Top 5 Best Cordless Drills in NZ

The best Cordless Drills are a must-have for any home handyman. The convenience of not having to worry about the cord makes them more versatile than traditional main power tools, and they’re great at getting into hard-to-reach places where an electric one won’t fit.

The Best Cordless drills are great when you need to assemble flat-pack furniture like shelves, mount a TV or put up new curtains or blinds while making repairs around windows etc. plus many other smaller jobs too. It can also save both time and money. 

Picking out the right drill isn’t easy, and when you need one that’s just not tough enough for your project there are a lot of options to choose from. Here we have some tips on where to start looking as well as what makes each type unique so check it out below. 

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How to choose the Best Cordless Drill 

It can be hard to pick the right one if there are so many options. There are a lot of different types out there- some look very similar. Below you will find some information about the different Models. 

Drill driver: If you want a no-frills drill that can be used for all sorts of tasks around your home, consider buying a drill driver with an ergonomic handle. This type is simple and straightforward with its design – making it perfect for beginners who are still learning how to use these tools or as an extra one in case you have too many drills on hand.

An impact driver is a great tool for driving screws, and it’s also compact. It doesn’t have the back-and-forth motion that other tools do which can make them easier on your wrists if you’re using one all day at work or doing repetitive tasks throughout the day. They have high spinning and torque. 

A hammer drill is a great choice for masonry or stone. It has more power than combo drills, but they’re bulkier and costlier if you want something capable of doing even bigger holes in tough material like concrete or metal studs. They have strong forward and backwards hammering options with spinning. But this tool makes more noise with vibration.

A combo drill is a type of drilling and screw-driving tool that can handle basic everyday tasks but often offers improved torque for more demanding jobs. It’s less powerful than high-end hammers or SDS rotary hammers.  They’re usually more expensive than standard drills but offer improved torque when you need it most – as in harder job descriptions that call out this type of equipment by name.

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How long do the batteries last?

A cordless drill is a great tool for any tradesperson. However, the biggest drawback comes when you need to charge it before getting started on your project and then again during work time–especially if there are long breaks between charging sessions.

Luckily most lithium-ion batteries today can hold their charge well even without being used as a power source in most cases; this makes them much more reliable than older models of drills that required constant attention from an outlet or other external sources of electricity. The voltage tells us how powerful your battery will be: while 12 volts might seem like just enough, 18 v packs quite some punch too and 24-volts and Ah(Amp-hours) The more the Amp the longer the battery will last. 

If you have concerns about life, nowadays most models come with a chargeable battery that is compatible with other tools within the same brands. They also come with spare batteries as well so you can work continuously by replacing the battery.

What else should you look out for?

Drills exist in a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of any project. Most drills will handle simple jobs like creating pilot holes or driving screws into wood, but if you’re working with concrete lintels above windows that need heavy-duty drilling then it might be worth checking out more powerful models as well. When selecting between models be sure they both meet all of your needs without limitations otherwise frustration will set in quickly when things get tough from time to time.

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The Best Cordless Drills to buy


1. Makita 18V Brushless Hammer Drill – DHP481cordless Drill

This Makita  18V Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill (model DHP481) is a compact and powerful tool for driving and drilling applications. Its brushless motor delivers 3600 RPM and 3800 IPM with no load to complete your jobs faster. The brushless motor also provides superior runtime versus brushed motors thanks to its efficient energy transfer. The DHP481’s variable speed trigger allows you to control the speed of rotation from 0-550 RPM and 0-3800 IPM.

This is a versatile tool that has 4 stages of impact selection and two T-modes for faster driving applications. With one hand positioned on the buttons, users can easily select from A mode which gives you control over the speed with plenty more torque or BOLT MODE where power output will be less intense but still strong enough to get tough jobs done right.

This model comes equipped with XPT technology which protects against dust & water used while working outdoors thanks in part due to its compact design; twin dual-side LEDs provide bright lighting making using this driver easier.


2. Steelfort 20V Ai Smart Drill WX178Ai Smart Drill

The WORX 20V Ai Smart Drill is the perfect tool for all your DIY needs. Whether you need to drill into wood, metal or even concrete with ease this lightweight and compact device will have what it takes. 

With an auto chuck that changes bits quickly while eliminating complex torque settings as well as a LED sight light making sure there’s no problem seeing where we’re drilling in dark areas thanks to its bright white LEDs; this thing really brings home any project easily.


3. Madal Bal EXTOL Industrial Cordless Hammer DrillCordless Hammer Drill

The Cordless Hammer Drill is a great machine for DIY enthusiasts. It has an ergonomic design, lightweight and easy to use. The drill features a brushless motor without carbon brushes, which provides constant power output with no decrease in performance over time. 

This means that you can work continuously with one charge of the battery. The integrated LED flashlight allows you to work in dark places with ease and comfort.


4. Makita 18V Drill Driver Brushless LXT 3.0Ah Kit

Makita 18V Drill

Makita is a name that has been around for decades, and it’s no surprise why: Their 18V best Cordless drill driver combo comes with all the features you could want in your power tool arsenal. 

It has all the power and torque you need to tackle any job. The 3 Ah battery will get you through a full day on-site, while an aluminium housing guarantees durability that can take whatever life throws at it.


5. SP Tools Mini Drill – 2.0AH + Battery ChargerMini Drill

The SP Tools Speed Mini best Cordless Drill Driver is the perfect compact power tool for drilling holes, driving screws and more. It features an ergonomic soft-grip handle with variable speed control, adjustable torque settings and a powerful motor delivering 17Nm of torque. 

This best cordless drill also has an adjustable two-speed controller for greater versatility.  It’s a low speed, which ranges from 0 to 700 revolutions per minute and high speed, ranging from 0 to 1,700RPM.