Top 10 Best Electric Cooktop in NZ

The Electric Cooktop is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. This high-tech hob has many benefits that make cooking easier, faster and more convenient than ever before. 

A cooktop is a cooking surface, usually found over a stovetop. It acts as a heat source for cooking food and boiling water. A new electric cooktop can be an important investment in your kitchen, which means it’s important to make sure you choose the best one possible.

They also consume less power than other methods so you don’t need as many outlets nearby while cooking on them. In this buying guide, we will cover some factors you should consider when purchasing an in-home unit like types, design, or size restrictions. 

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How Electric Cooktop works

From old-fashioned coil hobs to ceramic models and modern induction, electric hobs can be found in a range of forms. They’re an excellent choice for those who want more control over their cooking experience without the hassle that comes from adding gas appliances like ovens or cooktops to your kitchen remodel. 

Electric cooktops are perfect because they can be used as either conventional gas appliances with four points that give off red glowing embers when hot; or more specifically designed for slow cooking at lower temperatures. These come with a safe touch surface and have a nonstick coating so food doesn’t stick anywhere. It has quick heating times which saves energy during those winter months. A good electric hob heats up fast and is easy to wipe clean after you finish cooking.  

Some electric hobs allow you to cook in two zones. This can be a life-saving feature for those who frequently use smaller or larger pans and need extra heating capabilities, respectively. Look out, especially if your model has timers that turn off at their specified time. 

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What are the Types of Electric Cooktops

Ceramic Electric Cooktop

A ceramic electric hob offers an attractive, sleek option for your kitchen. Some models come with handy extras like safety controls and timers to program in cooking requirements; these are usually good at heating up quickly but we found gas ovens tend better than others when it comes down to heat distribution or precise temperature control.

Induction Hobs

The new generation of hobs is here and they’re more than just a small upgrade from your old standard gas stovetop. The Induction hob will quickly get any induction pan heated up in no time, without wasting energy or making a mess on your kitchen countertop. 

In this electric hob when you place an iron-based magnetic pan on top of the hob the coil will get activated which is safe and energy-efficient. The coil stays cool for hours so you can easily remove it from any surface once done cooking without having to worry about causing damage or permanently harming anything with heat which saves both money and resources. 

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Things to know before you buy an Electric Cooktop



Electric induction cooktops are perfect for anyone that loves to use their kitchen appliances efficiently. Electric Induction cooktops are made of glass-ceramic, super sturdy, and durable for everyday usage. These can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning methods to keep your kitchen looking clean all day long. 

Number of Burners

The 60cm hob comes with 4 burners and the 90cm size has up to 5 burners. The new induction models offer flexible dual rings to save space, but you can choose whether that extra-wide cooking area will be connecting two separate zones or complete free zones.

Size of Hob

There is a variety of sizes for electric cooktops, such as 60cm to 90 cm. The 60cm and 90cm are standard sizes in NZ.  These fit well in any kitchen and offer efficiency depending on which size you need. 

Knobs on the Hob

The flat electric hob has excellent design features such as large, ergonomic handles which makes them more comfortable when used over long periods of time. The knobs are metal or plastic made and have separate knobs for every burner that make it  easy to use and control. 

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The Best Electric Cooktop NZ


1. Fisher & Paykel 60cm Ceramic CooktopCeramic Cooktop

This F&P Ceramic Cooktop is a stylish addition to your kitchen. The four heat zones allow you to cook different foods at the same time, while slide controls and spillage auto-off ensure easy operation and safe use. The ceramic glass surface is scratch resistant and easy to clean.


2. Fisher & Paykel 60cm 4 Zone Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop

This  4 Zone Induction Cooktop is the perfect kitchen appliance for any home chef. With four separate cooking zones, you can easily cook several dishes at once or prepare one large dish on your SmartZone. Each zone has its own Touch Slide controls so you can adjust the temperature of each zone independently. 


3. Samsung 57cm Ceramic Cooktop

Ceramic Cooktop

This Samsung Cooktop is a multi-purpose zone designed for preparing a wide range of dishes. With the Smart Touch control, you can easily adjust between power levels and temperature settings with just a touch of your finger. The radiant heating element evenly distributes heat from underneath to all areas of the cooktop so that food cooks faster while reducing energy consumption. 


4. Samsung 60cm Induction CooktopSamsung Cooktop

The Samsung Flex Zone is a special zone on the cooktop that allows you to easily prepare a variety of dishes at once. The flex zone is divided into 3 zones, allowing you to pan-fry, sauté, and simmer at the same time. In addition, there’s an extra large burner on the left for larger pots and pans.

The Auto Pan Detection feature ensures that the right temperature is reached quickly and accurately every time. Safety Shut Off automatically turns off the power if the pan is removed from the burner.


5. SMEG 60cm Ceramic CooktopCeramic Cooktop

The Smeg  Ceramic Cooktop boasts a sleek, ultra-low profile design that will look great in any kitchen. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, with 9 power levels and an indicator light for each element. The ceramic cooktop offers both radiant cooking and fast boiling. It is easy to clean.


6. SMEG 60cm Induction CooktopElectric Cooktop

This SMEG Ceramic Cooktop features an ultra-low profile that will look great in your kitchen with its sleek design.  With 9 power levels, intuitive controls and ultra-low profile, this cooktop is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Intuitive controls make operation easy so you can focus on cooking. The residual heat indicator alerts you when the cooktop has cooled down after use, making it safe for cleaning.


7. Midea 60cm Freezone Induction Cooktop Freezone Induction

The Midea  Freezone Induction Cooktop is the perfect addition to your kitchen. The cooktop features a slide touch control panel that allows you to set the temperature you desire. The Schott glass surface provides a smooth cooking surface and easy cleaning. A large cooking area makes this cooktop great for families or entertaining guests.


8. Midea 60cm 4-zone Induction Cooktop MC-IF7251J1-A4-zone Induction

The Midea 4-zone Induction Cooktop is a great induction cooktop to prepare every meal with ease. It features a black ceramic glass surface that provides an easy to clean and scratch resistant cooking surface.

This induction cooktop has four independent zones, allowing you to use multiple pans at the same time without having to worry about interference from other cooking elements. The Boost function will allow you to increase the temperature of your cookware for faster boiling or searing.


9. Midea 60cm Ceramic hob Touch Control MC-CH6002

hob Touch Contro

This is a value-of-money cooktop for all your cooking needs. The hob features soft-touch controls which are easy to use, even when you’re wearing gloves. With a safety switch-off feature, the hob will turn itself off if it has not been used. It also features a child lock function so that children cannot accidentally turn on the burners while playing in the kitchen.


10. Midea 90cm Ceramic Cooktop MC-HV848

Midea Cooktop

This Midea Ceramic Cooktop is a great addition to your kitchen. It has a sleek and modern design that will look good in any kitchen. The burners have 9 power settings that allow you to choose the exact heat setting you need for cooking your food, whether it is fast or slow. You can also use the timer to set how long you want each burner to be on before automatically turning it off.