Top 7 Best Exercise Bike | Spin Bike in NZ

The exercise bike is one of the best exercise machines you can buy for your home. It’s a great addition to any fitness routine, and it doesn’t require a lot of space or equipment as some other exercise routines do. The exercise bike allows you to burn calories and lose weight without having to go outside in the cold.

Exercise bikes are small, portable, and can be used anywhere – at home or while travelling. The best exercise bikes allow you to ride standing up or sitting down and come with features like heart rate monitors and adjustable resistance levels that make your workout more challenging as the weeks go by. 

With exercise bikes readily available on the market, it can be difficult to choose which exercise bike is best for you. There are exercise bikes that range from simple stationary bikes with a low cost up to exercise bikes that have more features and offer more benefits but come at a higher price. If you’re looking for an exercise bike, this article will help you find the perfect one.

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How to buy the best Exercise Bike for you

You can choose to ride an upright bike or a spinning cycle. Upright bikes are generally more comfortable and better suited for beginners while spinning cycles provide the best cardio workout out there.

The spinning cycle is more like the feeling of riding a road bike than biking. This experience comes from cycling in a forward-leaning position, which means you can stand on your pedals to increase resistance and intensity even further.

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What kind of resistance should I look for?

Most exercise bikes come with a variety of resistance levels to accommodate different fitness needs. The level you choose depends on how difficult you want your workout to be, as this determines the intensity and duration. 

Magnetic-resistance exercise bikes do not make as much noise and require less maintenance than direct-contact brakes. Setting a level of resistance is also very easy with the help of magnetism.

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What other features should I consider?

The spinning bike can be a great mode of exercise- especially helpful for those looking to lose weight. However, the size and console details are important considerations when picking out an appropriate model.

There are also other features that might make your workout more enjoyable like built-in fans or heart rate monitoring handles so you know if you’re pushing yourself too hard.

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The Best Exercise Bikes NZ


1. Sportop Exercise Bike B870P+


Sportop Exercise Bike

The SPORTOP B870P Upright Bike is the perfect bike for those looking to ride comfortably without straining their back. The seat has more cushion than most traditional bikes and 16 levels of smooth magnetic resistance, so you can get a light workout or an intense one depending on how hard you want to go. 

This machine comes with 20 different programs that allow users to adjust workouts as needed in order to focus on endurance training or cardiovascular benefits, among others. This bike includes a 9kg flywheel and 8 levels for resistance, with the ability to move more weight than other models in this price range.

The Transport wheels make it easy enough that you can take your workout anywhere; no need for lugging along extra equipment. The great thing about exercising at home is being able to use an app on your phone or tablet while biking so there’s never any downtime.


2. Track Synergy Exercise Bike


Track Synergy

This exercise bike is equipped with a flywheel and resistance system that will take your workout to the next level. This bike has great sensors and built-in heart rate monitors, making it easy to track your progress while you’re exercising. It also has transport wheels which make transporting from room to room much easier than lugging around a heavy bench model.

This innovative piece of exercise equipment features 21 programs that are designed to take the rider from novice to advanced levels of fitness by progressing through three different stages; Sprinting and Strength Training for Beginners. 

The resistance can be set up in all sorts of ways depending on what you’re looking for – adding more challenges as your abilities improve. You’ll find it easy enough to assemble this bike too and the transport wheels make moving easy, quick & simple when necessary.


3. Active Intent Fitness Exercise Bike


Active Intent Fitness

The Active Intent Fitness Exercise Bike is a sleek, stylish bike for those who like to stay entertained during their workout. The monitor display features to scan, time, speed and distance settings as well as pulse readings so you never have to worry about forgetting your fitness goals. 

This model has 8-level manual resistance that will help keep the user challenged without getting bored with the repetition of movements by changing intensity levels accordingly. It also measures 6kg in flywheel weight which makes it very versatile when needed or wanted during workouts while still maintaining an easy assembly size (107cm x 57cm x 150 cm). The maximum user’s maximum weight can be 120 kilograms.

The monitor allows you to track calories burned, how long the workout was and at what speed. It also has a pulse counter so that you can keep tabs on your heart rate throughout the exercise session. 

The Active Intent exercise bicycle is designed to be fully adjustable in order for it to meet the needs and desires of every individual user.


4. Heavy Duty Blue Exercise bike


Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty Blue Exercise bike comes equipped with a padded leather seat that offers the ultimate in comfort. It also features rubber grips for easy handling, and an adjustable design to suit any body type.

It is made with a durable steel frame and super strong welding joints. The LCD screen displays your workout data in real-time: calories burned, distance travelled per hour, speed reached (in miles or kilometres), as well as how long you’ve been working out for. 

This exercise bike is perfect for anyone who wants the best experience. With thick, padded seating and rubberized handles that don’t slip around in your sweaty hands. It is easy to find comfort when you’re out of breath after a long day at work or looking for an excuse not to hit up the gym.

It also has 7 different levels of resistance to choose from depending on what level of intensity you’re looking for–the perfect gym accessory. It is easily transportable and simple to assemble, the heavy-duty bike is a great way for anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular health. 

The spinning flywheel provides stability as you ride while also increasing your workout intensity. You can choose between sitting or standing during use because of our forged spindle design which will adjust according to how hard or easy you want it to be on yourself.

The heavy-duty bike has a powerful, smooth and steady wheel that is perfect for intense workouts. With the help of its heavy flywheel, it provides much better performance than other bikes in this price range.


5. Ape Style SX600XL Magnetic Flywheel Spin Bike


Ape Style


Ape Style’s SX600XL is one of the best bikes you can buy for tall people. This bike features a long, oversized frame that fits most riders comfortably and easily adjustable handlebars to better fit your height. It is perfect for anyone looking to take their workouts up a notch. With an adjustable seat and handlebar, you can get the fit that works best with your body type. 

The bike has digital displays that show time, speed, distance travelled as well as calories burned which helps keep track of every detail during your workout. You can monitor your heart rate with pulse sensors and see everything from time to time travelled, distance covered in miles or kilometres, up to calories burned all at a glance without distracting sounds that make it hard for some people to concentrate on their workout.

The 8 levels of resistance give you plenty of options while riding no matter what fitness level or type indoor or outdoor. The magnetic resistance is smooth and silent so you won’t be bothered by any noise during your exercise routine yet still get great results thanks to pedalling against an even push of power every single rotation.


6. Ape Style Heavy Duty Spin Bike


Heavy Duty Spin Bike

Ape Style Heavy Duty Spin Bike with Electroplated Flywheel Home Gym Exercise Black and Red stylish colour bike features a heavy-gauge steel frame construction for more durability, and adjustable pedals to fit all feet sizes. 

The wheel has been made from a high-quality material that will last longer than other brands as well offer excellent resistance levels. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something challenging too while working out at home or in front of TV screens. 

This bike features a good quality PU paddle adjustable seat that can move forward/back & up/down easily to suit your workout needs. The pedals are protected by a solid cage design and have non-slip rubber foot pads for stability while you exercise on this machine which also comes with an emergency brake knob if needed. With the non-slip pedal design, you’ll always be safe during your workouts.

It has a water bottle holder so there is no need to run back out of the room just when you’re starting something new or finishing off some cardio time – all at home.

The home gym features Non-slip grip handlebars and an extra stability base, which allow for comfort while working out on this exercise machine. It also comes equipped with dual transportation wheels that make it easy to move around your house or office space if needed.

This spin bike has many other safety measures like an LED monitor: Scan, Time, Speed Distance Calories ODO Pulse (Heart Rate Sensor). You can easily assemble this product according to its clear instructions manual as well.


7. Genki Spin Bike Aerobic Training Exercise Bike

Genki Spin Bike

It’s important to stay in shape and the Genki Spin Bike Aerobic Training Exercise bike is just what you need. This model features a heavy-duty steel frame that ensures durability. It has different customisable settings for your convenience, so no matter how much weight you want or don’t want to carry on the device this spin bike will be able to handle it with ease. 

This is an aerobics exercise bike that helps you burn more calories when using it. The 13kg stainless steel flywheel provides superior stability while pedalling with its adjustable functions like resistance levels, handlebars and seat ensuring riders at different training levels can enjoy riding their bikes on these spin cycles. 

This aerobic bike also boasts an onboard monitor which tracks your progress such as how long you have been peddling or about how far along in miles/kilometres of distance travelled since starting the workout routine.

The Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike gives you the opportunity to enjoy cycling without ever leaving home. This features a 30-inch seat that reclines for maximum comfort, adjustable resistance and non-skid pedals so your feet are sure to stay put while pedalling at any intensity level desired. 

The iPhone holder in front of you lets you make calls or send texts during your workout as well as access other media on demand such as videos, music or podcasts from Spotify.