Top 5 Best Festoon Lights in NZ

Lighting is essential to the safety and well-being of your home and family. There are a number of great choices when it comes to lighting up your home, but one of the best ways to light up your home is to use festoon lights. 

Festoon lights are an elegant way to add a touch of class to your home. They can be used for lighting up pathways, staircases, and walkways. They also offer a touch of elegance that will really make your home stand out. They are also great for parties, soirees, and corporate events. 

There are lots of different models of these lights, including modern, vintage, and classic designs. They are also available in different shapes and sizes so it can be difficult to choose the best one for your home. In this blog, we will look at the best festoon lights available today. 

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How to choose the Best Festoon Lights 

These lights have been around for a long time, but the best way to choose the best festoon led for your home is to consider a few things. 

Size: These lights are available in a number of different sizes. When considering the best festoon light for your home, think about the size of your garden or yard. 

Design: Festoon lights come in lots of different designs, from classic to modern and everything in between. When it comes to choosing the best design for your home, think about how much you are going to use them and what kind of look you want your house to have.

Shine bright: In the past, festoon lights were not very bright. Now, however, you can choose from a number of different light bulbs. You can choose from traditional light bulbs or you can choose to go with LED lights. 

Vintage Festoon Lights: One of the best types of these lights is the vintage festoon light which is made to last for generations. Modern technology has brought us many new ways to light up your home, but vintage festoon lights still provide that magical touch.

Colour: Your choice of colour can alter the look of your home and make it more appealing to the eye. Choose a single or Multi colour that will compliment your décor or one that will contrast with it. 


Where you can use these lights?

Festoon lights are most commonly used as decorations on terraces and gardens. However, they are also used in other areas of your home. You might want to use them to light up your front entrance or to line the railings of your staircase. These lights can also be used as table lamps when placed on your dining room table. Or you could place one outside your window to let the light shine on the garden. 

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The Best Festoon Lights NZ


1. Festoon Lights Led Multicolour 

Festoon Lights

These Festoon Led Multicolour filament bulbs are perfect for adding a splash of colour and mood to the garden, the pool or a more private area. It has 24 LED long-life 4W filament bulbs that create a warm glow and can be connected together in a cluster or series to create dynamic lighting effects. These light are weather-resistant and has durable cable.


2. Festoon Light Led Filament bulbsFilament bulbs

These Lights Led 15m is designed for your home or garden. This globe-shaped light offers a warm white light, with 24 LED long-life bulbs, which gives a total of 15m of lighting. The light can be connected to other units, creating a longer light. It is IP64 rated, which means it can be used outside as well.


3. Led Festoon String Lights Led Festoon String

A beautiful string of lights for indoor and outdoor use. Its bright and mellow glow is just perfect for festive occasions, parties, weddings, and other occasions. The string can be connected to one another to make longer lights. Not only is the string waterproof, but it is also designed to consume low energy and work endlessly. The string has a bulb interval of 90cm with 50mt. length.


4. EMITTO  Festoon String Lights Festoon String Lights

These String Lights are water-resistant, low-energy lamps shaped like a teardrop. With a warm white light, these lamps are perfect for adding a soft glow to your home. These lights are not only durable but are also covered with a rubber seal to make them water-resistant. The string of lights gives off soft white light. Each set of lights comes in a 50mt length and includes 50 bulbs.


5. LED Festoon String Lights 

String Lights

These Festoon String Lights are a perfect addition to any outdoor space. With 21 LED bulbs, you can use these lights for an outdoor party or an evening walk. The LED string lights are waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor use, and are strong enough to hold up to the elements. They are able to be connected up to 2 strings for a longer length and have a heavy-duty wire that won’t tangle easily



Are festoon lights bright enough?

These lights are bright. They have a great light output that will fill any area you want them to light up. To get the best light output, make sure that your festoon lights are able to spread out and touch all of the areas where you want them to be. 


Why are they called festoon lights?

The word festoon originates from the Latin festum, meaning “feast”. A modern-day feast is indeed a celebration, yet the word itself has this ancient meaning. Festoon lights are called “festoon” lights because of the way they are hung. They are usually draped down from ceilings and ceilings so that when you look up at them they will appear as if they are being held by a string. This gives them that fairy tale look that will brighten up any room in your home.


Can festoon lights be left outside?

Yes, you can leave them outside, but they must be protected with a suitable weatherproof covering and during extreme weather conditions it is advisable to bring them indoors. The best time to take lights inside is when the temperature starts to get too high.