7 Best Cupboard in NZ

The best Cupboards can be used for storage or even decoration purposes, it’s up to you which way you want to go with them. But, it’s not always easy to find a cupboard that fits the bill. 

The best cupboard you’ll ever have is the one in your mind. It’s filled with all of the things that make your heart happy, warm memories, best friends, and wonderful adventures. 

However, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than just storing the best cupboard. The kitchen cupboard you’ll ever have is one that has enough space for all of your cooking supplies, kitchen gadgets, and dishes. 

The best cupboard is also for displaying dishware and other kitchen items. It has an open, one-level display with space to store groceries or plates too. The word “cupboard” came from the phrase “to keep your cups behind.”

The other types of multipurpose use best cupboards are to keep your linen, stationary things, and the kids’ school trophy or your prizes for display at home.

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Types of  best Cupboard


Linen Cupboard:

A linen cupboard is a perfect place to store your bedding and towels. They’re tucked away for easy access, but they don’t take up any of the precious space in your bedroom. It’s enclosed, so nothing will get lost and there are shelves for extra storage space.

Stationery Cupboard:

The stationery cupboard is the heart of any office supply. It has a lockable repository for valuables, it houses anything and everything that could be considered valuable to an employee in his or her day-to-day work life: from paper to pens, pencils, stapler’s staples, and more.

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Antique Cupboard: 

A hand-painted antique cupboard is a perfect place to store your china and porcelain. It makes an elegant display for a small corner in any living room or bedroom.

This cupboard would make an excellent addition to anyone’s home who loves nostalgia and wishes they could relive their childhood memories every day. It has plenty of shelves inside. It can hold all manner of fragile knick-knacks like fine tea sets without fear because it will be carefully stored behind strong doors lined with cedar chips – securely against dust and pests too.

Kitchen Cupboard:

The kitchen Cupboard is the kitchen’s best friend. It houses all of your kitchen essentials and tools, so it’s important to get it right when you design your kitchen layout. The kitchen Cupboard can be used to store many different items including dishes, cutlery, pots, and pans.

It’s important to know how to organize your kitchen Cupboard so that it becomes a functional as well as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen.

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The Best Cupboard NZ


1. Carlton Cupboard

Carlton Cupboard

This is a Carlton Cupboard which has two doors on the top and two drawers at the bottom. It is made of plywood and iron legs. The dark Oakwood finish gives it an elegant look while the Iron Legs give it a sturdy base. This cabinet will last for years.

This cupboard will be a great addition to any home or office space. This best cupboard can be used for the storage of different items. You can store your clothes, books, files, etc in this beautiful piece of furniture. The width of this cupboard is 80cm, the depth 50cm, and height 200cm.


2. Cubit Cupboard 1800 Silver

Cubit Cupboard 1800 SilverThe Cubit Cupboard is the best choice for commercial use. It has a 25MM construction. This Cupboard is a spacious, strong, and sturdy cupboard with four adjustable shelves for you to store your office or home stuff.

It comes in silver color with an 18mm backboard. The slimline aluminium handles make it easy to open the doors. The solid PVC edging will protect your items from being scratched by the edges of the cabinet. It’s Dimensions 900W x 450D x 1800H


3. EKO Cupboard 1800 Tawa

EKO Cupboard 1800 Tawa

The EKO Cupboard is a modern storage cupboard that offers plenty of space to store your kitchenware or other items. This is a great storage cabinet for the kitchen, office, or room. 

The EKO Cupboard has four adjustable shelves and hinged doors with European silver bow handles. It’s finished in European style and looks great in your home.


4. Ergoplan Cupboard 1800

Ergoplan Cupboard 1800

The Ergoplan Cupboard is the ideal cupboard for the home, office, or storeroom. This cupboard comes with 3 adjustable shelves and locking doors. 

The cupboard has a 25mm overlaid top, 18mm solid back, doors, and sides. It’s finished in white melamine with metal handles. The size of this cupboard is 900W x 450D x 1800H.


5. Mobel Sonic White Storage Cupboard

Mobel Sonic White 1800H Storage Cupboard

Mobel Sonic is a classic white-colored cabinet with two strong doors. It has a scratch-resistant melamine surface that makes it easy to clean and maintain. It also provides you with the highest quality and durability available in this price range. 

It has lockable double doors which are perfect for keeping things safe from children or pets. The middle shelf is fixed but there are three adjustable shelves that can be positioned to suit your needs. All edges are sealed to give full protection from moisture intrusion so you don’t have to worry about moisture entering the cupboard.


6. Workspace Cupboard Small Metal

Workspace Cupboard Small Metal 2 Shelves Black

The Workspace Cupboard is a great and affordable storage solution for your office. It comes with fully adjustable shelves that can be moved up or down to accommodate various items and sizes. The cupboard has been designed to meet the highest standards of safety and durability, ensuring that you will never have to worry about it breaking or falling apart. 

This cupboard also features a scratch-resistant finish which makes it look new even after years of use. The size of this Cupboard is 916W x 457D x 1016Hmm. This is perfect for any office, garage, or even your home.


7. Cubit Cupboard 900

Cubit Cupboard 900 Silver

Cubit Cupboard is a commercial-grade, heavy-duty storage solution for your office. It features one adjustable shelf and easy-to-clean PVC edging.

You can lock this cupboard and store all kinds of things, including office staff, tools, and cleaning supplies. It’s dimension 900W x 450D x 900H.