Top 5 Best Compost Bins NZ

Composting is a great way to turn food scraps into soil-enriching compost. It reduces the amount of landfill waste and contributes to sustainable living practices. There are many types of compost bins available on the market, but not all are created equal. This blog post will help you to find the best compost bin for your household needs.

Compost is also important to a healthy garden. It’s a natural way to break down organic matter into soil that can then be used for plant growth. Compost bins are the best way to manage this process while keeping your compost out of sight and smelling free. Best compost bins have several features that help them work well in any outdoor space, from small patios or gardens to large-scale farms with many acres of land. 

Composting is a two-part process. You must feed the pile from the top, and then turn it over regularly to allow oxygen into all parts of your compost bin so that an active bacteria colony can break down organic matter in its natural state without needing artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Too much water will lead to only bacterial growth while not enough encourages mould spores which are toxic when inhaled.

Compost bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes so it’s important that you pick one that will fit into the space where you want to store it. If you have an outdoor space that needs some help then check out our list of the top five best compost bins for outside use.

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The best Compost Bins NZ 


1. Compost Bin Tumbler 190LCompost Bin

This tumbler compost bin has a unique design that makes composting faster by letting in fresh air to supply the oxygen needed for bacterial activity. It has built-in mixing fins that help break up clumps so your compost stays loose for optimal airflow. The drum is fully enclosed so that your compost stays warm and won’t dry out, and is safe from getting soggy when it rains. This tumbling composter has a heavy-duty steel frame and sturdy wheels making it easy to move around as you turn the contents every few days. 


2. Aerated Compost Bin 435LAerated Compost

The Aerated Compost Bin 435L is a large black bin with a large top lid that allows easy access but closes securely to keep in odours. The bottom doors lift up on each side and the durable and weatherproof plastic construction makes it ideal for outdoor use.


3. Compost Bin 300L BlackCompost Bin

This compost bin is a great way to turn your food scraps into useful fertilizer for your garden. It comes with a secure lid and air circulation holes that will help you keep the composting process going smoothly. Made from recyclable material, this compost bin is easy to assemble and can be used in any space of your yard or house.


4. Compost Bin Food Waste Composter 290LWaste Recycling

This compost bin is made of nontoxic pp material, sturdy and durable enough for your daily use. It has a large opening with a locking self-watering lid so that you can easily add kitchen scraps. It is also equipped with a sliding door at the bottom for easy removal of compost.


5. Certa Compost Bin 290L

Certa Bin

The Certa compost bin is a high-quality, secure and easy to use this bin. With the lid opening on the top, and the door at the bottom, you can easily access your compost and remove the mulch. These bins are made from high impact recycled plastic resin which makes them very durable and strong.