The 5 Best Electric Shavers For Men

Every man wants a smooth, clean shave. But for those of us who don’t want to spend the money on a professional shaving kit that can cost hundreds of dollars, there is an alternative. With the best electric shavers, you can get a close shave for a fraction of the cost. 

The best electric shaver is designed to help you shave without using a razor. It is an electric shaver that works by lifting the hair on your face and then cutting it off to give you a close, smooth shave. Since the hair is lifted, it gives you a closer shave than when shaving with a traditional razor blade. The sharp and pivoting heads of an electric shaver will glide over your skin with minimal friction on your skin or facial hair.

There are so many different electric shavers on the market that it can be a challenge to find the best one for you. In this blog, we will help you find the best electric shavers for your face. 

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How to choose the Best Electric Shaver for you


What type of shaver do you need?

There are two different types of electric shavers. The first type is the foil. Foil shavers have a thin, flat film over the shaving heads that helps to reduce friction and make a gentle glide over your face to give you extra comfort while shaving. Foil shavers are considered to be the best electric shavers because they are so easy to use, but they tend to be more expensive than rotary shavers. 

The second type of electric shaver is called the rotary blade. Rotary blades have a spinning shaft with several rows of blades that cut the hair from your face without needing to lift it. Rotary blades are considered to be the best electric shaver for those who want great closeness and a really smooth shave. On the other hand, rotary blades do not trim down facial hair evenly or in small enough sections. This means you will often get some stubble at the bottom of your face and some unshaved hair around your chin while shaving with a rotary blade shaver. 


What are the best shaver brands?

NZ market leader in electric razors is Braun. Their brand is regarded as one of the best shaver brands and they have a number of models available. A Braun razor will cost you more than a cheaper option, but it will give you better results.

There are many other good options for the best electric shavers, such as Remington and Philips Dart. These three brands also offer premium shavers at very affordable prices.

What power source options are available?

You want to make sure you buy the best electric shaver that works for your lifestyle. If you are travelling a lot and need a portable shaver, you may want to get one that runs on rechargeable batteries.  Most models are powered by a rechargeable battery. The batteries can be recharged using an electric cord. 


How many shaving heads are there?

When it comes to buying an electric shaver, the number of heads can make all the difference. The more shaving heads there are, the closer to the same power source your hair will end up being cut. So if you need precision and accuracy, you should choose an electric shaver with more shaving heads.


What extra features should I look out for?

Cordless shavers come in quick charge or normal charge models. You can also find shavers that have a quick charge option. This will allow you to charge your shaver for just a few minutes and then have the opportunity to shave your face with it.  Waterproof models are perfect for those who want to use their shaver in the shower or use it while shaving in the sink. These models are perfect for those who enjoy using their shaver in wet environments as well. 

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The Best Electric Shavers NZ


1. Braun Series 8 Electric Foil Shaver 

Barun Electric Shaver

The Braun Series 8 Electric Foil Shaver is designed for men who want the ultimate shaving experience. The electric foil shaver has a flexible shaving head that adjusts to the curves of your face, neck and jaw. This feature enables you to shave in difficult areas with ease and convenience. It also has an extremely high-performance motor that operates at up to 10,000 cycles per minute and delivers 20% more battery life vs. the Series 7 shaver. With this shaver, you can also achieve a close shave without experiencing irritating nicks or skin irritation.


2. Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver 

Braun Wet & Dry Shaver 

This Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver is perfect for men because it’s designed to adapt and move as you shave, which can help reduce the pressure on your hand. It also features a swivel-head shaver that’s been proven to minimize shaving pressure on the skin. The Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver is dermatologist tested, and it has a battery life indicator so you’ll know when it’s time for recharging or switching out the battery. The SensoFoil blades provide an excellent close smooth shave without nicks or cuts that may irritate sensitive skin, and one quick charge of 5 minutes provides enough power for a complete shave.


3. Dart Synergy Cordless Foil Shaver

Dart Cordless Foil Shaver

The DART Synergy shaver is equipped with a titanium foil that’s twice as sharp as a regular shaver. This shaver boasts staggered head blades that deliver ultra-close cutting with titanium foils and are hypoallergenic for less irritation and bumps. It has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery for up to 90 minutes of shaving time on a single charge. The Dart Synergy features an ergonomic design that allows the shaver to be held and operated comfortably in the hand.


4. Shaver Series 9000 Prestige SkinIQ Electric Shaver

SkinIQ Electric Shaver

This Phillips shaver has everything that a man needs in order to get the perfect shave. The first and main feature that is worth mentioning about this Philips shaver is the NanoTech blade system with skin comfort rings. The blades are created for super strength and sharpness, yet safe on your skin. This means less irritation or razor burn from using this shaver. It also features a Beard Adapt sensor which helps the blades automatically adjust to the density of facial hair so you don’t have uneven shaving results.

The blades are also sharp and help to get an even closer shave than a manual razor. Not only that, but you can use it wet in the shower, which is always a bonus. You can also use this electric shaver with attachments for your beard to give you that well-groomed look. This shaver also has a Qi charging pad to allow for wireless charging.


5. Three Blade Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer

Pop-Up Trimmer

The Panasonic 3 Blade Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer has a cutting system that features sharp stainless steel blades, a linear motor drive, and sensor shaving technology. This men’s shaver provides efficient coverage and maximum comfort thanks to the multi-fit arch and floating head. The 13000 CPM linear motor provides a smooth clean shave with no power losses or missed whiskers even when shaving heavy beards such as your sideburns. The 30-degree acute positioning of the blades enables a close shave without having to do any extra work for the skin so there is no irritation or skin damage. And lastly, the pop-up trimmer is perfect for you to trim down your neck hair which allows you to have an attractive look.