Top 5 Best Dog Crates in NZ

Dogs are some of the most loyal animals in the world, but they can also be one of the most challenging. They’re always there, always watching, always following you. There’s no place they can’t go with you and they’ll be waiting by the door when you get home. Is there anything you can’t teach them to do? That’s why it’s important to teach your dog to be comfortable in the best dog crate.

The crates also help keep your dog secure when you’re not around to supervise them. This is especially important if you have a puppy or a young dog that hasn’t been fully potty trained yet. The crate will keep them in one place so they don’t have the opportunity to make mistakes in the house or chew on things they shouldn’t. In addition, crates are great for training dogs.

There are many different options, some of which will be better for certain kinds of dogs. But not all crates are created equal and there are a lot of factors to consider when you are shopping. Do you want to get a soft or hard-sided crate? If you’re not sure, this article will help you decide which type of crate is best for your dog.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Crates

To help narrow down what you should consider when you’re searching for the best dog crates, we have mentioned some key points below:

Size: When it comes to choosing the right size of dog crate, consider how large your best dog crate will be when they’re fully grown. It’s important to get a crate that’s large enough so they can stand up, lie down, and easily move around. If you get one that’s too small, your dog could develop anxiety or they’ll feel cramped inside of it.

Doors: Because dogs can be large and sometimes a little destructive, you’ll want to make sure the door is strong. If it’s too flimsy or thin, your dog could rip it off its hinges and escape. Look for models that have metal or metal-reinforced doors so they’re tougher to breakthrough.

Secure Latches: Most crates have locking doors, but not all of them have latches that actually lock. Some will just snap down to help keep the door closed, but these won’t provide much security if you need to keep your dog indoors for an extended period of time. If you do get a crate with latches, make sure they’re well built and sturdy.

Easy to Clean: Make sure the crate is easy to clean when accidents happen. You don’t want to have to climb inside of it or remove the entire front of it any time there’s an accident because that will be difficult. Instead, look for a model that has removable flooring so you can simply take it out and wash the rest whenever needed.

Foldability: There will be times when you need to put away the crate and store it away in a closet or under the bed. But if you have a large dog that can grow to be big, there’s a good chance they’ll outgrow a soft-sided model and need something larger. In that case, look for one with a foldable metal frame so you can collapse the crate and folds it flat. This way, your dog is only sleeping in one room instead of in two different rooms.

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The Best Dog Crates NZ


1. Double Door Folding Cage for Pets

Dog Crates

The Double Door Folding Pet Wire Cage is made with a space-saving design and is possible to store virtually anywhere when not in use. This folding crate is also made out of Iron Wires, which are durable and easy to set up. The crate also has a removable plastic tray that serves as a catch basin for pet pee, poop, and fallen foods for easy cleanup. This cage was additionally made with your dogs’ security in mind as it comes with rounded corners and two secured doors for your pets’ convenience and safety. The Heavy Duty slide bolt latch locks this dog crate door firmly so that your pet stays safe inside the cage


2. Innplace Dog Crate LuxeInnplace Dog Crate

This best Dog Crate is an Eco-friendly dog crate with, non-toxic material that offers a roomier space. The stainless steel latches and spindles offer additional security for your pet. The removable top allows for easy cleanings which will extend the life of the product. It’s made from paintable material that can be customized with any colour, offering customization to suit your style. This carter is able to withstand dogs up to 45kg in size.


3. Fetch Dog Crate Double Door FoldableDog Crate Cage

Fetch Dog Crate Cage Double Door Foldable is a great crate for dogs. The easy set-up and fold-down means you can use the crate wherever you go. This Crate also features two doors, two bolt latches on each door to keep your dog safe, and an anti-rust Zinc coated wire that will last for years. For easy cleanup, the Fetch Dog Crush Cage Double Door Foldable has a removable steel pan which is easy to clean out with soap and water.


4. Metal Dog Crate Indoor Collapsible

Dog Crate Indoor

This best dog crate is a high-quality build with an easy to assemble design. It is designed to last and this comes in quite handy when taking it on the go. The 4 wheels come in quite handy for transportation and mobility. With two large doors, there’s no chance of losing your pet while they’re inside the crate. There are also two safety locks that keep pets safe inside their new home on wheels.


5. Comfort Folding Dog CrateFolding Dog Crate

The Creature Comfort Folding Dog Crate is great for any dog. It’s easy to set up and comes with a leak-proof pan to help keep your dog clean. The crate also has round edges that are designed with your pet’s safety in mind and the door locks prevent escapes.



Are plastic or metal crates better for dogs?

Metal crates are a better choice for dogs than plastic crates. Metal crates are more durable and sturdy than their plastic counterparts. Plastic crates can be a suffocation hazard to your dog, as they can chew through the bottom of the crate and become stuck while they’re trying to escape. Metal crates often come with attachable wire mesh covers on top, which prevent your dog from chewing or scratching at the bars, while also making it harder for him or her to escape or you see out, giving you peace of mind that all is well inside.


 What size crate should I get for my dog?

There are a variety of factors that can impact the size and type of crate you choose for your dog, including:

– The height and weight of your dog

– The breed and age of your dog

– Where do you plan to keep their crate

– Your preference for a particular style.