The 5 Best Dog Clippers For Your Dog

Dog grooming is a time-consuming task, but it’s also an important one. You need to make sure your dog is well-groomed and clean. This is especially true if you have a little one, who is going to be around your dog. Your dog needs to be clean and well-groomed in order to make the experience a positive one for your kids. For this reason, it is important to invest in a good clipper. 

There are a few factors that must be considered when making this decision. Not all clippers are created equal, and a lot of important factors should be taken into account when making the decision to purchase clippers for your dog. This blog post will explore the best dog clippers, how they compare, what to look for, and how they handle different types of coats.

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How to choose the Best Dog Clippers for your Dog

It’s important to determine just how your dog will be evaluated before you purchase a pair of clippers. You need to make sure that your dog is getting the best possible cut, and for this, there are a few things you should consider.

Motor speed and power: The motor speed of the clippers is very important. Most clippers have adjustable speeds, and you should find one that fits with the coat of your dog. The speed helps to determine how quickly the dog’s hair will be cut. Lower speeds are better for sensitive or thin-haired dogs, while higher speeds work better for thicker-coated pets.

Corded or Cordless: Cordless clippers are better for taking care of the pet. They are battery-powered and can be easily moved about. There is no wire to trip over when moving the clipper around the room. Corded type clippers usually have a cord that wraps around a prong built into their shape, and they cannot be moved without unplugging them.

Wet or Dry: Wet clippers operate the same way as the corded type. They are water-resistant and can be used on pets that cannot tolerate dry clippers.

Blade lubrication: Lubricating the blades allow them to cut easily through hair. For this reason, you should also find a pair of dog clippers whose blades have lubricant on them. This will ensure that the blades stay sharp, and they will also help to protect your dog from cuts and skin irritation.

Low noise: Some dogs will be nervous if you’re using loud clippers on them. It’s best to get a quiet pair of clippers that won’t startle the dog.

Durability: You want your pet’s hair to look great, and this means that you need a durable set of clippers. Durability is the most important aspect of these clippers and should be considered before making the purchase.

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The Best Dog Clippers NZ


1. Professional Electric Pet Clippers


Dog Clippers

Professional Electric Pet Clippers is not just a pet clipper but also a professional pet clipper. It has been designed with a high-grade motor to provide medium and fine adjustment for both short and long hair and also has 4 guide combs that can handle hair of any length and thickness. The blades are sharp, skin-friendly, easy to clean, detachable from the clipper, and also use ceramic blade material that is resistant to corrosion.


2. Rechargeable Pet Grooming Kit

Pet Grooming

This is the best dog clipper for this price range. It is rechargeable, meaning it saves time and money, and it comes with 3 interchangeable heads including a nail groomer, trimmer and foot hair trimmer. It has a built-in brass shaft and noise-reducing motor so that you can groom your pet easily without fear of scaring them. The clipper also only needs 120 minutes to charge and then can last for 2 hours, which means you won’t be stuck clipping your pet when they get all tangled up.


3. Fetch Dog Clippers 

Fetch Dog Clippers

The Fetch Dog Clippers is a reliable and durable pet clipper that is perfect for trimming most pets. It has a powerful 50W motor that can run at speeds from 2800rpm to 4000rpm. This means it can be used for both fine, fleecy fur and shaggier, thick hair without any difficulties. The clippers come with a 3m power cord, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power midway through your haircut. They also come with a 10mm blade included, so you won’t have to worry about buying one separately before you get started.


4. Speed Pet Clipper Professional Hair Trimmer Kit

The Fetch Dog Clippers 50w is a professional dog clipper that comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It also has two options for charging so you can charge the clipper either directly with the cord or use the dock to charge. This clipper features an LED screen that lets you check how much time is left on your blades. This clipper also includes ceramic blades of 1.0mm/1.3mm/1.6mm/1.9mm, which can run for 4 hours without needing to be recharged.


5. Electric Pet Hair Clipper

Pet Grooming Kit

This electric dog clipper is a lightweight and compact dog grooming clipper kit. It is great for the busy groomer who needs something that can be easily taken on the road to complete a job quickly and conveniently. The 35-watt high power provides plenty of power that will help with clipping even the toughest to-trim areas, while 27 straight teeth provide an efficient way of cutting through dense coats with ease.



Can I use my human clippers on my dog?

You should never use a pair of human clippers on your dog. These clippers are designed to be used on human hair and they will not work well on a dog’s coat. Human clippers are made to cut through human hair, while dog clippers are designed to cut through the coats of both dogs and cats.


How often should I clip my dog’s fur?

It’s up to you. Some dogs can go for two to three months with one trimming, while others will need a trimming every couple of weeks. A lot of this depends on how fast your dog’s hair grows, and how much shedding the pet does.