Top 5 Best Dressing Tables in NZ

Dressing tables are a great place for you to enjoy some quality time with yourself. The dressing table is often overlooked as being just a surface to do makeup on, but it can also be so much more.

In a bedroom, the best dressing table can be an elegant focal point that pulls together your space. It is small furniture pieces that can help you get ready for the day. 

The dressing table includes a large-size mirror that lets you see your full body comfortably. It also comes with built-in drawers and shelves for easy storage of your accessories, jewellery etc. It allows you to organize everything neatly in a single place so it is all accessible when required.

There are several beautiful tables you can choose from at different price points depending on how much you want to spend but here we will guide you to find the right one for you.

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How to choose the Best Dressing Table

Dressing areas are luxurious and glamorous. If you want your room to feel that way, make sure the new dressing table should not be too big for it.

If your bedroom is small, it would be best to invest in a smaller dressing table. Also, pay attention if the furniture colour fits with other pieces in your bedroom – like bedding or walls.

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The features you need to consider in a dressing table before buying.



Before you make any furniture purchase, it is important to measure the space and dressing table size twice. If you’re really stuck for space, look for an item that also has slender legs rather than one that’s solid to the floor. Make sure your dressing table fits into the room where you plan to place it before buying.

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Whenever you buy a dressing table, then definitely keep in mind that it should be durable and long-lasting. It is constructed with premium-quality wood or particleboard. Ensure that the material used in the table should be resistant to heat, humidity, and water, making it safe and resistant to wear & tear.



You can make your dressing table stand out with its contemporary and elegant design that will enhance the aesthetics of your room in a modern look. Dark walnut or natural wood grain is a perfect choice in any room of the home, making it an attractive addition to make your space stylish and complete.


Storage Space

If you love clean surfaces, look out for the dressing table which has drawers with lift-up designs, cabinets, multiple shelves and hooks.

There should be sufficient storage space for organizing your cosmetics, jewellery, accessories and other essentials in a more accessible place.



The mirror in your bedroom should be a plane mirror because it gives you virtual, erect and same-sized images. Make sure the dressing table has a large or full-length mirror. This allows you to see your entire outfit and get ready faster.


Best Dressing Tables NZ


1. Susan Dressing TableSusan Dressing Table

Susan Dressing Table is a solid wood dresser with 7 drawers and royal ring handles. It is made of Solid NZ Pine wood, which makes it durable and sturdy. The colour is natural brown that can be easily matched to any other furniture in the house. 

It has an elegant design, making it look classy in your bedroom. It is 1305mm wide, 400mm deep and 755 mm high with an adjustable mirror on top measuring 90 x 50 cm.


2. TSB Living Larry Dressing Table

Larry Dressing Table

The TSB Living Larry Dressing Table is a classic design in solid Acacia timber. It has ample storage with 5 drawers and a back panel made from MDF. It features metal handles and runners, making it easy to open and close.

Its teak finish shows up the natural timber grain and its Urban Wire Brush Effect gives it an industrial look and it is fully assembled. The dimensions of the table are 965mm wide, 400mm deep, and 850 mm high. The width of the mirror is 720mm with a depth of 20mm and 1000mm height.


3. Dressing table

Dressing table

The Hinged Mirror Dressing Table with Solid Wood Legs Stool is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to create the ultimate dresser setup. It has multi-purpose hinged mirror.

The desk part of this dressing can also be used as an office desk. It comes with a chair and it’s easy to assemble. This table is made of pine wood, which is strong and durable. It has a white tone, which makes it look beautiful in your room.


4. Dressing Table


Dressing Table


This dressing table is made of high quality material, durable enough for your daily use. It has 3 mirrors and is very convenient for you to check the whole look at different angles. It has 4 drawers with crystal handles and 2 walls, and provides a large storage space that’s perfect for organising jewelry, accessories or cosmetics.


5. Dressing table with LED MirrorDressing table

The new modern dressing table with hinged LED mirror is a perfect choice for your bedroom or any other room of your house. This table has solid wood legs and a stool that will make you feel comfortable when sitting at the front of the table.

This dresser is made from pinewood. It can be used as a makeup station or a desk to do some work on. It comes with 4 drawers where you can store your items. Its measures L100  x W 40 x H127 cm.