The 10 Best Dehumidifier in New Zealand

Are you experiencing unwanted moisture at your home and causing damp patches, mould and other miseries?  The dehumidifier is a great solution to fight the humidity as it helps dry out your rooms and resist the dampness and save your walls and many important things from being affected by mould and patches. 

Damp patches or mould is basically caused by excess moisture, poor insulation and drainage, a lack of ventilation, cooking or drying clothes inside your room can be the reason for excess moisture and can leave patches of damp and mould on your ceilings and walls. 

So if the humidity level goes up more than 60% it can be harmful for your health and can invite bugs and mould because of the high humidity level. Mould can lead to skin problems, allergies and respiratory diseases. 

So the best way to prevent excess humidity is generally a dehumidifier. 

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How you can select the best dehumidifier

Basically, dehumidifiers work in three different ways. The largest and most popular dehumidifiers are compressor or refrigerant models, which use similar technology to a fridge or freezer. A variant, a Peltier dehumidifier, instead works by drawing air through a cold radiator.

Finally, desiccant dryers replace the condensate by absorbing water from the air into the desiccant material.

Typically, Peltier compressor and dryers are more efficient in large rooms with comfortable operating temperatures of 10°C or higher. 

However, Desiccant dryers are a little more expensive than other dehumidifiers. They are often quieter without any compressor.


What size dehumidifier do you need?

Dehumidifiers are frequently decided by their extraction rate, how much water they can eliminate from the air in one day and how much water they can store before you need to empty them.

It also depends on the space you have in your home which needs to be dehumidified like if you are dehumidifying a small to medium-sized room so the dehumidifier with an extraction rate of 5 to 10 litres per day is good but if you looking for a larger room or space then more than 10-litre capacity rate will be fine. 

If you need a dehumidifier sometimes or for a few hours in the kitchen or washroom then a mini dehumidifier with a restriction of under 1 litre will be fine especially if you are trying to fight dampness or mould in a small area, such as a closet, bedroom or bathroom. It is also cheaper than the other dehumidifier. 

Most homeowners have a special situation. Choosing the right size for an air dryer is not the easiest task in the world. However, we can help you roughly estimate what size dehumidifier you need for your basement or home.


Another thing need to consider before buying the best dehumidifier 

Look for the dehumidifiers which are not noisy so they do not interfere with your sleep or work. Some of the dehumidifiers have laundry mode so these types of models are specially designed to absorb water from clothes and help to dry them fast.  

Dehumidifiers are effective and have various benefits for your place. scroll down and Have a look at the list below on the best dehumidifiers in NZ. 


The Best Dehumidifier available in New Zealand 


1. Panasonic 27 Litres – F-YCL27N


Panasonic dehumidifier

Every season brings its own environmental challenges and Panasonic dehumidifiers can help clean and dry the air in your home all year round because they’re designed for specific seasons problems Kiwi homes confront EcoNavi.

It has sensors to monitor moisture levels so your dehumidifier is operating only when it is needed.  The cooling air brings dampness and condensation which invites the growth of mould and bacteria genes.

This has wiping condensation off windows and this dehumidifier will keep your home dry.  it will also act as a laundry assistant to help you with the winter washing selecting laundry mode efficiently. It extracts the moisture from the washing.

Panasonic dehumidifiers are equipped with a super filter that keeps your home free from bacteria and mould. New Zealand summer means high humidity levels not only do Panasonic dehumidifiers rid your home of unnecessary moisture.

Panasonic dehumidifiers range from a daily capacity of 17 litres up to the premium 33-litre model and offer so much more than just moisture control.

Pros: This dehumidifier is very cost-effective and reduces energy consumption, The air purification system nano purifies and deodorizes the air removing smells and pollen to improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe. 

Cons: Expensive 


2. Delonghi AriaDry Pure – DDSX220WF

Delonghi dehumidifier

Your dehumidifier is designed to remove excess moisture from the environment. It reduces the risk of mould, damage to furniture, condensation in kitchens, bathrooms, bad smells, and can be used to efficiently dry laundry.

It helps to make your environment more comfortable. With your dehumidifier placed in a suitable position, press the on-off button and then press the dehumidification button to start.

You can choose the humidity level when the display is blinking by pressing the button repeatedly until the desired humidity is set. There are five settings to choose from: from 30% humidity, which is very dry, to 70% humidity, which is very humid.

When the display stops blinking, the control panel will show the current level of humidity. When the desired humidity level is reached, the dehumidifier will maintain a low ventilation speed.

Depending On the ambient temperature and other conditions in the room, it may take the appliance longer to reach the lower humidity settings. If the humidity in the room is higher than the set humidity, the appliance will start to dehumidify and will stop only when the desired level of humidity is reached.

You can also use the dedicated dry button to quickly and efficiently dry laundry. Place the dehumidifier close to the laundry to dry and ensure doors and windows are closed.

Press the dry button and the dehumidifier will operate at maximum power to dry the laundry. This can be up to 50%faster than normal air drying. You can change the speed of dry air ventilation. Press the ventilation button, and when the display blinks, you can press repeatedly to set it from level one, minimum; two, medium; three, maximum.

You can set the louvre to move up and down to more evenly distribute the dry air. Simply press the button once to activate, and again, to deactivate.

Pros: digital timer, dry quickly and faster than the other dryers. 

Cons: It is noise, not ideal for bedroom


3. Panasonic 17 Lt –  F-YCL17NPanasonic Dehumidifier

You can keep your home dry with the Panasonic 17L Dehumidifier. This unit has a 4.8-litre water tank and can remove up to 17 litres of moisture per day. 

This dehumidifier is designed to prevent mould from accumulating. It has an auto-dehumidify mode which works according to your settings. This also has the option for continuous drainage.

From the  Front panel, you can set the humidity to your personal needs. This dehumidifier is easy to empty and clean. This has a timer for 4 hours 

This dehumidifier can be used to dry your clothes as it has a  laundry drying mode. This dehumidifier has a 2/4/8 hour timer for your convenience.

Pros: it is very simple and easy to set up and operates quietly. 

Cons:  it is a bit noisy, but not very loud. 


4. Ionmax Vienne – ION630 Ionmax Dehumidifier

The Ionmax Vienne ION630 desiccant dehumidifier is energy efficient and low maintenance. It is perfect for areas up to 42sqm and larger areas. The Ionmax Vienne is ideal to prevent humidity problems in apartments and around the home. 

This dehumidifier has an antibacterial air filter at the back to remove dust and hair from dehumidified air. This also improves indoor air quality and controls the growth of bacteria on the air filter. This dehumidifier has a power consumption capacity of 420-740W. 

This dehumidifier has a daily dehumidification rate of up to 10L/day of moisture removal even in winters. It has 5 Relative Humidity Levels and 4 power levels. You can adjust it to a low, high and continuous power level especially when you need to dry clothes in winter. 

It has an automatic operation system and is low noise. Its humidity levels help to control  50-55% of mould and bacteria growth and super dry mode helps in preventing  40-45% of condensation. 

Pros: Convenient digital display, Energy-efficient and Low maintenance prevent the growth of bacteria and moulds. 

Cons: Not have local Warranty.


5. Goldair 8L Desiccant- GD320Goldair Dehumidifier

This Goldair 8L Desiccant Dehumidifier is great for small to medium-sized rooms and apartments. This dehumidifier has a working range from 0-35 degrees.

This desiccant dehumidifier helps to prevent the humidity level and control the bacteria growth and mould around your house and is perfect for winters.  It helps to keep your house dry and easier to keep your place warm.

This amazing dehumidifier has all electrical control and an automatic shut-off system so you do not need to worry about turning it off during night sleep time. This has an automatic defrost feature and has a water tank of 2.0L of capacity.  This dehumidifier has an auto adjustable humidistat to maintain the perfect temperature. 

Pros: keep your home dry and free from moulds and bacteria, automatic shut-off system, low maintenance and great for the small places. 

Cons: Quite expensive 


6. Philips 2-in-1 Air- Series 5000

Philips Dehumidifier

This  Philips DE5205 2in1 Air Dehumidifier/Air Purifier Cleaner/9h Timer/Auto Control dehumidifier is available in  White colour, Metallic black touch control panel and plastic body material. This dehumidifier is perfect for small or large places. 

This dehumidifier comes in many great features and dual functions and dual protection. This offers premium dehumidification & advanced purification performance. 

This dehumidifier has a pre-set automatic dehumidification control and digital humidity sensor.  With the help of automatic dehumidification control, you can pre-set the humidity level at 40%, 50% , 60%, 70% and 80% for room humidity and can adjust automatically. 

This also has a Special dry laundry mode for drying clothes easily.  Its Continuous dry mode helps in maintaining the constant optimal environment and prevent air pollution or common allergens and gives you a healthier living environment. It has 5 fan speed settings an airlock for filter replacement and an alert system for a full tank. 

Pros : Energy Efficiency rate: Grade A,  this has Child lock and Healthy air lock & Alert. Digital humidity sensor and automatic adjustment. Low sound and purifier mode purify air and give you a healthy environment. This protects you  and your family from pollution and allergy especially during the dry season.

 Cons : quite expensive , heavier than other dehumidifiers. 


7. Mitsubishi Electric Oasis Slimline – MJE16VXMitsubishi Dehumidifier

The Mitsubishi Electric Oasis 16 Litre Slimline Dehumidifier is great to provide a comfortable environment in your home. This dehumidifier has a 4-litre water tank and has an Automatic one-touch easy dehumidifying control panel. This helps to remove up to 16L of moisture per day. This has 7 modes and low-temperature performance. 

It comes with a washable air purifying filter and has a multidirectional airflow so you can adjust the direction. The mildew guard in this dehumidifier prevents moulds. It has a laundry drying mode, with a 12-hour timer so you can dry your wet clothing.

This dehumidifier is super quiet while operating and you can keep it on while you sleep and without any extra noise. This compact design dehumidifier is great for smaller to large places and can be easily adjusted in little space. It has a 1-9 hour timer which is very convenient. 

Pros:   This dehumidifier has a high moisture removal capacity and prevents moulds. This is super quiet while working. Its air purifying filter is washable and it comes with laundry mode so you can dry your clothes easily with a 12-hour timer. 

Cons:  Expensive 


8. Dimplex GDDE25E

Dimplex Dehumidifier

This Dimplex GDDE25E 350W 25L Portable Air Dehumidifier/Digital Display/Electronic is a  Freestanding dehumidifier and has a grey and white colour finishing.  This has a 3.5L Tank capacity and can remove 25L Moisture per day and also has a tank full indicator. 

This dehumidifier has electronic control and provides adjustable humidity RH 30%-80%. It has a digital display to select the modes and has 3 pre-set modes for Continuous, Living Room and Bedroom 

This dehumidifier has a rated power of 350W  and has a 24 Hour timer. The other features it has an Auto defrost and continuous drainage. It has the function of a Filter wash reminder. The Noise Level of this dehumidifier has 53dB(A)

Pros: Electronic control with adjustable humidity. This has auto defrost and a 24-hour timer. This dehumidifier helps to control bacterial growth and mould accumulation in your house. This has 3 pre-set modes and easy adjusting modes and humidity levels. 

Cons:  This humidifier can be quite  heavy 


9. Panasonic 33 Lt- F-YWP33N

Panasonic Dehumidifier

This Panasonic 33 Litre Dehumidifier has an amazing dryness monitoring system and humidity control so you can enjoy the comfort and a healthy atmosphere for you and your family at home. 

This dehumidifier has an  Anti-allergen filter which is great to remove all the unnecessary moisture and preventing mould. This has ECONAVI economical mode and a Super Alleru-buster filter.

This has a 12hr timer to dry your wet clothing. Its tank capacity is 5.2L and can remove 33L of moisture per day and give you a lovely environment. 

Pros: low noise level and 12-hour timer. This prevents the growth of harmful bacteria around your house and curbs the mould in your house.

Cons: This dehumidifier is a little expensive and a little bulky


10. Ausclimate 30sqm Ausclimate Dehumidifier

This Ausclimate 30sqm Home 20L Moisture Extract Medium Room Dehumidifier/Air Dryer is good for small places and for room sizes up to 30 m² or 75 m³. This popular dehumidifier can remove  20 litres of moisture per day. 

This dehumidifier is fully electronic and has all electronic controls with an LCD display which makes it easy to operate. This dehumidifier can fit into master bedrooms & other average size rooms. 

This ausclimate dehumidifier has a medium-size 3.5L water tank and can remove 20L of moisture in 24 hours. This dehumidifier has a special feature of auto-restart after a power failure while operating and has a full water tank auto shut-off.  It has dual fan speed & auto defrost and comes with sturdy caster wheels and handles. 

Pros:  this dehumidifier has a continuous drainage feature and has a clothes dryer feature. Less noisy and easy to operate. Provide you with a healthy environment by removing the moisture and controlling moulds in your house. 

Cons:  This dehumidifier is noise. 


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