows you to quickly grind up any coffee beans, no matter how coarse or fine. This Sunbeam Cafe Coffee Grinder is a perfect addition to your kitchen.


5. Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Brewer

Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Brewer

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is the best coffee grinder in the market, which is powered by low noise and high torque. The grinder allows you to choose between 60 grind settings, with an LCD display on the front to show you the number of shots and grind time. This appliance is made of stainless steel and has a powerful coffee grinder. It also comes with a brush for cleaning.


6. Healthy Choice Burr Coffee Grinder

Healthy Choice Burr Coffee Grinder

Electric Burr Coffee Bean Grinder by Healthy Choice has the power to grind coffee beans fast and efficiently. The Digital touch controls make it simple to use. With 31 grinding settings to choose from, the grinder is easy to use and perfect for any coffee lover. The low noise operation levels let you enjoy a peaceful morning without any unwanted interruptions. The grinder is also fitted with overheating protection to prevent overheating.


7. Breville Electric Coffee Grinder

Breville Electric Coffee Grinder

Breville Electric Coffee Grinder is a compact and stylish coffee grinder, made with a stainless steel body. The Breville Electric Coffee Grinder comes with a cup slider control to choose from 1 to 12 cups. The stainless steel body is designed with a knob to control the size of the ground coffee so that you can adjust the grind size according to your taste.


8. Sunbeam GrindFresh Coffee Grinder EM0440

Sunbeam GrindFresh Coffee Grinder EM0440

GrindFresh Coffee Grinder is a sleek and modern design that looks great on your kitchen benchtop. The GrindFresh allows you to grind your coffee beans up to 25 settings and has an extra large 250g bean hopper. The conical burrs remain intact and retain the quality of the coffee bean, which allows for a cleaner and fresher-tasting coffee.


9. Sunbeam Cafe Series Coffee Grinder

Sunbeam Cafe Series Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder is made for those who love their coffee. It makes a perfect blend of powder and whole-bean coffee. The stainless steel conical burrs give it high-quality grinding. It has 24 grind settings to help you make your perfect coffee. The 250g hopper capacity allows you to grind enough coffee for your needs. It has a heavy-duty die-cast metal body which can withstand the pressure of grinding without breaking.


10. Default La San Marco 97 Manual Grinder

Default La San Marco 97 Manual Grinder

This commercial-grade manual grinder is the perfect machine for grinding coffee beans for a shot of espresso, or for preparing the perfect espresso for your cafe. The La San Marco 97 is constructed with a powerful commercial-grade motor which grinds up to 13kgs of coffee per hour. The powerful commercial-grade motor is capable of grinding coffee beans fast enough to prepare a shot of espresso in less than 30 seconds. The flat burrs ensure that the coffee bean is ground uniformly, giving you the perfect espresso.



Is a blade or burr grinder better?

A blade grinder is an old-school tool that is still in use today. It is also known as a coffee grinder and has a blade that rotates and spins around a cylinder. The blade grinder is cheaper and uses less electricity than a burr grinder. The downside to the blade grinder is that it can easily overheat the coffee beans, which will result in a bitter flavour. The burr grinder has a conical-shaped metal disk that is called a burr and it spins around a stationary centre. This helps ground the beans evenly while preventing them from overheating. The downside to the burr grinder is that it can be hard to clean and also takes up more space than the blade grinder.


Does a good coffee grinder really make a difference?

Coffee grinders are a great way to ensure you get the perfect coffee every time. When you use a coffee grinder, you can control the size of your coffee grounds to make sure you get the perfect consistency for your cup of coffee. Coffee grinders also come with a timer that will let you know when it is time to switch out your coffee beans so that you don’t over-grind your beans. Coffee grinders are also great for making a variety of coffee-based drinks and desserts.


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