Top 5 Best Dog Beds in NZ

Dogs are a big part of our lives. They provide companionship, provide entertainment, and even help keep us healthy. Dogs are man’s best friends and we will do anything for them. That is why it is important to provide the best for your dog. One of the most important things is the best dog bed. 

The best dog bed is exactly what it sounds like, a place where your dog can sleep. But the purpose of a dog bed goes beyond just sleeping. A good bed will keep your pet comfortable and help alleviate hip or joint problems that many older dogs develop. Dog beds are also great because they provide a cosy and secure place for your pup to relax, nap, or just hang out after a long day of running around.

Whether you have a Puppy or dog, this blog will give you some tips on how you can find the best dog beds. There are some different options when it comes to dog beds and this blog will explore those options.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for your dog


What size bed should you buy for your dog?

The size of the best dog bed you buy will depend on your dog. If you have a large breed, such as a German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever, it is important to invest in a larger bed. For small breeds such as the Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier, you can get away with buying the smallest-sized bed available.


What sort of filling should you look for?

The best Dog beds fill with a variety of materials; at the low end of upholstery fillings, you will usually find polyester or old-fashioned cotton ticking. At the high end, materials such as new-fangled memory foam (sometimes called “squeaky” cat beds) are designed to be low-maintenance and comfortable for your dog.

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Is the bed washable?

The vast majority of dog beds are machine washable and dryable. If your bed is filled with old-fashioned cotton ticking, it will not be machine washable, but can be hand washed.


Are the dog’s bed waterproof?

Some of the better-quality dog beds are waterproof, but most are not. Most dog beds should be protected with a waterproof cover.

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The Best Dog Beds NZ


1. Yours Droolly Indoor Osteo BedDog Bed

Your dog can sleep in comfort on this orthopaedic bed which provides support for their joints and bones, as well as the ability to withstand the weight of your dog. The memory foam that is inside the mattress moulds to your dog’s sleeping position, which makes it extra comfortable. Finally, the bed comes with a protective waterproof liner and a non-slip base.


2. Fetch Memory Foam Sofa Dog Bed

Foam Sofa

Fetch Orthopedic Memory Foam Sofa Dog Bed is the best bed for any pet, especially the older pets. It has a thick orthopaedic memory foam base and a super comfy 15cm high, shredded orthopaedic memory foam bolster that is perfect for snuggling up. The luxury Sherpa-fleece mattress pad ensures your pet always sleeps on something soft that provides warmth and comfort. The cover is made from a 700gsm washable canvas with a hidden zip to keep your pet’s bed looking clean and new at all times. The inner cover is waterproof so it will not soak up any dirt, urine or liquids while your dog sleeps on it which makes cleaning easy


3. Dog Bed Luxury Sofa BedLuxury Sofa

The luxurious design of the Dog Bed Luxury Sofa Cat Couch Doggy Chaise is what makes it so great for your dog. The 4 metal legs that lift the bed off the ground, mean that your dog will sleep in a healthier environment with less chance of skin disease. The bed is also a full sofa which envelops them in comfort and warmth, perfect for dogs who like to curl up when they nap.


4. Brooklands Deluxe dog Bed

Pet Bed

The Brooklands Deluxe dog Bed is one of the best beds for dogs because it’s made for indoor and outdoor use. The water-resistant fabric is durable and cold machine washable, so it can easily handle any mess your dog may make. It also includes a removable cushion cover with high sides, so your dog will always be both warm and snuggly.


5. Ape Basics Sofa Dog BedApe Basics

Ape Basics Sofa Dog Bed is a comfortable bed for your dog. It’s made of brushed lambswool and has three-bolster support that allows your pup to sleep in various positions. The three-bolster design also provides head support and snuggly places for cuddles. Your pet will have a happy, cosy time on this four-season bed.



Do dogs really need dog beds?

Dogs sleep anywhere. Dogs like a nice comfy bed to sleep in, and it is an excellent place for them to call their own. It is also more comfortable than sleeping on hard ground. A dog bed that is comfortable and soft will be used more often than one that is cold and hard, which can lead to your dog having muscle issues when lying on the floor all night long.


Do dogs prefer flatbeds?

Dogs are generally happier sleeping on raised beds. It is true that dogs enjoy burrowing in warm, soft beds, and the height of the bed allows them to do this.


Where is the best place to put a dog bed?

It is not essential to put a dog bed in a specific place. However, if you have a dog bed where your dog can scratch and sleep without fear of hurting itself, then it may make sense to position the bed in a place where your dog can see the view out of the window, such as on an upstairs landing or in your living room.