Top 5 Best Condenser Dryer in NZ

The Best Condenser dryer is a critical appliance in any household. There are many factors to consider when purchasing the best one for your home.  This blog post will help you find out what you need to know about them and how they work so that you can make an informed decision before buying one. 

A condenser dryer has many benefits as compared to vent dryers such as saving on electricity bills by using less energy and drying clothes in less time as compared to a vented dryer.

Vented and condenser dryers both use hot moisture to create droplets of water. The difference is that vented machines vent this vapour outside, while with a condenser dryer, it’s condensed into tiny particles which collect in the water tank in the dryer or some models come with a drain option. They are a bit expensive but also much easier and more convenient to use.

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What size dryer should I get?

Dryers come in all shapes and sizes, with capacities varying depending on your needs. The most important consideration when purchasing a dryer is the size of your drum. The capacity refers to how many kilograms of clothes can fit inside. 

Most dryers come in 7- 10kg sizes and 8 kg is the most common size used in any household. But if you want to use a dryer for your king-size duvets or large linens at home then consider buying a 10kg size dryer. 


What do energy ratings mean?

The condenser dryers have a bit better energy star rating as compared to vented dryers. If you are going to use your dryer more than twice a week then consider buying a Heat Pump Dryer their energy rating is higher than the condenser dryer.  They are cheap to run.


What is a sensor dryer?

Most condenser dryers have onboard sensors programmed to estimate the amount of moisture left in clothes. When these sensors detect that they are in the iron-dry mode, they will switch off and end their cycle. Which helps to reduce energy consumption and your power bill cost. A Non-sensor dryer continues to run until it reaches the end of the timed cycle and can make your clothes extra dry and can damage your clothes live. 


The Best Condenser Dryers NZ


1. Kogan Condenser Dryer

Kogan 8kg Condenser Dryer

The Kogan 8kg Condenser Dryer is a reliable and efficient appliance that ensures your clothes are fresh, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear. With its extensive range of 15 drying programs, this dryer caters to all types of laundry, from delicate garments to everyday loads. The anti-crease function minimizes wrinkling, saving you valuable time during ironing.

This condenser dryer offers a generous 8kg clothing capacity, allowing you to dry large quantities of laundry in a single load, reducing the frequency of usage. In just 30 minutes, your clothes will be ready to wear, thanks to the quick drying capabilities. The LED control display, along with the 24-hour delay start feature, provides convenient and flexible operation, allowing you to schedule drying cycles according to your preference.


2. Haier 8kg Condenser Dryer


Haier 8kg Condenser


This Haier dryer comes with 16 different drying programs which allow you to choose the right program depending on what kind of fabric you are drying and the type of setting you to want your clothes to be dried on (eg: fast, normal, delicate). It also comes with 4 temperature settings that allow you to choose the customized temperature.

Its LED display screen makes it easy to operate and control your laundry with ease. It has an automatic sensor that can detect the moisture level in the clothes. This best condenser dryer has an anti-crease function for less ironing, which saves you time and energy. The 3 cycles (Extra, Normal, Damp) are suitable for cotton clothes. With this dryer, you can save money on electricity bills and enjoy more convenience in life.


3. Electrolux 8kg Condenser Dryer

Electrolux 8kg

The Electrolux  Condenser Dryer is designed to give you the greatest drying performance. The control dial on the top lets you select your desired cycle while the LCD on the right shows settings and progress. This dryer also has a reverse tumbling action that removes wrinkles from even fabrics like denim, wool, or silk. This dryer has an option drain so you do not need to empty the water every time.

The Large door of this best Condenser Dryer makes it easy to load and unload your clothes. It also allows you to change the direction of the door if needed for space considerations or side-by-side installations.


4. Asko 8kg Condenser Dryer


Asko 8kg

This  Asko best Condenser Dryer is a great Dryer for medium to large households. It has a control panel on top of this machine, is very easy to read with its LCD display and there are 9 different drying programs for all your laundry needs. This means that if you want to dry your clothes quickly or more slowly then you can do so with ease. It has a 6L water tank at the left top-front of this machine. 

It has an anti-crease function and a low-temperature drying option to help keep your clothes in great condition. A sensor control system automatically adjusts the drying time according to the moisture level in the drum, while its delay start setting function allows you to set your drying cycle in advance. 


5. Midea 7KG Condenser DryerMidea 7KG

Midea’s best Condenser Dryer is the ideal choice for those who are limited in their budget. This dryer has 16 programs to choose from, which will fit your needs. It also has a speed-dry function to help you finish drying faster. 

This dryer is very easy to operate through the dial on the top. It also has a delayed start option which allows you to set the start time for when you want your clothes dried, saving even more energy. This dryer has an anti-crease function as well.