Top 5 Best Dolls House in NZ

The best and most memorable toy is always a dollhouse. They give a childhood of imagination and creativity. Children, who would prefer to do anything else than sit in a classroom for eight hours, know that the best time of their day is spent playing with their favourite dolls.

Dolls houses are made from wood and have detailed pieces that make them look like real houses. They have rooms and towns to explore. They come with accessories such as furniture and toys. There is no way you can stop playing this fun game; you must bring your imagination into how to play.

A dolls house is a great teaching tool for young girls. Dolls can teach children how to take care of someone by giving the doll a bath, putting on the doll’s clothing, feeding it food and playing with it. Playing this way teaches kids how to share their feelings of joy and sorrow.

In this blog, tips will be shared on how to choose the best dollhouse for girls. Some of the best dollhouses are listed also.

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How to Choose the Best Dolls Houses for your kids

There are different types of dollhouses for kids; therefore, before you make your purchase, take into consideration the age and interests of your child. For example, a 2-year-old will play with toys; therefore, a small dollhouse with basic items is enough. On the other hand, an 8-year-old girl will feel comfortable caring for someone else by taking care of her doll and cleaning it.


When buying a dollhouse for your kids, consider the following factors:

Designed and style of the house: There are different ways how a dollhouse will look like. Some of the designs include miniature versions of real houses, lighthouses, and castles. These types of houses have features that are more attractive to kids, who love to play with them.

Quality and durability: Dolls houses are made from different types of material and therefore the quality of each product will vary. Some dollhouses are made from plastic, some are made from cardboard and others are made from wood. Whichever material you choose, make sure that it can withstand the wear and tear of children playing with them. 

The number of rooms: If you are buying a small house, there could be only one or a few rooms. A large house has many different rooms to offer with each of them having its own purpose or function. You can have a bathroom and a kitchen; other rooms can be bedrooms and living areas.

Easy to assemble: Make sure that the dollhouse is easy to assemble. It will be easier if you find a video or diagram online. Ensure that the dollhouse is not difficult for your child to assemble. Also, make sure that there are no parts missing after assembly.

Accessories: Along with the dollhouse, you will also have accessories such as furniture and accessories to go inside these dollhouses. Some of the accessories include beds, toys and sofas. The type of furniture and accessories that you should buy depends on the age of your child.

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The Best Dolls Houses NZ


1. Hape: All Season Wooden Dolls House Dolls House

The Hape All-Season Dollhouse is a great toy for pretend family plays all year round. This sturdy wooden house has four room sets, each with furniture that matches the others. The dollhouse comes with a Master Bedroom, Family Bathroom, Media Room and Kitchen and you can also place dolls in each room. The doors of the All-Season Doll House open and close with ease. With its beautiful wooden design, this wooden playhouse will become a favourite for years to come. Adults can join in with your child’s pretend play and learn together how to keep things clean, tidy and organized.


2. Hape: Wooden Doll House

Doll Family

This dollhouse is a perfect place for your child to create stories and adventures for their dolls, developing imaginative thinking and storytelling skills. The set includes 3 lights, a working doorbell, and 29 pieces of doll furniture also including  figures with different characteristics in various outfits. Made of wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests, this solid wood construction toy has a durable child-safe paint finish. 


3. Le Toy Van: Sophie’s Doll House

Sophie's Doll House

This is the ultimate doll house for little girls. Sophie’s Doll House features a realistic exterior, with front panels open for easy access. The roof panel is removable to reveal a spacious attic floor, opening windows, shutters and doors. The staircase includes a hook for easy storage of possessions. The easy slot together assembly allows for quick and easy play.


4. Daisylane Cherry Tree Hall Doll HouseTree Hall Doll House

This is a Le Toy Van’s 1:12 Doll’s House. It features a beautiful floral motif on four floors. Each floor has its own unique theme, with each room decorated differently to define the space it occupies. With so much detail, you’ll think you’re in someone’s home

This house comes complete with numerous window styles (including functioning shutters and back windows) and chimney stacks that function as room dividers. You can take the roof off to play on the upper level – perfect for when your dolls have grown too big for their bedrooms. The house also includes beautiful bannisters on staircases that lead from one room to another – these work as excellent barriers to separate rooms while still allowing light through via windows on either side.


5. Red Roof Country Home Mini Doll HouseMini Doll House

This is a three-story country home that has a red roof with brightly coloured walls. It has 3 lights on the top of the house and each of which can be turned on and off. It also has a second-floor room on the left side and a roof on the right side which are removable. The red roof and brightly coloured walls give this dollhouse a rustic look and make it the perfect addition to your little ones’ room.



What age is appropriate for a dollhouse?

The recommended age for children to start playing with dollhouses is 3-years-old. However, some kids start playing with dollhouses much earlier than that. This depends on how the kids are being raised and what they are exposed to.

Where do you put a dollhouse?

You can place dolls houses in kids’ bedrooms in order to keep your child entertained when they are at home, or in their playroom to give them a place of their own. You might also put it in the living room as well.