The 10 Best Entertainment Units in NZ

Are you searching for the best entertainment units/TV stands available in the market so that you can entertain your family and friends at the best possible level? If yes, then it is important to know what factors should be considered while purchasing the right one. 

The TV stand has many other benefits such as storage and different ways to hide messy cables as well. There are many types of units available in the market including big and small entertainment units that you can choose from depending on your TV size. 

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Need To Consider Before Buying an Entertainment Unit

Buying an entertainment unit is not as simple as going to your nearest furniture shop and grabbing the first one that you find. If you are in the market for a new TV entertainment unit, you need to take into consideration some factors below before deciding on the one you would like to buy. 



The first thing that you need to consider before buying a TV entertainment unit is the price.  There are many different models that are manufactured, and the prices can range from hundreds of dollars to upwards of thousands of dollars.  you need to think about your budget. How much money do you have in your budget and are you willing to spend on a TV entertainment unit? 


Design and style 

Another thing that you need to consider before buying an entertainment unit is the design and style of the TV. There are many designs available in the market but you probably like to buy which matches your lounge’s other content  


Storage Space

The other things you might include like how much storage space you need. You might need a lot of storage space if you have lots of DVDs that you want to keep organized but you also may only need a smaller amount if you have many movies that you want to keep safe. 



With the help of a measuring tape, you should check how high you want your TV if it is more or less at your eye level. The height of your TV needs to be at the centre of the screen at your eye level. It can also be a little bit lower than you but if the tv unit height is not appropriate, it can be bad for your neck.

In some of the TV stand models, you can place your TV on the TV cabinet but you can not change the height and in some tv stands you can change the height of the TV according to your eye level.  


Size and Weight

It is important to know when you buy a TV cabinet/stand, it should be wider than your actual TV so it will be balanced. If you have a larger screen TV it means you might need a larger TV stand/cabinet which can hold the larger screen TV extra weight.

Make sure the cabinet you’re buying can hold the weight of the TV as Most TV cabinets clearly explain the maximum size of the screen they can carry. Also, make sure to check the maximum weight limit because different TV cabinets are made up of different materials. 


Cable and wires management 

when you buy a TV cabinet look for option one that has some sort of cable management option so you do not need to deal with the mess of tangled cords behind your lovely TV cabinet. So the better option is to look for a cable tidy box where you can place your power cords. 

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The Best Entertainment Units NZ


1. Vincent TV UnitOnline8 Entertainment Unit

This online 8 Vincent Entertainment unit is made with Birchwood which is fine-grained, yellow in colour and has a satin-like finish which makes it attractive. The unit is beautifully designed in  Rustic material. 

It has six cabinets, two are open cabinets and the remaining four have two doors. The size of this unit is W-1500, D-450, H-600mm which is perfect for a 40 inches TV screen. Moreover, they are providing a 2 years warranty. 

Pros:  This Tv unit has two holes to organise the cable. It has enough space to store things inside and there is no need to assemble it. With its rustic design, it will help hide scratches from normal wear.

Cons: This TV unit has Sharp edges.  It is not modern looking.


2. Glass Top TV UnitOnline8 Glass

This online8 glass top TV unit is designed with glass and wood. It gives your home a modern look and will help to enhance the beauty of your home.

You can see on the top and centre of this TV unit it is of glass which is made of Tempered glass material that can carry a lot more weight than you expect. The other remaining part is wooden. It has two drawers and 4 open shelves.

The dimensions of this unit are W-2000, D-400, H-410mm, perfect for 43 or 50 inches TV screens. This is a highly glossed entertainment unit which gives it a modern effect.

Pros: This has open space for Organizing wires. Low in price according to its look.

Cons: This TV unit has very sharp edges. It requires assembly.


3. TV Stand Entertainment UnitTV Stand

The contemporary design of this fully wooden entertainment unit makes your house look more classy. Its natural white oak finish makes the room more welcoming. The PVC base is helpful in protecting the floor.

There are 2 open cabinets and 2 drawers in this TV unit. The material they have used in it is Engineered Wood. This unit has L-120, W-40, H-37cm which is perfect for 32 and 40 inches TV screens. This white colour TV unit will look good on the little dark coloured background.

Pros: You can easily clean the floor under this TV unit.  There’s no need to assemble it. It has one hole to adjust the cable.

Cons: The size of the hole is small for adjusting the cable. Not very spacious cabinets.


4. Jory Henley Cottage TV unitJory Henley

The Jory Henley TV unit is fully made with Solid Oak and Real Oak Veneers wood material. It is designed with a rustic feel and natural oak finish collection which never goes out of fashion.

This TV unit has two doors, one drawer and one open bar. The dimension of this unit is W-150, D-45, H-50cm. It is better for 32 and 40 inches TV screens.

Pros: The best point about this TV unit is the thickness of oak and its hardness. It is slightly elevated from the bottom so you can easily clean the floor under this TV unit.

Cons: It is a little small in size compared to other TV units.


5. Artiss Entertainment UnitArtiss Entertainment Unit

This is a fully black coloured entertainment unit. This unit is made with a 15mm particle board and 32mm honeycomb chipboard. It is light in weight and can easily move from one place to another.

It has Six cabinets in which there are two closed doors and four open shelves. The two aluminium handles on the door give it a classy look. There is also a grommet for adjusting cables.

The dimension of this Unit is W-120, D-39,  H-58cm it is suitable for 32 and 40 inches TV screen. This black colour entertainment unit will suit the light background perfectly.

Pros: There is Ample open space to store heavy stuff. It is easy to move and clean.

Cons: The particleboard material can be toxic. Its price is high according to its material.


6. Criterion TuscanyCriterion Tuscany

The criterion TV cabinet is elegantly designed with Tuscany wood. If you like simplicity around you then this unit is perfect for your home. This TV cabinet has two drawers, one open cabinet and Solid wood legs. 

The drawers are coloured with grey and the remaining parts are tinted with oak ETU. It has W- 2000, D- 400, H-390 mm this dimension is good for 50 to 65 inches TV screens.

Pros:  This TV cabinet has one hole in the centre for assembling wire. The size of the width is long and Good for decorating things over it.

Cons: It is heavy and hard to move.  The Drawer size is a little small. 


7. Criterion Brunswick TV CabinetCriterion Brunswick

This is a beautiful modern looking TV unit. It is gracefully designed with an Oak wood finish. This Cabinet will completely match any background. You can easily store any type of stuff you want to keep in its cabinets.

The tint on the front doors and the oak wood finish on the top and side make it look different. It has W-1500, D-390, H-500mm which is suitable for 32 or 40 inches TV screens. 

Pros: This TV cabinet has 3 holes for organization cable. It has smooth sliding drawers.

Cons: It’s edges are sharp. It is a little heavy.   


8. Artiss 160cm TV UnitArtiss Tv Stand

This Artiss TV unit is an antique style. It is designed with wood grain design. You can see clean lines of wooden texture on it.  It has ample space to keep things you want. 

This TV unit has two swing doors and two open shelves. they have used E1 engineered wood material in it. The dimensions of this unit are W-160, D-40, H-40cm perfect for 40 to 50 inches TV screens.

Pros: This unit has two holes for adjusting wires. It has Open space for storage.

Cons: It is not modern looking.


9. Artiss TV Cabinet Entertainment UnitArtiss

The Artiss TV cabinet is a beautiful unit with Five different sizes of cabinets for multiple uses.

This TV unit has a semi-classical design that never goes out of fashion.

It has solid pine wood legs, Anti-rust runners, two open shelves, 2 drawers and 1 cabinet which can carry a lot of weight. Heavy-duty fixings on legs are anti-rust runners. The size of this cabinet is W-120, D-28, H- 42cm it is suitable for 40 or 43 inches TV screens.

Pros: This entertainment unit has two drilled holes for adjusting the cable. It is easy to assemble. Its edges are safe.

Cons: It’s plain white colour can quickly become dirty.


10. AVS TV CabinetAVS

The AVS STP1200B is a black shaded TV cabinet. It has an MDF panel on the top shelf, a capacity of 4 AV components to fit in it. This unit has two slaves made with tempered glass. It can carry more weight than you expect. 

You can see a black matte finish which gives this unit a fancy look.  W-1220, D-400, H450mm dimensions allow you to display up to 32 or 55 inches TV screens.

Pros: Two holes for managing cable.

Cons: Not so attractive to see.


These are the best entertainment unit for your Brand new TV. You can pick up one that suits your lounge interior and location.

write your comment below. what do you think about those TV units?

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