Top 10 Best Coffee Table in NZ

Are you looking for a new best coffee table? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you. We will discuss the importance of having the best coffee table in your living room and how to find the right one. There are many different styles and shapes available in the market to choose from.

The best Coffee table is great to provide storage for all of your knick-knacks, books, magazines, and remotes. But how do you find the perfect one?

You’ve got so many options – round or square? Glass top or wood veneer? This post will tell you what to consider when looking for the best coffee table. 

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How do I choose the Best Coffee Table

Best Coffee tables are an excellent way to add a touch of personality to your living space. The first step in finding the best coffee table is identifying what size and style will work best for you, which can be determined by looking at how much space they take up as well as if it matches with any other furniture pieces already present in the lounge.

The other thing to consider is your lifestyle and how you’ll use it such as for additional storage or for the decorative piece. When ordering a coffee table, it’s crucial to measure the room in which you want to place your new piece of furniture.

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With so many different types of coffee tables to choose from, it depends on your personal choice what you like for your lounge. Some styles are more popular than others, like rectangular wood tables which are widely available in the market.

Other options include round or oval materials such as stone, glass, or metal/wood combination pieces with a variety of natural colours including black walnut stained oak; this type has been considered vintage since its reintroduction during World War II.

For families with active little ones, rounded edges and easy-to-clean materials are a suitable option. Tables made of durable woods such as mahogany stand strong against any activity from tea parties to board games.

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The Best Coffee Tables NZ


1. Farm Style Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Farm Style Coffee Table is a beautiful and unique coffee table that has an antique look. It is made of wood, which makes it very sturdy and durable.

The wheels under the table make it easy to move around. It also has a strong build, making it last for years to come. This is a great coffee table for any home especially if you have kids and pets at home. The Dimensions are 140X80X46cm. 


2. Jory Henley Tiroli Coffee TableJory Henley Tiroli

This is a modern design coffee table with a tempered glass top. The base is made of solid wood and the top is made of tempered glass. The finish is white with a glossy clear coat, which gives it a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. 

It has an elegant style that will look great in your lounge. This coffee table comes in sizes 1300mm x 700mm and 430mm x 800mm.


3. Yorker Coffee TableYorker

This New Yorker Coffee Table is a stunning piece of furniture. The solid white oak top is finished in a matt black powder-coat to complement the engineered steel legs and base.

Inside, you’ll find two shelves and one drawer for storage that gives this beautiful coffee table functionality as well as style. This piece of furniture will bring a modern feel to any living room or lounge area.


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4. Jory Henley Sella Coffee Table

Sella Coffee Table

This is a beautiful coffee table. It has the perfect blend of modern and retro style, with its sleek edges and simple lines. It can complement any room in your lounge. 

The rich wood colour gives it an elegant look that will last for years to come. The veneer is made from Messmate timber which has a fine grain pattern on its surface and makes this table strong enough to hold up against everyday use. 


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5. Albury Coffee TableOnline8 Albury

This Albury Coffee Table is a simple and functional piece of furniture that will add a touch of vintage charm to any living space. The table’s solid pine wood construction makes it durable and sturdy, while the metal handles give it a finishing touch. 

This coffee table can be used as an end table or as extra seating during parties and gatherings. It also works well in combination with other pieces from this collection to create the perfect setting for your home.


6. Criterion Tuscany Coffee TableCriterion Tuscany

The Tuscany coffee table is a versatile piece that can be used in a variety of settings. The separate drawer provides storage for magazines and remotes, while the open shelf keeps your favorite books and accessories within reach. The solid wood construction boasts an elegant, natural finish. Dimensions are 120W x 60D x 40H cm.


7. Artiss Lift up top Mechanical Coffee Table Artiss Lift

The Artiss Lift up top Coffee Table is an ideal design for any living room. It features a lift-top that provides access to a spacious storage area underneath the table top.

The sturdy and stable construction of this coffee table makes it perfect for everyday use, while its anti-scratch foot pad helps protect your flooring from damage. The safe metal slider bar ensures smooth operation of the lift-top mechanism, while heavy duty steel fixings provide extra stability to the entire structure.


8. U Glass Coffee TableU Glass Table

This  is a one piece glass table with curved design. It gives you the modern look and feel of a high end coffee table. Great for small spaces, this table fits perfectly in most living rooms or offices.

The rounded edges give it a sleek look that will enhance any room decor while also providing safety from sharp corners.


9. Mammoth Coffee TableMammoth

The Mammoth best Coffee Table is a solid piece of pine that has been handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to create a coffee table that will last for years. 

The brass handle adds an elegant touch to the design and ensures that you can open and close the drawers with ease. The two drawers are great for storing magazines, remote controls, or even your favorite TV show DVDs. This beautiful coffee table is sure to be the center piece in any room it stands in.


10. Ergoplan Coffee Table Ergoplan

The Ergoplan coffee table is a great piece of furniture for any home.  It is finished with a hot glued PVC edge. The PVC edge is strong and durable, which makes the surface of the coffee table smooth and easy to clean. It has one shelf, so you can put some magazines or books on it. The size of this table is 20W x 60D x 45Hcms.