The 5 Best Electric Shavers For Men

For the modern man looking to achieve a clean, smooth shave without the hassle of traditional razors, electric shavers offer a convenient and efficient solution.

With advancements in technology and design, electric shavers have become an essential grooming tool for men of all ages. Whether you have sensitive skin, a busy lifestyle, or simply prefer the convenience of an electric shaver, there are numerous options available that cater to different needs and preferences.

In this blog, we will explore some of the top electric shavers on the market that every man should consider to achieve a perfectly groomed look effortlessly.


How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for You

Choosing the best electric shaver is a process that involves considering various factors such as your skin type, hair growth patterns, preferred shaving method (wet or dry), convenience features, and budget. Here’s a guide that addresses these considerations:


Understand the Different Types of Electric Shavers:

Rotary Shavers: These shavers have three or four rotating heads designed to follow the contours of your face. They are best for men with regular to tough skin, who shave less frequently and have longer, thicker, or more rapid hair growth.

Foil Shavers: Foil shavers have a straight head that uses oscillating blades beneath a ‘foil’ to cut hair. They are suitable for men with sensitive skin, finer hair, or those who shave daily.


Consider Your Skin and Hair Type:

Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, look for shavers specifically designed for sensitivity, usually foil shavers with hypoallergenic blades and built-in skin protection.

Coarse Hair: For thick or coarse hair, a rotary shaver might be more effective because they are often better at managing longer hairs.


Shaving Habits:

Frequency of Shaving: Daily shavers might prefer a foil shaver for a closer shave, while occasional shavers might find rotary shavers more convenient.

Wet or Dry Shaving: Some electric shavers are versatile and can be used with shaving cream or gel (wet shaving) or without (dry shaving). If you prefer to shave in the shower or with shaving products for extra skin protection, look for a wet/dry shaver.


Convenience Features:

Battery Life: Consider shavers with a longer battery life if you travel often or don’t want to charge your shaver frequently. Typical battery life ranges from 45 minutes up to an hour of shaving per full charge.

Charging Time: Some shavers offer quick charge features, which can be very handy if you’re in a hurry.

Corded/Cordless Use: Some models offer the flexibility to shave while plugged in, which can be a backup option if your shaver runs out of battery.

Waterproofing: If you want to use your shaver in the shower, ensure it’s fully waterproof.

Maintenance: Check if the shaver is easy to clean, and if it comes with a cleaning station, consider the cost and availability of the replacement cleaning cartridges.

Replacement Parts: Over time, you’ll need to replace blades or foils to maintain optimal shaving performance. Check the availability and cost of these parts for the models you’re considering.


Ergonomics and Durability:

How the shaver feels in your hand (weight, grip, and balance) can affect your shaving experience. Durable build quality can ensure your shaver lasts longer, even though it might come at a higher cost.


Additional Features:

Trimmer Attachment: Some shavers come with a pop-up trimmer for mustache and sideburn trimming.

Travel Lock: A travel lock prevents the shaver from being accidentally turned on while in your luggage.

Digital Display: Displays can show information such as battery level, cleaning indicators, and shaving time.

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The Best Electric Shavers NZ


1. Braun Series 8 Electric Foil Shaver 

Barun Electric Shaver

The Braun Series 8 Electric Foil Shaver caters to the discerning user seeking a top-tier shave. Its flexible head is a stand-out feature, gliding effortlessly over the contours of the face, neck, and jawline, ensuring no difficult area remains unshaven. This adaptability makes for a comfortable and thorough grooming experience.

Under the hood, the Series 8 boasts a high-performance motor, pulsating at a brisk 10,000 cycles per minute. This power, combined with a 20% increase in battery life compared to the Series 7, means more efficient shaves and less frequent charging interruptions. It’s an ideal blend for the busy individual who values both speed and endurance in a grooming tool.

Comfort remains king with this shaver, designed to deliver a close cut without the unwelcome aftermath of nicks or irritation. Such a gentle approach allows for a smooth finish, promoting skin health alongside grooming precision. The Series 8 places equal focus on performance and user well-being, establishing itself as a considerate choice for those with sensitive skin.


2. Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver 

Braun Wet & Dry Shaver 

The Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver serves up a grooming experience that’s as kind to your hand as it is to your face. Engineered with user comfort in mind, this shaver adapts to your shaving style, reducing hand strain with its intelligently designed movement. The added swivel-head feature works to decrease pressure on the skin, contributing to a more pleasant shave.

Its ergonomic build is complemented by the assurance of dermatologist testing, underscoring its commitment to skin health. You’ll never be caught off guard thanks to a handy battery life indicator, ensuring your device is powered up and ready when you need it. This is more than just convenience—it’s about reliability.

When it comes to the actual shave, the Series 6 doesn’t disappoint. SensoFoil blades are crafted to provide a close, smooth result without the fear of nicks or irritation, especially important for those with sensitive skin. And for those rush-hour mornings, a quick 5-minute charge delivers enough power to complete your daily shave, blending efficiency with effectiveness for a swift start to the day.


3. Dart Synergy Cordless Foil Shaver

Dart Cordless Foil Shaver

The DART Synergy shaver steps up the grooming game with its innovative titanium foil that promises exceptional sharpness. This feature ensures that your shave is not just twice as precise as standard options but is also executed with finesse. The razor’s cutting capability is specially designed for those who seek an ultra-close shave without compromising on comfort.

With staggered head blades nestled beneath hypoallergenic titanium foils, the DART Synergy offers a skin-friendly solution by minimizing irritation and the likelihood of bumps. This thoughtful design choice is particularly beneficial for users with sensitive skin, providing a soothing shaving experience. The additional boon of a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, which gives up to 90 minutes of shaving, means more shaves between charges, signifying less downtime and more readiness.

Ergonomics play a significant role in the Dart Synergy’s appeal, as its design focuses on user comfort and control. The shaver fits snugly in your hand, allowing for easy maneuvering and control as you shave. This sense of ease continues the shaver’s theme of designing a user-centric device that’s as considerate of the hand that holds it as the face it cares for.


4. Shaver Series 9000 Prestige SkinIQ Electric Shaver

SkinIQ Electric Shaver

For those seeking a top-notch shaving experience, this Philips shaver incorporates technology and convenience perfectly. Its NanoTech blade system, featuring skin comfort rings, is engineered for high-performance sharpness matched with skin safety. This innovative design results in reduced irritation and razor burn, a testament to the shaver’s gentle yet effective approach.

Enhancing its intelligent design, the shaver’s Beard Adapt sensor is a game-changer, automatically adjusting to your facial hair’s density for consistent, even shaving. No more patchy areas or over-shaving certain spots; this smart feature ensures a smooth, uniform shave every time. Moreover, the superior sharpness of the blades guarantees precision that rivals traditional manual razors.

Versatility is another hallmark of this Philips shaver. Its suitability for both wet and dry use means you can enjoy a shave in the shower, in addition to the convenience of beard attachments that enable meticulous grooming. And with the sleek addition of a Qi charging pad for wireless power, this shaver offers a futuristic solution for keeping your grooming gear fully charged with ease.


5. Three Blade Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer

Pop-Up Trimmer

The Panasonic 3 Blade Shaver is crafted for those who desire a combination of precision and efficiency in their shaving routine. Its trio of sharp stainless steel blades, backed by a robust 13000 CPM linear motor, slices through facial hair with ease, ensuring a fast yet smooth shave. Sensor shaving technology further ensures that no whisker is left behind, even when dealing with thick beards, providing uninterrupted power and a consistent shave.

Comfort is not an afterthought with this device. The shaver’s multi-fit arch and floating head design adapt to the unique contours of your face, affording an even shave that’s gentle on the skin. The strategic 30-degree angle of the blades is a thoughtful touch, allowing for a close shave without the need for additional pressure that can lead to irritation or skin damage.

For those who appreciate the detail in their grooming, the built-in pop-up trimmer is a standout feature. This convenient addition makes quick work of neck hair and touch-ups along the sideburns, ensuring a polished and attractive finish. With the Panasonic 3 Blade Shaver, achieving a refined and irritation-free look is effortless and reliable.



What type of shaver do you need?

Your shaver type depends on hair texture, skin sensitivity, and shaving habits. Foil shavers suit fine hair and sensitive skin; rotary shavers are better for coarse hair and daily use.


What are the best shaver brands?

Top shaver brands include Philips Norelco, Braun, Panasonic, and Remington, known for their innovation, quality, and range of products.


What power source options are available?

Electric shavers offer rechargeable batteries, corded operation, or a combination. Most modern shavers use lithium-ion batteries for longer life and quick charging.


How many shaving heads are there?

Rotary shavers typically have 3-4 heads, while foil shavers have 1-3 cutting blades under a metal foil. The number influences the shave’s closeness and speed.


Is a foil shaver best for balls?

Foil shavers, with their precise and gentle blades, are often recommended for sensitive areas like the scrotum for a close shave without causing skin irritation.