Top 10 Best Food Processors in NZ

Looking to slice your vegetables? Here we have the list of the best food processors you can purchase.

The best food processor resembles having a second pair of hands in the kitchen. From cutting onions to mincing meat, dicing vegetables, or blending soup these adaptable machines require seconds to do an assortment of food prep errands – most can even work batter, as well.

Food processors are not really necessary appliances in the kitchen for some people but if you’ve started using a food processor you will definitely love using it again. It is very handy to use when you really need to chop your veggies into slices or grate cheese in a minute as the best food processor is always quicker than hands. 

A food processor is a great option for those who love to cook food that needs a lot of prep things like soup or baking. It is good when you prepare fresh ingredients as well. 

The best food processor should have some best qualities like being good when slicing or chopping, cost-effective and powerful, and durable. 

You only require minimal washing up with the best food processors and it saves you important preparation time in the kitchen.

Here is a helpful guide for you to choose reliable and the best food processors that are worth buying. 

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What size food processor do you need?

The bowl size of the food processors ranges from 1.5 liters to 4 liters. If you have a bigger size model then it usually has more features. A food processor with a 2.5-litre capacity is more than enough for a 4-5 people family. 

A three-cup (1.8-litre) machine is large enough for most uses and, in case you’re a pie fan, this size will deal with sufficient cake or pie mixture for one to two pies without an issue.

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What things you should look for when purchasing a food processor?


Pulse function 

You may ask why this is significant however a variable speed setting is essential, it depends upon what food you need to prepare. A pulse feature in a food processor is ideal for managed cutting. Most of the models have this function. 

A pulse setting on the food processor is ideal for not trying too hard when you need to coarsely cleave nuts or daintily thump eggs. For the most part, it is better if your processor has more speed settings. 



Good accessories can also make all the difference in your kitchen. Most of the best food processors come with all the attachments including slicing disc, grating blade, chopping blades and dough or batter blade which is great for daily use in the kitchen. But you can also look for other items including spiralizer discs or dicing blades, thick and thin grating sizes and alternative slicing discs. 


Safe Dishwasher wash 

It is also important to check if the food processor is safe to use in dishwashing. Now in the market, Some of the latest models of food processors even have adjustable slicing or chopping blades so if you want to change the thickness of slices you can easily change it at the push of a button.


Power of motor 

It is important that when you buy the best food processor look for the wattage of the motor. It shows how powerful the motor is. For example, look for a model with a blender attachment that mentioned that the motor is powerful enough for frozen drinks or smoothies. 

If you continue scrolling down to the bottom, we have the list of the best food processors available in the NZ market which can really make a difference in your kitchen. 


The Best Food Processors NZ


1. Kenwood Multi-pro Classic Food Processor – FDM785BA

Kenwood Multipro

This Kenwood Multi-pro Classic Food Processor has a powerful 1000W motor with a patented dual drive system for results. This food processor can be a great help in the kitchen for effortless cooking. 

This processor is great for chopping and grating in minutes and also saving time when you are in a rush for cooking.  This food processor is an updated version of the popular FP920 series in the market. 

This processor comes with a 1.5-litre thermoresistant glass blender and has a 3-litre capacity bowl and 1.5-litre working capacity. It has adjustable speed settings and pulse functions. 

This processor also Includes helpful tools are dough tool, knife blade, dual whisk, slicing/grating discs and citrus press. This comes with a brushed die-cast aluminium power unit and bowl handle.

Pros : This food processor is Durable and tactile and Easy to use

Cons : The container is not dishwasher safe.


2. KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor

KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor

The KitchenAid food processor is something that your kitchen actually needs. A significantly larger device takes up more space with many advantages. The bowl and blender glass for grinding products are made of completely safe Polycarbonate plastic. They practically do not give in to scratches, have handles that allow them to heal.

This processor has an exclusive extra slice system that enables it to slice from thick to thin. With its multiple optimized speeds and sharp stainless steel blades, you can prepare food, Slice, shred, knead, puree, and chop so quickly and easily.

The KitchenAid extra slice food processor has an ultra-wide mouth feed tube and ultra-tight seal that  Features a specially designed locking system with a leak-resistant ring.

Pros :  This food processor slices up your food nicely and quickly. It is simple to use and has an adjustable slicing disc and 1 reversible shredding disc. 

Cons: Expensive 


3. Ninja Professional Food Processor

Ninja Professional Food Processor

The Ninja professional food processor has its dedicated auto-iQ intelligent preset programs that make food preparation much easier. With the touch of a button, a Ninja professional food processor can chop, slice, mix, make smooth sauces or batter for pizza or cookies.

It is a juicer, it is easy to make a healthy smoothie. At alliance, you can set up a coffee grinder to recharge an aromatic natural coffee in no time.

With the power of an 850-watt motor, you can chop veggies, shred cheese, make smooth sauces or cookie dough from scratch within a moment. It has an exclusive 2.1 litres/ 9 cup capacity bowl.

Pros : This food processor has removable parts of the appliance that can be washed in the dishwasher, which saves time.

Cons : It is very Noise 


4. Kenwood Food Processor

Kenwood Food Processor

This Kenwood Food Processor is an amazingly helpful appliance in the kitchen. It can chop and grind herbs, spices and nuts. It comes with discs for grating cheese and slicing potatoes. It can grind meat, cut vegetables, make flour, extract the juice. 

This unique mechanism from Kenwood can simplify kitchen care many times. It comes with a  variety of attachments. For kneading bread and pastry mixes use its dough tool and for egg whites and for light creams use the whisk tool.

Chopping and pureeing is easy with the touch of its super sharp knife blade. The modern design has two speeds and a variable speed dial with pulse control. You can make French fries, make vegetables, medium or thick stuffing.

Pros :  This food processor is very compact and does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen. Easy to use. Save your time and finish things quickly. 

Cons : It wastes some  part of vegetable while grating because of the gap between the blade and the container 


5. Kenwood Multi-Pro Food Processor

Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor 1

This Kenwood multi pro kitchen processor will provide you with quick, comfortable cooking of your favorite homemade dishes. You can produce various menu items for yourself, your family, or your loved ones with Kenwood multi food processor.

This multipro compact has 800 motor power and a variable speed dial with a pulse that offers control, performance, versatility, and style.  It has stainless steel knife blade for chopping and pureeing 

This multifunctional food processor can handle any task. It is equipped with various nozzles, it also has a multi-tiered knife. The alliance varies in a smooth adjustment of speed.

It has two speeds and a 2.1-litre working capacity bowl. Special rubberized legs keep the mechanism standing firmly on the work surface.

Pros: This food processor is quite Compact in size, versatile and saves time and space in the kitchen.  It finishes its task quickly and it is very simple to operate. This processor got cord storage so do not need to worry about its cord storage  

Cons : This food processor can be quite noisy. 


6. Sunbeam: Multi-Processor

Sunbeam Multi Processor LC6500

This Sunbeam multi-Processor is a great kitchen appliance. It is specially designed for chopping, blending and grating.  It can make all the hard work with a chop and grate easily for you in minutes.   

This processor comes with a wider chute that reduces the pre-cutting time. It has amazing features and can do  14 different tasks from churning, whipping to chopping.

It comes with a  1.5L glass blender, dough blade, 1 disc with 3 blades, 1  S-blade, 1 Whisk and Blender. This  Multi-Processor has all the necessary functions and power which you need to prepare delicious food. 

Pros :  This food processor has a Wide chute that saves your pre-cutting time.  It is designed in an ergonomic way and has  2 speeds and a Pulse button for extra power. This food processor is easy to use. 

Cons :  Not easy to clean


7. Kitchenaid 7 Cup Food Processor

Kitchenaid 7 Cup Food Processor

The KitchenAid 7-cup food processor is convenient and value for money. kitchen unit that combines multiple functions.

This 7-Cup Food Processor includes an inventive plan with a single tick, twist-free, bowl-gathering, and locked cover that is not difficult to utilize and clean. 

Its Basic Controls with 3 Speed Options (High, Low, and Pulse) and enlightened LED controls simplify the activity. It can Slash, Puree, Shred, and Slice everything with just one touch.

The juicer allows you to make natural drinks at home. Pulse mode provides a quiet fast operation.

Pros:  This food processor is extremely easy to use, store, and clean.

Cons: Not found  


8. Breville The Kitchen Wizz 8 Plus

 Breville The Kitchen Wizz 8 Plus - BFP580SIL

This food processor is significant assistance in the kitchen.  This food processor includes processes or blends in one appliance. It has a 1000 watt torque motor, stainless steel reinforced spindle and high-performance stainless steel cutting surfaces.

This quality product has an adjustable slicing disc  0.3mm up to 8.0mm and comes with 1.5-litre capacity blender jug. It also includes a 7cm Wide feed chute and a 4cm mini chute with a powerful 1000W motor and a direct drive. 

It has a potato peeler that can peel up to 7 potatoes in 30 seconds that makes the task easy and saves you time.  It comes with 2 speeds plus pulse. 

Pros : This is easy to use, store, and clean.

Cons : If  any parts and accessories are broken it may be expensive to buy the new one


9. Philips Daily Collection – HR7310-00


Philips Daily Collection

The Philips device is one of the best in the range of combiners available. It appears in a pretty white colour and does a convenient mashing function. This processor can do cutting, grinding and multifunction.

You will fall in love with this machine as it services best at an extremely affordable price. This processor works effortlessly and makes bread batter and cuts hard vegetables, cheese, and chocolate. It additionally cuts and slices effortlessly.

Pros : The model is very lightweight and comfortable.. There is 2+ pulse speed adjustment and can do a maximum of sixteen tasks. The stainless steel-made knife ensures its durability. The device has a 1.5L capacity bowl and can save time in your kitchen

Cons : Maybe not suitable for kneading dough


10. Morphy Richards PrepStar

Morphy Richards PrepStar

This unique, compact designed Morphy Richards PrepStarfood processor is very handy when you prepare healthy, nutritious and delicious meals and with less effort. you can do Chop, grate, mix, whisk easily with this food processor.

It provides features with a 450W motor and comes with a variety of accessories: grating/slicing disk, beater, emulsifier and blade.

Appreciate easy homemade food consistently with Morphy Richards PrepStar food processor. Whether you appreciate sound homely snacks but you don’t have enough time then this food processor is for you.

You can rapidly and easily make incredible dishes. Appreciate easy hand-made snacks consistently with fundamental goods and a space-saving plan

Prepster has a 4L bowl with a 1.6L working capacity and 3 speeds and 3 pre-set modes. The structure of this model is so smart and unique.

Pros :  This is quite a lightweight and compact machine. Take a little space in the kitchen and you can easily store it in kitchen cupboards. This appliance has a dishwasher-safe bowl and comes with an accessory storage system. 

Cons : It may be quite noisy when you use it. 


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