The 7 Best Dog Bowls in NZ

If you love your dog, you will want to take care of its food and feeding routine. Dogs are creatures of habit, so if you find a bowl that works for your dog, you will be able to feed them the same meal consistently.

The best dog bowls will make your life easier, give your dog a balanced diet, and also help with canine health. You can get these for a variety of prices. 

In this blog, We will be sharing with you the best bowls on the market today. We will also be highlighting their benefits, how they are made, and help you find the best one that suits your needs. This is going to be a great resource for those who are looking for the best dog bowls.

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How to choose the Best Dog Bowls for your Dog

What material is Best for Dog Bowl?

There are three types of dog bowls; the best dog bowls on the market today are made of ceramic or plastic. When choosing plastic, be sure to look for one that is BPA-free. Plastic is also a great material to use if you have pet hair as it is resistant to scratching, which is important if your dog has sensitive skin. If you plan on using your bowl for a long time, you should look for one that is made from a durable material such as stainless steel.

Ceramic bowls are the best dog bowls for those looking for something a little more traditional or natural. They are also great if you want to avoid plastic, as they are made from a material that is completely recyclable. Many ceramic bowls are glazed with an enamel coating which means that it also resists scratches, but it also makes them difficult to clean. On the other hand, they are very durable and they can last your dog’s entire lifetime.


What are the types of dog bowls?

The best dog bowls on the market today come in various shapes and sizes. The most common is the round bowl and the divided bowl. A divided bowl has two sections so that you can feed your dog separately, which is great if your dog is particularly competitive or territorial. If you want an easily portable option, we recommend a collapsible bowl or a travel bowl. Alternative options include glass and ceramic bowls, as these tend to be more durable than plastic ones.


What other things need to consider?

Design – Your dog’s bowl should be both attractive and functional, which means it needs to have a safe clasp or lid that is easy for you to use. It should also be comfortable for your pet to use, with a smooth surface and high sides so that they are able to eat in comfort. Another important feature that you need to consider is the smell of the bowl itself. If your dog cannot stand the smell of their food, you may want to enter a different brand.

Raised Dog Bowls – A raised bowl means that the lower part of the bowl is higher than the top, which makes it easier for smaller dogs to access and eat from. Pet owners who use these bowls usually find them easier to clean than a standard bowl, which reduces bacteria build-up. They also tend to be better suited to big dogs as they have a larger capacity and will not tip over easily.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls – These are specifically designed to slow down a dog’s eating habits. This is particularly useful for dogs that are prone to wolfing their food too quickly, which can cause digestive issues. Slow feeder bowls have bumps inside their surface that make it difficult for your dog to pick up their food. Some dogs also enjoy the challenge of getting around these bumps and will eat more slowly as a result.

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The Best Dog Bowls NZ


1. Miacara Doppio Dog Bowl Set Dog Bowl

These design bowls made from high-quality porcelain come in a high-gloss finish in three timeless colour combinations. The minimalist shape of the set is a perfect example of contemporary Scandinavian design. These bowls are dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.


2. Wild One – Bowl Wild One

The Wild One is a stylish dog bowl with a silicone nonslip base. It’s made of a sturdy stainless steel bowl. The bowl has a capacity of 4 cups for your pet to enjoy at meals. The brush mat surface is dishwasher safe, so you could throw it in the top rack with your dishes and not have to worry about getting any food stains on it or making it all smelly when you wash it


3. Outward Hound Fun Interactive Dog BowlInteractive Dog Bowl

If you want your dog to have fun while eating, the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl is the perfect solution. Treats dispensed at variable intervals make it possible for your dog to engage in a meal and keep him/her engaged for up to 10 minutes. The non-slip base ensures that the bowl stays in place and prevents any spills. It is also dishwasher-safe and made with food-safe material for hassle-free cleaning.


4. Pet Timing Automatic FeederAutomatic Feeder

The Ape Basics Pet Timing Automatic Feeder is great for dogs because it has 6 independent food trays that can be programmed and can dispense both dry puppy and dog food. It’s made of ABS plastic material and is environment-friendly, sunshine resistant, and shock-resistant. The digital LCD display with clock function is easy to read.


5. Piego Foldable Travel BowlTravel Bowl

The Piega Travel Bowl is a collapsible dog bowl that pops out for quick refreshment on a long walk or on a hot day. It’s ideal for food and water for dogs on the go. This space-saving bowl unfolds at the touch of a finger and is easy to press back together after use. Made of food-grade silicone, it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.


6. Miacara Cena Dog Feeder Cena Dog Feeder

Miacara Cena Dog Feeder is a great dog bowl because it is unique and modern with a sleek design that goes with any home decor. It has stainless steel construction and silicone rings in the bottom of each bowl that prevents the bowls from rattling or moving around. The feeder comes in three sizes.


7. Stainless Steel Pet BowlsPet Bowls

The Stainless Steel Pet Bowls with Rubber Base is great for any pet because it has a rubber base that prevents it from sliding when your pet eats and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It has a 5-degree tilt angle which protects your pet’s spine and doubles as 2 separate bowls.



What bowls are better for dogs?

If your dog likes to eat fresh, clean water and doesn’t care what type of bowl it’s drinking out, then go with stainless steel, ceramic or plastic bowl. If your dog is picky about what it eats and drinks, or if you have allergies that make you want to avoid plastics at all costs.


Do dogs prefer metal or ceramic bowls?

Ceramic bowls are one of the most common choices for many homes. They make an excellent choice because they are heavy and, as a result, less likely to be pushed around while your dog is eating. If you have a dog that likes to push its bowl away, you may want to consider ceramic bowls instead.