The 5 Best Dog Treats For Your Dog

Dogs are man’s best friends. They have their own unique personalities and always seem to be happy to be with you. They are always ready to play, run, and make you laugh. As important a part of the family is our dogs. They are there to keep us company, and they are always a good listener. What better way to show them how much we love them than with the best dog treats.

Treats are a terrific way to show your dog you care. You want them to feel special, and they do when they smell the aroma of dog treats. These treats are also good as a reward. You want them to come when called, sit on command, and get their body moving. 

There are so many different tasty treats out there, and it can be hard to find ones that are good for them. In this article, we’ll be covering the best dog treats, and what you should look for. 

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How to choose the Best Dog Treats for your pooch

There are a few different things you have to consider when buying the best dog treats. 

Taste: The first thing to look for is how well your dog likes the treats. If you were eating treats and you only got one flavour, it would get boring after a while. You want to make sure that your dog will stick with the same one, and not shy away from it. For this reason, make sure you buy a pack of dog treats that has different flavours. 

Size: The size of the treats is something else to consider as well. When buying dog treats, you want them not to get stuck in your dog’s throat. You need to make sure that the size is just right, so they don’t get stuck.

Ingredients: The ingredients in your dog treats are another thing to think about. As you know, dogs have a very sensitive stomach, so these ingredients should be as natural as possible. When buying dog treats, you want to make sure that the flavours are good for them as well.

Dog treats for specific needs: There are certain dogs that need extra vitamins and minerals in their diet. In this case, you should also go for the best dog treats that are carefully chosen to fill these needs.

Naturally sourced: The last thing to look at is if the dog treats are naturally sourced. When you look at the ingredients, you want to see that they do not contain any artificial flavours or chemicals. It’s more important than ever these days when we try and avoid artificial flavours and chemicals. 


Is it healthy to give your dog treats?

Treats are specially formulated to suit the needs of your pet. It contains high levels of protein, which is perfect for dogs that need a boost of energy and are prone to overeating. If your dog has a specific condition or dietary restriction, it’s important that the treats you choose from this list are suitable for them. It’s also essential that you feed treats in moderation, as it can become addictive for them if given too many treats.


What are the types of dog treat?

Dog treats are designed to promote good behaviour, as well as motivate your pet to do tricks. However, there are many different kinds of treats that you can buy. Each one is designed for a certain purpose, and treats are often given before or after training.

Crunchy or soft dog treats: Dog treats come in either a crunchy or soft variety, with both having their own benefits. Soft treats are great for training purposes, as they’re easier to digest and they’re easier for your dog to chew on. On the other hand, crunchy dog treats are just as beneficial as soft ones, as they provide your dog with a good boost of energy. The best way to decide which kind of dog treat to buy is to try them both, and see which one you prefer.

Training treats: If you’re trying to train your dog, there are plenty of different training treats out there. These treats contain ingredients that will ensure that your dog stays focused and is motivated to learn from the experience at hand. These treats come in different shapes, sizes, and flavours to ensure that your dog listens to you.

Grain-free dog treats: If you want to keep your dog’s weight under control, grain-free dog treats are the best option. These treats have no artificial fillers or sugar contents that can cause drastic weight gain. These treats are organic and naturally sourced.

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The Best Dog Treats NZ


1. Greenies Original Dental Dog TreatsDog Treats

Greenies Original Dental Dog Treats are one of the best dog treats because they clean teeth and freshen your breath. Greenies are made with natural, easy-to-digest ingredients and are nutritionally complete. Being made with natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, and nutrients makes them a great dog treat for your dog.


2. Omega Plus Whole King Salmon Pet TreatsPet Treats

The Omega Plus Whole King Salmon Pet Treats are a great dog treat because they are made with NZ King Salmon and are completely natural. These treats also contain high levels of protein which is good for your dogs to have in their diet. If your dog has an autoimmune disease, these Pet Treats might help by reducing the effects of such problems as arthritis and diabetes due to their high levels of marine-based omega-3 fatty acids.


3. Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Beef Dog TreatsBeef Dog Treats

Omega Plus Whole King Salmon Pet Treats are a healthy and delicious way for your pet to get omega-3 fatty acids in their diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for a dog’s health as they affect the immune system, skin, coat and brain function. It is a great training treat for your pet.


4. Yours Droolly Chicken Tenders Dog Treats

Chicken Tenders

Your Droolly Chicken Tenders Dog Treats are a high-protein, low-calorie treat that is perfect for training. The treats are packed with flavour and goodness. Real chicken as the first ingredient ensures they’re tasty and healthy. They’re sized perfectly to fit all dog’s teeth and can be used as a reward or training aid. 


5. Tu Meke Friend Beef Liver Strips Dog TreatsDog Treat

Tu Meke Friend Dog Treats are a beef liver treat that is sure to keep your dog happy with great taste and no additives. They are made with natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives or processing aids. The Tu Meke Friend  Dog Treats is beef, which makes this a great option for anyone who wants to make sure they are giving their dog the best possible nutrition without any chemicals.